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Our Purpose, Vision, Mission


Triskel exists to create positive impact on audiences, artists and arts practitioners, by providing the resources, the ambition and the location to activate equitable participation in the arts in Cork.


Leveraging Triskel’s acclaim as a significant space for artforms such as classical music and jazz, and a driver of innovative models of participatory practice, we will continue to nurture and provide access to local, national and international performers and makers; be a strategically important regional cultural hub for audiences; and a safe space for creative endeavour in our ethnically diverse city and county.


At Triskel, we deliver on the ambitions in our Vision, and ensure we are relevant and support equitable and meaningful participation in the arts, in three ways:

▪ We Partner – with organisations across the community to create the widest access
▪ We Programme – a dynamic and diverse programme across artforms
▪ We Platform – the work of artists, festivals and other organisations that share our values

Our Artistic Policy

Triskel is a resourceful and relevant regional creative hub committed to developing, producing and presenting consistently high-quality contemporary art for a broad and diverse audience. We often do this in partnership with other organisations, or support their endeavours to produce and present.

As a building-based organisation, Triskel is a space which recognises and meets its responsibility to offer emerging artists and established practitioners opportunities to make and show new work across artforms. We also support and collaborate with organisations modelling innovative participative practice across the community.

Triskel itself commits to programme, commission and present works of excellence in music, visual arts, cultural cinema, and the performing arts, making these works as available as possible and to ensure to support artists and audiences to remove barriers to access.

Moving forward, Triskel intends to build on success to date, by harnessing the very best of its artistic background and mixing it with dynamic new initiatives and ongoing partnerships to ensure an inclusive, open and energised artistic model, that celebrates the breadth of the diversity of makers and audiences in Cork.


Triskel is a Registered Charity 20011666