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The Personal is Political – The Films of Margarethe von Trotta

Often hailed as the world’s leading feminist filmmaker, Margarethe von Trotta has never shied away from topics that resonate with contemporary lives and prompt revolutionary discussions. The power of mass media, historical events, radicalisation and women’s rights pre-#MeToo have all been visible elements in her films since the politically turbulent 1970s. Not to mention her wonderfully complex and outspoken female characters, precursors of those now taking centre stage in the best works by contemporary directors including Jane Campion, Andrea Arnold, Lone Scherfig and Desiree Akhavan.

We’re delighted to be screening four of her films at Triskel from 26–29 November.

Christmas Movie Time at Triskel!

Everyone at Triskel is very much looking forward to this year’s Christmas Movies!

Classic favourites The Muppet Christmas Carol and It’s a Wonderful Life will be showing from 16–23 December, with Die Hard joining them for the last few days before Christmas (20–23 December). We know there’s some debate over whether or not Die Hard is a true festive film but, for us, it’s just not Christmas until Bruce Willis welcomes his pals to the party dressed in a vest and bare feet!

Disobedience (not such a Christmas movie but one we’re looking forward to watching nonetheless) will screen 16–19 December.

Tickets are going fast so make sure you don’t miss out!

Announced: Karen Underwood and Friends

We’re delighted to welcome Karen Underwood and Friends to Triskel on Thursday 6 December at 8pm

Karen and her daughter Christiana Underwood will sing spirituals, gospel songs, and popular Christmas carols, accompanied by a live band. Proceeds are going to Fr Mathews Basketball Club, the beloved club of Erbie, Karen’s son and Christiana’s brother.

Get your tickets now!

Aesthetic Distance opening in Triskel Gallery Space

There are three exciting events coming up to celebrate Vera Ryklova’s Aesthetic Distance, a photographic exploration of desire and the sense of self within the concept of social and cultural belonging.


It will open in Triskel Gallery Space on Thursday 6 October at 6pm, marking the final exhibition opening in 2018 and the final of our #Triskel40 exhibitions as well as Ryklova’s first solo exhibition.


On Saturday 8 December at 1pm, Ryklova will be in conversation with emerging artist/curator Becks Butler.


Ryklova has a FundIt campaign ongoing at the moment. If you’d like to support this emerging artist (and get some nice treats in return!), she would very much appreciate it. Click here to learn more.

The opening and the artist talk are free and all are welcome.

Artist talk with Tomas Penc

Artist and writer Daire O’Shea will discuss his critical response to the ENDUSER exhibition with Tomas Penc, followed by a Q&A session, on Thursday 22 November at 6pm. This talk is free and all are welcome.

This talk will mark the opening of the second part of Penc’s exhibition.


Independent cinemas appeal to Netflix to expand theatrical releases

Chris O’Neill, our Head of Cinema, was one of several signatories to a letter appealing to Netflix to expand its theatrical release strategy to independent cinemas. As it stands, Netflix films tipped for the coveted Oscar nod are unlikely to be shown in Irish cinemas. And this is despite the support shown by independent cinemas to directors like The Coen Bros, Alfonso Cuaron, Paul Greengrass and David Mackenzie.

The full text of the letter is below. You can read more about it here and here.

“Recent reports in The Guardian and Screen would suggest that Netflix films will be available in cinemas across the UK through a theatrical release with Curzon. We are writing to point out that this is not the case.

We as independent cinemas are not able to book and screen Netflix films because the deal is, in fact, exclusive to Curzon. The exception of Outlaw King being on in Glasgow Film Theatre and Filmhouse we can only assume is because there is no Curzon in Scotland – certainly, other indie cinemas in that part of the UK are not able to book the film. 

This non-availability in huge parts of the country is not only frustrating for us as independent cinemas who promote film culture (we gave The Coen Bros, Alfonso Cuaron, Paul Greengrass and David Mackenzie their cinema breaks) but also frustrating and deeply confusing for audiences across the country. The signatories to this letter all perform important cultural functions as illustrated previously but we also perform an important economic one too. Our cinemas regularly come out very highly – if not top – in box office gross and admissions for independent and arthouse titles. By having such significant audience numbers can only add to Netflix in raising awareness and audiences for their online business model as we regularly do with other online providers – Curzon included!

