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Christmas Movies at Triskel

There are 6 Sundays left before Christmas but more importantly than that, there are just 5 Sundays left before our Christmas Movies start!

Christmas Movies at Triskel are a tradition for a lot of people (if you don’t believe us, check out this year’s Holly Bough!) so we’re delighted to be bringing back our favourites: The Muppet Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life and the eternally-divisive Die Hard (is it a Christmas movie or is it a movie set at Christmas?!).

We’ll be learning about the true meaning of Christmas with the Muppets and George Bailey from Sunday 15 December, while we’ll watch John McClane throw Hans Gruber from the Nakatomi Building from Friday 19th. (There are just three chances to catch Die Hard on the big screen so pre-book to avoid disappointment.)

We look forward to seeing you all here.

(And we have another Christmas-themed movie in December – we’re showing Gremlins for one night only on Thursday 12th).


Announced: John Blek Album Launch Presented by Coughlans Live

Triskel will host the launch of the brand new album by Cork’s own John Blek on Saturday 7 March. John Creedon on RTÉ said, “His talent is shining brighter with every album.” while The Thin Air called him “a master of subtlety in realms of folk-informed pop”.

Tickets are €17 and on sale now – book now and don’t miss out!

Stars & Gazers Christmas Special at Triskel

Patrick Talbot Productions presents Stars & Gazers at Triskel on Saturday 14 December.

Two of our best known Cork acts – traditional masters 4 Star Trio and guitar harmony group Stargazers – unite as one big band for a not-to-be-missed one-off Christmas special at Triskel Christchurch.

Tickets are €28 and are on sale now! Book now to avoid disappointment.

Christmas shawls and top hats mandatory …

Anyone who was at the Stevie Nicks Experience concert in Triskel in April will remember great music, dancing in the aisles and the most authentic tribute to the music of Fleetwood Mac & Stevie Nicks you will ever see. And they’re coming back for a Christmas special!
They’re here on Friday 13 December and tickets are €27.
Book your tickets now & experience the magic of Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac that can only be brought to you by StandBack The Stevie Nicks Experience.

The SHOW Must Go On at TDC

Corcadorca is proud to announce the lineup for this year’s SHOW, which runs from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 December in TDC at Triskel.

Established in 2013, SHOW is an annual weekend festival of work-in-progress showings by theatre artists from Cork and throughout Ireland.  All events are open to the public and admission is free. Each presentation will last approximately one hour and include a discussion with the artists after the presentation.

There are ten companies/artists taking part in this year’s SHOW. The lineup is as follows:

Fri 1pm – Wandering Star Theatre Company
Fri 6pm – Michelle Read
Fri 8pm – Jessica Courtney Leen

Sat 11am – ALSA Productions
Sat 1pm – Roseanna Purcell
Sat 3pm – John Doran
Sat 5pm – Candlelit Theatre
Sat 7pm – No Kissin’ Ensemble

Sun 3pm – Corcadorca/Peter Power
Sun 5pm – Octopus Soup

SHOW is an opportunity for theatre artists to present their work in development to audiences and potential stakeholders, to engage and get feedback. It also allows the public to see what is brewing in Irish theatre at the moment.

Full details on the participants and works that will be presented are on the SHOW 2019 website.

Hope to see you there!

Image: Mags Keohane talking about her presentation in 2018.

Luminous Void Film Festival at Triskel

Triskel are delighted to host the 2019 Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival (LVEFF) on Friday 6 December. This is Ireland’s only festival wholly dedicated to experimental cinema and the screenings at Triskel will feature not one, not two but FOUR world premieres by filmmakers associated with Experimental Film Society.

Autumnal Sleeps (Michael Higgins) + short film I Wake Up Screaming (Chris O’Neill)

Kino Clinic (Jann Clavadetscher) + short film Blood in the Butter (Shelly Kamiel)

Each screening is accompanied by a filmmaker Q&A.

This festival is an Experimental Film Society project under the artistic direction of Rouzbeh Rashidi and Maximilian Le Cain.

Tickets: €10/€7.50 for annual membership holders.
Double Bill Ticket (available to purchase at Box Office only): €15/€13.

Tickets are on sale now.

