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Luminous Void Film Festival at Triskel

Triskel are delighted to host the 2019 Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival (LVEFF) on Friday 6 December. This is Ireland’s only festival wholly dedicated to experimental cinema and the screenings at Triskel will feature not one, not two but FOUR world premieres by filmmakers associated with Experimental Film Society.

Autumnal Sleeps (Michael Higgins) + short film I Wake Up Screaming (Chris O’Neill)

Kino Clinic (Jann Clavadetscher) + short film Blood in the Butter (Shelly Kamiel)

Each screening is accompanied by a filmmaker Q&A.

This festival is an Experimental Film Society project under the artistic direction of Rouzbeh Rashidi and Maximilian Le Cain.

Tickets: €10/€7.50 for annual membership holders.
Double Bill Ticket (available to purchase at Box Office only): €15/€13.

Tickets are on sale now.