We appreciate that Netflix may prefer not to fully engage in traditional theatrical distribution in the UK with the restrictions that the windows create and stick with this business plan of exclusivity with Curzon but we would encourage Netflix to work with a wider range of cinemas across the country to get these films – and indeed their brand – out to bigger cinephile audiences nationwide. This would ensure that cinema audiences across the country are given the chance to see Netflix’s brilliant slate of films on the big screen.”

‘Eidolon’ – Premiere of a New Commission by Ian Wilson

Triskel Christchurch are delighted to welcome composer Ian Wilson to perform, “Eidolon”, a new commission written specially to celebrate Christchurch’s 300th anniversary.

Ian Wilson has written almost 200 works including operas, concertos, 18 string quartets, a range of orchestral and chamber music, and multimedia pieces. His compositions have been performed and broadcast on six continents and presented at festivals including the BBC Proms, Venice Biennale and Frankfurt Bookfair and at venues such as New York’s Carnegie Hall, London’s Royal Albert and Wigmore Halls, Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw, Vienna’s Musikverein, and Tokyo’s Suntory Hall.

The composition of ‘Eidolon’ was funded by a Cork City Council Arts Office project grant.

On the same night, Cathal Roche and Izumi Kimura will perform “Possession” (written by Ian Wilson). The Kimura-Roche Duo – Kimura on piano & Cathal Roche on saxophone[s] – is a unique Irish pairing, equally at home with notated and improvised musics. The duo draws upon a vast wealth of musical experiences and influences in its wide-ranging programmes, which reference everything from contemporary and classical music through various kinds of folk music from around the world, Latin American music, jazz standards and free improvisation.

The concert is on Saturday 24 November and tickets are available here.

Cork Film Festival 2018 at Triskel

Triskel are delighted to be a venue once again for the Cork Film Festival. We’re showing a number of films here in Christchurch during the internationally renowned festival and hope you can join us. You can book tickets through the film festival website or at the Festival Box Office at Market Buildings, Grand Parade.

Friday 9 November

10:30pm       Lords of Chaos (112)


Saturday 10 November

1:30pm        Trauma is a Time Machine (80) + 40 (panel discussion)

4:15pm        Hale County This Morning, This Evening (76)

6:15pm        Carmine Street Guitars (80) + Q&A (25)

8:30pm        Bad Reputation (95)

10:30pm      Killing (80)


Sunday 11 November

12:15pm      The Curious Works of Roger Doyle (110) + Performance

3:30pm        Blue Note Records: Beyond The Notes (85)

5:45pm        Desolation Center (93)

8:00pm        This Teacher (95)


Monday 12 November

2:00pm        Blue Note Records: Beyond The Notes (85)- REPEAT

4:15pm        Cellar Door (90) REPEAT

6:30pm        Barbara Rubin and the Exploding NY Underground (78)

8:30pm        Free Radicals (103)


Tuesday 13 November

1:30pm        Won’t You Be My Neigbor (94) (REPEAT)

4:00pm        Die Tomorrow (75)-REPEAT

6:00pm        For The Birds (90) + 30 (panel)

8:30pm        Town of Strangers (80) + The Blow In (8) (Q&A – 25)


Wednesday 14 November

1:45pm        The Return (85)

4:00pm        Yours in Sisterhood (101)

6:30pm        The Dead and Others (114)

9:00pm        The Wedding Present: Something Left Behind (88) + Q&A (15)


Thursday 15 November

10:00am      First Take Industry Day 

5:00pm        EU & Me Shorts (40)+ MEP Panel Discussion (30)

7:00pm        Styx (94)

9:00pm        Tel Aviv on Fire (97)


Friday 16 November

1:45pm        The Load (98)-REPEAT

4:15pm        Those Who Are Fine (71)

6:00pm        Murder Me Monster (109)

