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Triskel Gets to Know … Fiona Kelly

We love getting to know the artists whose work inhabits Triskel Gallery Space. We always learn something new. And after getting to know Fiona, we’ve added a few books to our list and we’re humming a lot of ABBA!

What is your favourite cinema treat?
Wine Gums.

What is your go-to motivation music?
The ultimate motivation song for me is ‘The Ecstasy of Gold’ by Ennio Morricone.

What was your favourite book as a child? And now?
Roald Dahl, The Minpins illustrated by Patrick Benson.
Kurt Vonnegut perhaps Timequake or Breakfast of Champions.
I adore reading, always a book on the go in both fiction and theory, a few gems I really enjoyed recently are The Emigrants by W.G. Sebald; This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate by Naomi Klein; Butchers Crossing by John Williams; The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers; Around the World in 80 Trees by Jonathan Drori and Pax by Sara Pennypacker.

How would your friends and family sum you up in three words?
Stubborn, dependable and sleepy.

Do you listen to podcasts? Any recommendations?
I do, I’m really trying to take Sundays off and I’ve come to realise that doing a jigsaw and listening to podcasts is the only way I’ll sit down! For years Radiolab has been the absolute go-to podcast series for me. Recently I listened to Having a Bad Day? on The Ezra Klein Show which I really enjoyed.

Is there a band/artist you enjoy that you would describe as a ‘guilty pleasure’?
Not really, people tend to cringe when I play ABBA, ‘Lay all Your Love On Me’ though. I don’t know why?

What is the most memorable place your work has brought you?
I’ve been extremely lucky to have travelled a lot with my work, receiving numerous awarded Artist Residencies. Time spent in China and Finland have had the most lasting and influence on my practice and my person.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An Artist, hence stubborn being the first of my personality descriptors!

Is there an artist whose work particularly inspires you?
So many, I am especially motivated by my peers, their gumption and talent is so dependable and encouraging, in this life being continuously creative is increasingly difficult.
The work of Ailbhe Ní Bhriain is tremendous, she effortlessly creates spaces where decay becomes so beautifully haunting. Her rigorous research into betweenness, is the absolute merging of dream and apocalypse, which for me perfectly resonates the now.
Every time I see her work, I am in complete awe.

Who are the three people at your dream dinner party? Why?
Peter, Teresa and Michael.
I am never good in formal situations, I can’t imagine what I’d be like with one’s heroes… to be honest, I’d probably faint!
Spending time with my partner and hilarious friends is far too rare, so, I’d choose them.

Overburden by Fiona Kelly is on display in Triskel Gallery Space until Sunday 29 March. On Saturday 22 February at 12pm, Fiona will be in conversation with curator Miguel Amado.

Artist & Curator In Conversation

Join artist Fiona Kelly and curator Miguel Amado in conversation  on Saturday 22 February. The talk, which begins at 12pm, is free and all are welcome.

Fiona and Miguel will discuss Fiona’s exhibition in Triskel Gallery Space, Overburden.

One of the works on view in the exhibition, which Kelly produced especially for this occasion, is a drawing in which the word ‘overburden’ is written with concrete dust on the gallery wall. The work is entitled Solastalgia, a neologism that describes a form of mental or existential distress caused by climate change. The title is a reference to thinker Glenn Albrecht, who employs this word to analyse the particular form of uneasiness that occurs when homelands, which ought to provide a feeling of safety, are altered by industrialisation, rendering them alienating.

ANNOUNCED ‘The Owl’ A Setting of Matthew Sweeney’s poem by Iain Ballamy

Triskel Arts Centre and Cork World Book Festival are honoured to announce a very special event will take place during this year’s book festival in April 2020 to celebrate the late Matthew Sweeney.

