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Announced: Musicians for WRITE RECORD PERFORM Residencies

Abreáin Blake of Pretty Happy and Beth McNinch of Musici Ireland have been appointed as the WRITE RECORD PERFORM Artists at Triskel Arts Centre in Cork City. As part of their residencies, they will develop exciting new work with a number of collaborators to share with audiences over the following months.

Tony Sheehan, Artistic Director at Triskel, said, “Triskel’s objective with WRITE RECORD PERFORM is to accompany artists on their journey from creation to recording and finally the staging of their work. All the resources we have will be used to support these projects, and we intend to do more projects into the future.”

Beth McNinch, Artistic Director with Musici Ireland, has commissioned Cork based composers Irene and Linda Buckley to write a piece for string quartet and electronics. Founded in 2012, Musici Ireland is a female led chamber collective that takes pride in presenting interesting and evocative programmes. They celebrate their 10th anniversary this year.

Abreáin Blake, together with her band Pretty Happy, will create an audio visual piece that explores the lineage of Cork Post-Punk through the venues of its past. She said, “Ironically, we were first informed about our connection to Cork’s Post-Punk lineage before we had any knowledge of it. People would approach us after gigs and talk about how much bands like Nun Attax and Stump must have shaped our sound. But, in reality, we had not listened to these bands. Somehow, without meaning it, we had picked up their mantle. This audio and visual piece will look at Cork’s innate musical DNA and how an unofficial noisey and rebellious culture has permeated the city for the past thirty years.”

Blake and McNinch will work on their projects in the coming months with live performances in July 2022 and January 2023 respectively.