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Cork Traveller Women’s Network

Cork Traveller Women’s Network is a Traveller-led community development project, working for Traveller rights in Cork and this includes promoting Traveller culture and heritage and challenging negative stereotypes of the community.

We have a base at Triskel and have worked strategically together since 2017, as a joint response to the national recognition of Travellers as an indigenous ethnic group. This includes programming Cork Traveller Pride events and bringing Traveller musicians, cinema, visual arts and storytelling to the artistic programming of Triskel.

The partnership supports increasing access to the arts for the Traveller community on multiple levels and also gives a platform to Traveller voices through the arts. We believe that collaboration on this level between an arts organisation and a Traveller community development organisation is unique in Ireland.

CTWN also curates Toraig on the Tobar, the Traveller culture exhibit in Cork Public Musuem, which has a centrepiece of a full sized barreltop wagon.

Follow us on Facebook and contact us at or 086 7777651/ 086 3850136

Visit the CTWN website for more on the work they do for their community.

A Short History of Irish Travellers

The Cork Traveller Women’s Network created this animation A Short History of Irish Travellers to educate people on the history and culture of Travellers in Ireland. CTWN said, “We know that Traveller history is long and that there is a lot more of the story to be told, but we hope that this is a good starting place for discussions on Traveller history. Enjoy.”