YOU’RE INVITED to the Opening of Under Your Skin by Evgeniya Martirosyan

Evgeniya Martirosyan is an Irish-based artist whose  background is rooted in philosophy and design. She graduated from the Crawford College of Art and Design in 2016, receiving a number of awards including residencies at Sample-Studios and The National Sculpture Factory, and exhibition awards at Cork Film Centre and TACTIC Gallery. Since graduating, Evgeniya received the 2018 VAI Residency Award at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre and individual bursary awards from Cork City Arts Council and The Arts Council of Ireland.

Working primarily in the mediums of sculpture and installation, Evgeniya is interested in exploring the concepts of time, matter, chaos and transformation. Her most recent shows include a solo exhibition at TACTIC Gallery, Cork, titled ‘Between Something and Nothing’ and ‘Monumental Temporal’ group exhibition with PRAKSIS at Fellesverkstedet, Oslo, Norway. Evgeniya is currently engaged in the Artist-in-Studio Scheme which is associated with The National Sculpture Factory and is designed to support emerging artists.

Her new show, Under Your Skin, will open in Triskel Gallery Space on Thursday 7 November at 6pm and we invite you to come along to meet the artist and view her work. The exhibition runs until 20 December 2019.

Cork Film Festival at Triskel 2019

Cork Film Festival is coming back 7-17 November 2019! We’re delighted to partner once again with Ireland’s first and largest film festival. There is a great line-up of films so make sure to check out the list.

Triskel Cinema returns on Sunday 24 November.

Friday 8 November

2.00pm Oray 

4.30pm In Our Paradise 

7.00pm Cold Case Hamarskjöld  + Online Q&A

10:30pm First Love 


Saturday 9 November

1.00pm Oray  REPEAT

3.45pm Midnight Family 

6.00pm The Whalebone Box + Short (In A Land Far Away) + Q&A 

8.30pm Other Music

10.30pm Come to Daddy


Sunday 10 November

1.00pm Let There Be Light 

3.15pm The Cordillera of Dreams 

5.30pm My Friend Fela

8.00pm To The Stars 


Monday 11 November 

1.15pm First Love REPEAT

3.45pm Midnight Family REPEAT

6.00pm Ernie & Joe + Panel Discussion  

9.00pm Cat in the Wall 


Tuesday 12 November

1.30pm Family Romance 

3.45pm Cat in the Wall  REPEAT

6.00pm What Time is Death? + Q&A

8.45pm Tiny Souls + Q&A


Wednesday 13 November

1.30pm The Whalebone Box + In A Far Away Land  REPEAT

4.00pm In Our Paradise REPEAT

6.00pm System Crasher + Panel Discussion

9.30pm Der Golem + Live Accompaniment


Thursday 14 November

12.30pm Der Golem REPEAT

3.00pm System Crasher REPEAT

6.15pm Floating Structures + Memory Room + Discussion

9.00pm Cool Daddio


Friday 15 November

1.30pm The Street

3.45pm Hellhole

6.00pm Brainiac: Transmissions after Zero

8.15pm Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project + Q&A

11.00pm Tetsuo: The Iron Man


Saturday 16 November

12.00pm The Sweet Hereafter + Carmel Winters Introduction

3.15pm Cork on Camera

5.00pm Tito

7.00pm Delphine & Carole

9.00pm The Chills: The Triumph and Tragedy of Martin Phillipps + Q&A


Sunday 17 November

4.00pm Awards

Artist Talk with Kevin Mooney

Kevin Mooney is the artist behind the exhibition currently on display in Triskel Gallery Space. He will be in conversation with Austin McQuinn, artist and writer, on Tuesday 29 October at 1pm.

This is your chance to meet the artist and learn more about the Fragments of San Borondon, about what it means, how (and why!) Kevin put it together.

The talk is free and all are welcome.

Austin McQuinn has had solo exhibitions and performances at DCP, San Francisco, Project, Dublin and Butler Gallery, Kilkenny Castle. His work is held in public and private collections in Ireland, UK and USA. His upcoming book titled Acoustic Creatures: Sounding animality in performance will be published by Penn State University Press in Spring/Summer 2020.

