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Triskel Gets To Know … Amanda Rice

Artist Amanda Rice was born in Ireland and is currently based in London. Her latest exhibition, Material and Immaterial Worlds, is open in Triskel Gallery Space until 12 September. We got to know her a bit better.

Who is your hero? At the moment Palestinian activists Muna and Mohammed El-Kurd.

If you could exhibit your work anywhere, where would it be? I would love to exhibit in Mexico or Cuba – as these are countries I’ve never been to and have always wanted to travel to. Having a show there would be an excellent excuse to go.

What is your favourite thing about your career? It’s never monotonous or the same, the consistently changing nature of what I’m doing always keeps me interested and engaged.

What motivates you to work hard? I get energy from collaborating with different practitioners on projects. Seeing them do well in their practice, and someone enjoying something I’ve created motivates me as well.

What makes you laugh the most? Anyone with a dry sense of humour. I’ve only just discovered the show Parks and Recreation, that too makes me howl.

What would you sing at a Karaoke night? Usually some terrible power ballad like ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ by Foreigner, I think I’ve done that quite a bit as it’s so dramatic.

What superpower would you love to have? Why? The ability to teleport. There’s just been so many people throughout the pandemic that I’ve really missed hanging out with; teleportation would have been handy.

Name two pet peeves. I’m a pedant about noise in libraries, even only slightly disturbing noise. I can’t bare it. Poor driving etiquette – people who don’t indicate. Or just rude or aggressive drivers in general.

What three things would you take with you to a desert island? A sound system with music, a barbeque and sunscreen – because I burn like hell!

If you ruled your own country, what would be the first law you would introduce? There’s a few. Affordable housing for all, ending homelessness, free education and healthcare.


Visit Material and Immaterial Worlds in Triskel Gallery Space, Thursday-Sunday, 11am-6pm. No booking required.