8:15pm        Wobble Palace (85)

10:30pm      The Changeling (107)


Saturday 17 November

12:00pm      Ordinary People (124) + Intro (15)

2:45pm        Cork on Camera (80) + Intro (15)

5:00pm        Little Old New York (110) + Intro (10)

7:30pm        Milford Graves Full Mantis (91)

9:30pm       Rudeboy: The Trojan Records Story (85)


Sunday 18 November

1:30pm        Jibril (83)

5:00pm        Awards

Winter Menus Launched at Scrypt Cafe Bar

Scrypt Cafe Bar have launched their Winter Menus and they’re just delicious! Pop in for some yummy treats.

Light Bites

Pork and Black Pepper Sausage Roll: Served with Ballymaloe Relish €2.80

Chickpea and Feta Roll (V): Served with Ballymaloe Relish €3.20. Add a side salad €1.50

Tomato Bruschetta (V): Toasted Sourdough topped with Garlic, Chopped Tomatoes, Olive Oil, Oregano and drizzled with Basil Pesto €5.00

Tomato and Avocado Bruschetta (V): Toasted Sourdough topped with Garlic, Chopped Tomatoes, Avocado Pieces, Olive Oil, Oregano and drizzled with Basil Pesto €6.50

Soup of the Day: Served with Wholegrain Stout Brown Bread €4.50

Gluten Free Bread Available



Goats Cheese, Beetroot and Walnut Salad: Cooleeney Goats Cheese served on a Bed of Mixed Leaves with Beetroot, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Onion, Walnuts and a Honey Balsamic Dressing €8.50

Black Pudding, Pear and Blue Cheese Salad: Crispy Black Pudding served on a bed of Mixed Leaf Salad, Pear Pieces, Red Onion and finished with Crumbled Blue Cheese and a Honey Mustard Dressing €9.00



(All Served with a Side of Crisps)

Cajun Chicken Wrap: Cajun Spiced Chicken Breast Pieces with Mayo, Iceberg Lettuce and Avocado in a soft Tortilla Wrap €7.00

Spiced Beef Reuben Sandwich: Locally Produced Spiced Beef with Sliced Gherkins, Mayo, Mustard and Mixed Leaves €7.50

Toastie (V Option without Ham): Classic Local Baked Ham, Dubliner Cheddar, Tomato and Onion Toasted on Sourdough Bread €6.00

Goats Cheese and Beetroot Wrap (V): Soft Tortilla Wrap with Crumbed Goats Cheese, Beetroot, Walnuts, and Mixed Leaves €7.00

Falafel Wrap (V): Homemade Falafel with Hummus, Pesto, Red Onion, and Mixed Leaves in a Soft Tortilla Wrap €6.50

Toasted Brie and Pear Sandwich (V): Thinly Sliced Pear with Fresh Brie and Mixed Leaves Toasted on Sourdough Bread €6.50


Weekend Brunch (Saturday 10.30am- 4pm and Sunday 12pm-4pm)

Banana Bread: Toasted (Optional) with Butter and Honey €3.50

Toast: 2 Slices of Sourdough with Jam and Butter/Honey and Butter/Hummus and Paprika €2.50

2 Eggs (Poached, Fried or Scrambled) (V)

Served on Sourdough Toast €5.00

-Add Avocado €1.50

-Add a Wedge of Brie €1.50

-Add Black Pudding €2.00

-Add Bacon €2.00

Vegan Breakfast (V): Baked Falafels, Sliced Tomato, Avocado, Hummus served with 2 slices of Sourdough €7.50

Chorizo Scrambled Eggs: Scrambled Eggs with Fried Chorizo Pieces and Cherry Tomatoes served on Sourdough €8.00

Black Pudding and Egg Sandwich: 2 Slices of Sourdough Toasted with Fried Black Pudding, Egg and Ballymaloe Relish €8.00

Corcadorca announce their first Theatre Development Centre Artists in Residence

Triskel are delighted to be home to the Theatre Development Centre and were excited to hear Corcadorca’s announcement of their first Theatre Development Centre Artists in Residence. This is a new initiative designed to support local theatre artists and enable these artists of interest to Corcadorca to develop and create new work. Corcadorca will provide artistic, technical and administrative support throughout their residency.