ECM recording artist and saxophonist Iain Ballamy has composed a setting of Matthew’s poem ‘The Owl’. Co-commissioned by Triskel Arts Centre and Cork World Book Festival, and supported by The Arts Council Commissioning Award for Music, this work will be performed as a world premiere as part of Cork World Book Fest 2020 and is a personal tribute by the composer to Matthew Sweeney who was a leading poet of his generation.

It’s in Triskel on Saturday 25 April at 8pm and tickets are on sale now.

Three-minute Talks on Weird and Wonderful Science Concepts

FameLab is held annually in over 30 countries and a whole host of Cork partners are teaming up with the British Council once more to bring it to the region.

Armed only with their wits and a few props, the top newest voices from the world of science, technology, engineering and maths will deliver three-minute talks on weird and wonderful science concepts. Expect to hear anything from why people are taller in space, to wasps that live inside figs, and how there are good guys and bad guys when it comes to vaccinations.

FameLab Cork is delivered in partnership with UCC and Tyndall, and research centres APC, Connect, Infant, IPIC and MaREI. The top two from the FameLab Cork heat will go on to represent the region at the FameLab Ireland national final in April 2020, which for the first time, will also take place in Cork.

All those studying, researching or working in science are welcome to participate. If you are considering taking part or encouraging your students to do so, Famelab Cork is also offering a free Science Communication Training session in UCC on Friday 24 January.

For more information, to sign up to participate or attend the training please click here

Tickets for the event are free and available here.

Five Reasons Why You Need to See … the Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet in concert

Alina Bzhezhinska Quartet Featuring Tony Kofi, Larry Bartley & Joel Prime

When you look at the photo of Alina Bzhezhinska with her harp, you probably think ‘Oh lovely, a classical music concert’. You’d be wrong! This is Jazz Harp with a bit of saxophone, double bass and percussion. And if that’s not enough to whet your appetite, then here are five more reasons you NEED to see them here on Thursday 6 February at 8pm:

1.       It’s not just for angels
If you think the harp is for angels, then Alina Bzhezhinska and her quartet will set you right. Capable of everything from extraordinary lyricism to lapel-grabbing musical moments that would ruffle many an angel wing, Alina’s versatility and curiosity have marked her out as a pioneer in the field of Jazz Harp.

2.       Coltrane Connections
Alina Bzhezhinska and her quartet take the ground-breaking work of the legendary jazz harpist Alice Coltrane (wife of sax legend John Coltrane) as a stepping-off point for their own sonic adventures. Much of the music they’ll perform on tour is from their critically acclaimed album Inspiration, which tells Alice and John Coltrane’s story through the quartet’s own interpretation of their music and her compositions.

3.       If it’s good enough for The Queen…
Polish/Ukrainian harpist Alina Bzhezhinska stormed the UK music scene in 2017 when her quartet appeared at the Barbican during the EFG London Jazz Festival on a triple bill featuring Denys Baptiste and Pharoah Sanders, and was nominated for Best Live Experience of the Year at the 2018 Jazz FM Awards. She has performed at the European Parliament, at the Queen’s 80th-birthday celebrations at Balmoral Castle and at the King of Thailand’s birthday celebrations in Bangkok.

4.       Yogis will feel right at home
According to the Financial Times, “The harp was rescued from jazz obscurity when Alice Coltrane forged Ashram meditational strums and fiery modal blues into a radically new aesthetic.” Coltrane was a leading light in the yoga world and founded her own Ashram in California, where sharing sacred sound with her followers became the focus of her music. Bzhezhinska’s music pays homage to Coltrane’s sense of spiritual curiosity, and if you love all things yogic, you will very likely love this performance too!

5.       It’s a stellar quartet
For her Inspiration project (and this tour), Bzhezhinska chose to work with musicians who share her fascination with Alice and John Coltrane and who opened a new world of possibilities to showcase the harp in a very unique way. Award-winning saxophonist Tony Kofi, double bassist and composer Larry Bartley and virtuoso drummer Joel Prime are all musicians of great acclaim in their own right – together expect dynamite!