Triskel Gets to Know … Rose McKenna of Scrypt Cafe Bar

Rose McKenna runs our popular and trendy Scrypt Cafe Bar so we wanted to get to know her better (if only to make sure she keeps making that scrummy carrot cake!).

What is your favourite cinema treat?

What is your go-to motivation music?
Anything upbeat and you can dance to!!!! Some Fleetwood Mac songs spring to mind!

What was your favourite book as a child? And now?
As a child I loved all the Roald Dahl ones. Now The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

What is your most listened to radio station?
RTE Gold – they now play golden oldies from my youth (my husband loves it too)

Do you listen to podcasts? Any recommendations?
Yes, West Cork, The Teachers Pet – both real life crime investigations, find them intriguing!

Favourite hidden gem in Cork
Triskel Garden

Is there a band/artist you enjoy that you would describe as a ‘guilty pleasure’?
Kate Bush

Do you have a favourite movie soundtrack?
Beaches (very girlie)

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A Weather Girl/TV Presenter

Who are the three people at your dream dinner party? Why?
My Father (he passed away 10 years ago and I have so much to tell him and ask him); the Dalai Lama (he is so full of wisdom and respect for his religion); my husband (because I’d like him to meet my Dad and he would also like to spend time with the Dalai Lama!!!).

Keep an eye on Scrypt’s socials for more information on ScryptSessions and Night Markets.

Triskel Gets to Know … Brigid Carmody

The Cork Traveller Women’s Network made Triskel their headquarters in 2018 and we’ve loved working with them since and learning more about Traveller culture. We wanted to get to know them a bit better so we asked Brigid Carmody, CTWN co-ordinator, a few questions (she’s on the right in the image along with Ann Luttrell of Triskel).

What is your favourite cinema treat?
Working with the Triskel Christchurch cinema to programme films around Traveller culture such as screening Float like a Butterfly for Cork Traveller Pride 2019 last summer.

What is your go-to motivation music?
I love traditional Traveller singers Sharyn Ward, Thomas McCarthy, Mary Francis Keenan and Finbarr Furey.

What was your favourite book as a child? And now?
As a child I could find very few books that I related to because I felt that my culture and my community were invisible in them. Now I love to share books like Paddy the Traveller Boy and Maggie Mays’ Day with my young  nieces and nephews. I am also excited to hear that Traveller activist Oein de Bharduin has a book of Traveller folk tales coming out soon with Skein Press.

What is your most listened to radio station?
Any of them that are willing to give Travellers a fair hearing and treat us respectfully.

Do you listen to podcasts? Any recommendations?
No but RTE Player’s series John Connors Travellers is a great short series exploring Traveller history.

Favourite hidden gem in Cork
Toraig on the Tobar, the Traveller culture exhibit in Cork Public Museum, is free to the public, has a full size barreltop wagon and is the only Traveller curated permanent exhibition on Traveller culture in a public museum in the country. I have been involved with this exhibition from day one so it’s very close to my heart.

Is there a band/artist you enjoy that you would describe as a ‘guilty pleasure’?
Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive’.

Do you have a favourite movie soundtrack?

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
When I was very young, I thought about being a teacher but as I got older and thought more about the situation of my community, it was very clear that I would become a Traveller rights activist.

Who are the three people at your dream dinner party? Why?
I would love to invite Nan Joyce, the first Traveller woman to run for election, Michael D Higgins, who has always been a great advocate for human rights and Traveller rights, and Martin Luther King to a dinner with the Traveller women activists of CTWN.

Introducing … Allocated Seating at Triskel

We’re delighted to announce that all music concerts at Triskel will now have allocated seating. Local artist Kim-Ling Morris from Sample Studios created a bespoke design for our beautiful building and we’re so happy with the results.

We hope that allocated seating will make coming to Triskel a much more comfortable experience for our customers. You can now pre-book your favourite seat and then turn up at your leisure, avoiding the queues. We don’t charge any booking fees when booking online/over the phone 021-4272022. And, as we’re all more conscious of being environmentally friendly, when you book online, you can download your ticket to your phone so there’s no need for any print out.

Take a look at the seating map and if you’d like us to help you find your favourite seat, please ask.