The new Artists In Residence are Éadaoin O’Donoghue and ALSA Productions (Al Dalton and Sadhbh Barrett Coakley).

Éadaoin O’Donoghue started acting in The Granary Theatre in UCC with Dramat, when she really should have been studying.

She trained in physical theatre at the Jacques Lecoq International School of Theatre in Paris.  After graduating the two-year course in 2010, she devised and performed in a piece called Le Rêve du Papillion, which played in Paris, Avignon and three festivals in Korea.

Returning home to Cork in 2012, she performed with companies like Corcadorca, Blue Raincoat, Conflicted Theatre, and BrokenCrow, of which she was a member for five years. She began to want to make work as well as performing in it, which she did in 2013 at SHOW in TDC. It was an absurdist play called Lifedeath, written by poet Adam Wyeth. This experience sparked off a whole new aspect to her interest in and practice of Theatre.

In 2016, she collaborated with fellow members of BrokenCrow Rosie O’Regan and Deirdre Dwyer on an adaptation of the short stories of Kevin Barry, called Dark Kingdom.  The show was performed at Cork Midsummer Festival.

She co-wrote the libretto for a new opera called The Nightingale and The Rose with composer John O’Brien, which had its premiere in The Everyman Theatre in October 2018.

“I am delighted to be one of the inaugural TDC Artists In Residence. This is a massive opportunity for me as an emerging theatre artist in order to evolve my work and practice.  I am very much looking forward to the residency and the new chapter of my development as a theatre maker.”

ALSA Productions is a Cork-based theatre company who devise work in collaboration with other artists. They have presented Tomatoes at Edinburgh Fringe 2016 and Limerick Fringe 2017 and a work-in-progress of Swim/Stroke at Cork Midsummer & Clonmel Junction Festival 2017.

Founders Sadhbh Barrett Coakley and Al Dalton, graduates of the BA Theatre and Drama Studies at CIT, also freelance in various other roles; Al as a director, actor and production manager and Sadhbh as a producer, stage manager and actor. ALSA Productions are Artists in Residence in Cork School of Music (CSM), were mentored by Gare St Lazare during their residency at the Everyman Cork and participated in MAKE 2018.

ALSA Productions are delighted to be Artists in Residence in TDC and will be using their time there to develop a number of new projects that they are currently working on. They will be collaborating with writers and other artists and theatre makers to explore exciting ideas and concepts in new writing, theatre for young audiences and multi-disciplinary work.

Jazz Memories with the Irish Examiner

Triskel are delighted to host an exhibition of photographs taken by Irish Examiner photographers during the early days of the Cork Jazz Festival. Ella Fitzgerald, Buddy Rich, Dizzy Gillespie are just a few of the legends who’ve appeared at the Cork Jazz Festival through the years, and just three of the names who’ve been photographed in the city by the Irish Examiner.

The exhibition features over 20 pictures from the Irish Examiner/Evening Echo archive and includes Ella performing in 1980, Stephane Grappelli relaxing at his hotel during an interview for the newspaper, and even Gay Byrne introducing a special jazz Late Late Show from Leeside in 1985. There will also be a photograph of the late, great trumpeter Tomasz Stanko, taken by Provision photographer Mike McSweeney, on location at Christchurch in 2007 before its restoration.

The exhibition is at Triskel Arts Centre until Friday 2 November 2018.

Triskel partners with Tapstak for Text Donations

Triskel are delighted to partner with local company Tapstak to provide a micro-app for our audience to interact with us. This micro-app allows people to phone our Box Office, purchase tickets online, tweet us and donate to us. We raise money for our artistic and educational work and are grateful for any support we receive. We recently launched a text donation initiative, which is proving popular.

Download the Tapstak app, then add Triskel to your MyStak.

Or text TRISKEL to 50300 to donate €4.

Text costs €4. Triskel Arts Centre will receive a minimum of €3.60. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278.