Get your tickets now!


Five Reasons Why You Need to See … Anxo Lorenzo, Jim Murray, Dónal O’Connor and Jack Talty in concert

Anxo Lorenzo, Jim Murray, Dónal O’Connor and Jack Talty will be here on Wednesday 22 January at 8pm and these are the reasons you HAVE to see them:

1.       A debut tour from a brand new quartet
Get ready to hear a powerhouse quartet of highly creative Galician and Irish musicians, performing together for the first time on this tour. As individual players, composers, arrangers, accompanists, producers and record label owners, Anxo, Jim, Dónal and Jack have initiated hundreds of thoughtful and innovative projects to date and have made a massive contribution to music in both local and international arenas. Thrilling, soulful, sincere and highly communicative, collectively, theirs is a music of people and place, of stillness, of confluence and of us.

2.       Get into the Galician gaita
Known for his exceedingly high octane performances, Anxo Lorenzo is an award-winning Galician piper (Galician pipes are called “gaita”) who loves to combine is own traditions with jazz, electronic, pop, rock, flamenco and more. Geoff Wallis at the Irish Music Review has written that his performances display “sheer speed and unbridled imagination that simply defies belief!”

3.       Irish badgers are Spanish
According to recent genetic studies from Trinity College Dublin, for us in Ireland our strongest human relatedness is with the Northern Iberian peninsula. The same study produced the heart-warming confirmation that Irish badgers are Spanish, but British badgers are not, and this may go a little way towards understanding why we have such warm affinity and friendship with Galicia, its music, culture, and folklore.

4.      There’ll be brand new music you won’t hear anywhere else
The tour includes a brand new collective composition, commissioned by Music Network. Reflecting each musicians’ personal style and character, the new composition drills deep into the “well of tradition”, while celebrating innovation with a global musical outlook.

5.      It’s an antidote to a Brexit-y state of mind
Music has always broken boundaries, never built them. The four extraordinary musicians on this tour are celebrating differences and seeking connections all in the name of a good tune. In these strange times of aggressive tribalism and ugly exclusion, we need musical friendships more than ever.

Get your tickets now!




And the Oscar goes to …

The Academy Awards Oscar Nominations have been announced and four of the films we’re showing in Triskel Cinema are in the running for multiple awards!

Little Women (Fri 17 – Tues 21 Jan)
Academy Award 2020 Nominated: Best Picture, Actress in a Leading Role, Actress in a Supporting Role, Adapted Screenplay, Original Score and Costume Design

Marriage Story (Fri 24 – Tues 28 Jan)
Academy Award 2020 Nominated: Best Picture, Actress in a Leading Role, Actor in a Leading Role, Actress in a Supporting Role, Original Screenplay and Original Score

Knives Out (Fri 24 – Tues 28 Jan)
Academy Award 2020 Nominated: Original Screenplay

Parasite (Fri 28 Feb – Tues 3 Mar)
Academy Award 2020 Nominated: Best Picture, Directing, Original Screenplay, Film Editing, International Feature and Production Design

The awards will be announced on Sunday 9 February so come along and watch the films and see which categories you’ll predict correctly!

YOU’RE INVITED to the Opening of Overburden by Fiona Kelly

Overburden by Fiona Kelly is the first visual arts exhibition to open in Triskel Gallery Space in 2020. Fiona, who is based in Cork, studied at CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork. She examines questions surrounding the human ‘exploration’ of landscape, understood as both a relationship with nature and an extractivist approach to natural resources.

Her opening is on Thursday 16 January at 6pm and all are welcome.

New Year, New Curator at Triskel Gallery Space

Triskel Arts Centre are delighted to announce that Miguel Amado is curating the exhibitions at Triskel Gallery Space in 2020. Amado is director of Cork Printmakers and has just been appointed director of Sirius Arts Centre. He is organising solo shows with artists Ofri Cnaani, Aikaterini Gegisian, Fiona Kelly, Partisan Social Club and João Pedro Vale + Nuno Alexandre Ferreira. The programme starts with Overburden, an exhibition by Kelly, opening on 16 January.

