The Films Of Jean Rollin

Friday 6 July - Saturday 7 July

This special season showcases the finest cinematic works of Jean Rollin (1938-2010). A filmmaker revered by fantasy and horror enthusiasts for his hauntingly surreal, dreamlike and outrageous imagery. We are delighted to welcome Andy Votel, who will introduce Fascination.

Read the essay on Jean Rollin by writer Jeremy Richey

FASCINATION (NC) – 6 July @ 8:30pm
81 mins – France 1979 – Dir: Jean Rollin
“Playful, elegantly crafted and brimming with unforgettable images…Rollin at his very best” – Tim Lucas, Editor of Video Watchdog
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DJ SET WITH ANDY VOTEL – 6 July @ 10:00pm in Gulpd
Andy Votel of Finders Keepers Records (who have released several Rollin soundtracks) will perform a DJ set in Gulpd Café.
LES DEMONIAQUES (NC) – 7 July @ 1:15pm
100 mins – France 1972 – Dir: Jean Rollin
“A Poe-like study of guilt and revenge…one of Rollin’s most impressive yet atypical films” – Tim Lucas, Editor of Video Watchdog
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LE FRISSON DES VAMPIRES (NC) – 7 July @ 3:45pm
95 mins – France 1971 – Dir: Jean Rollin
“Some of the most indelible poetic images and surrealist sequences of the horror cinema” – Tim Lucas, Editor of Video Watchdog
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FREE SCREENING: In an interview conducted by film scholar Dr. Patricia MacCormack, Rollin discusses his influences and the themes that run throughout his work.
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LA VAMPIRE NUE (NC) – 7 July @ 7:15pm
80 mins – France 1970 – Dir: Jean Rollin
“Rollin was one of the genre’s most dependable judges of macabre beauty and splendour” – Tim Lucas, Editor of Video Watchdog
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LE VIOL DU VAMPIRE (NC) – 7 July @ 9:15pm
95 mins – France 1968 – Dir: Jean Rollin
“Le Viol du Vampire is a glorious puzzlement, like nothing else in the horror genre” – Tim Lucas, Editor of Video Watchdog
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