• Thu 6 June - Fri 30 August
    The New Past by Bennie Reilly

    Bennie Reilly’s work has always dealt with aspects of the natural world and its peculiarities. Her latest exhibition, The New Past, is a collection of paintings and sculptural objects that present a flux of both accepted and questionable historical fact.

  • Thu 5 September - Thu 31 October
    Fragments of San Borondon by Kevin Mooney

    Kevin Mooney’s new exhibition, Fragments of San Borondon, gathers together artefacts from the little known, tiny Caribbean island of San Borondon.

  • Thu 7 November - Fri 20 December
    Under Your Skin by Evgeniya Martirosyan

    Using discarded bicycle tyres as the basis for her work, Martirosyan explores the transformative potential of repeated actions and the evocative power of materials in a state of rejection.