Miguel Amado challenges the mainstream art field by excavating overlooked art histories and supporting socially-oriented contemporary art as well as producing projects that leverage the tradition of art as a critical medium. His proposal considers societal subject matter; encourages diversity in the selection of artists, addressing historical gender imbalances and the structural underrepresentation of practitioners from activist or LGBTQ+ backgrounds; and instigates connections between representation and identity politics.

Tony Sheehan, Artistic Director at Triskel, said, “For 2020 we asked Miguel Amado, who has since been appointed as the new Director of our sister Arts Centre, Sirius, in Cobh, to curate a series of solo shows from the Triskel Gallery Space.  I think Miguel has selected an exciting range of projects and we look forward to bringing these, together with our own exhibitions, to Cork in 2020.”

Miguel Amado said: “I hope that this series of presentations of work by artists operating at the intersection of art and society contributes to furthering Triskel Arts Centre as a key hub for dialogue and reflection on topical questions. More broadly I wish to share these artists’ work with Cork’s audiences in order to widen the understanding of the social value of art.”

Artist Fiona Kelly, who is based in County Cork, is drawn to the rapid metamorphosis of territory in an age of environmental crisis. She examines questions surrounding the human ‘exploration’ of landscape, understood as both a relationship with nature and an extractivist approach to natural resources. Overburden features recent and newly made works examining connections between the built environment, sense of place, displacement and topography. The exhibition is co-produced with Cork Printmakers. The artist is supported by Cork County Council.

Beethoven Reflected at Triskel to Mark 250th Anniversary of Composer’s Birth

Triskel and the National String Quartet Foundation are partnering once again on a series of Saturday lunchtime classical music concerts, this time to mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven (1770–1827). For the spring series of Beethoven Reflected, we present three concerts, featuring seven new commissions by some of Ireland’s leading composers.

The first concert is on Saturday 18 January at 1.10pm with the Ficino Quartet and will include specially commissioned works by Amanda Feery, Garrett Sholdice, Cora Venus Lunny and Benedict Schlepper-Connolly.

The ConTempo Quartet will perform in the second concert in the series on Saturday 15 February, which traces threads of connection from the work of Beethoven through to New York’s Julia Wolfe and Cork composer sisters Irene and Linda Buckley.

For the last concert, on Saturday 7 March, Donnacha Dennehy presents a new companion piece for Beethoven’s last and most reflective quartet, his F major quartet Op.135, performed by the Esposito Quartet.

Tickets are on sale now.

January at Triskel Cinema

We’re very much looking forward to new and classic films showing at Triskel Cinema in January. We open with Aquarela and La Dolce Vita (3-7 January) and will even have a one-off screening of The Irishman, the film director Martin Scorsese said has to be watched on the big screen!

Remember for January and February, Triskel Cinema is Friday-Tuesday (with a few special screenings here and there, including a Peter Whitehead double bill feature on Thursday 23 January).

All details online now.

First Fortnight Back at Triskel

Here at Triskel, we understand how the arts can help people – music can soothe us, films can educate us, visual arts make us think. We’re delighted to host a First Fortnight screening once again.

First Fortnight works to create a consistent space in the cultural calendar where citizens can be inspired through arts events and experiences to talk about mental health issues in a non-scripted manner. They utilise unscripted conversation to change people’s perceptions about the ordinary experience of a mental health problem and the less ordinary experience of mental ill health. First Fortnight also runs a Centre for Creative Therapies, offering creative therapy to those suffering from mental ill health at risk of or currently homeless.

We’re screening Irene’s Ghost as part of First Fortnight on Wednesday 15 January at 7.30pm. There will be a panel discussion after the screening.

Tickets are €10 and are on sale now.