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Triskel Gets To Know … David Boulanger from De Temps Antan

Thanks for David Boulanger from De Temps Antan for taking the time to answer our questions, especially since English is not his native language!

What is your favourite cinema treat?

Popcorn and almond M&M

What is your go-to motivation music?

I love oldies music (50s-60s). That’s what’s playing always at family reunions and it makes me automatically dance and do stuff. I also enjoy classic rock to get things going.

Will this be your first visit to Ireland? And to Cork? What are you most looking forward to seeing/doing while you’re here? Besides playing at Triskel, of course 😉

I have to say that it will be my first time in Ireland, which sound crazy when I say it but it’s never too late! I don’t have any plans yet for what I’d like to see but I am a big fan of markets filled with local produces!

What was your favourite book as a child? And now?

Tough one. As a child, I was not a big reader. I did enjoy a lot of Asterix and Tintin. These days I read mostly poetry but I enjoy also short stories, classics… I like a lot Jim Harrison and Gaston Miron (Québec poet).

What is the most memorable place you have performed?

Each place that I have performed at have something special, mostly because of the people being there at the concerts. One that stands out a bit is llanes in Asturias (Spain) because it was my first trip/gig in Europe and it made me fall in love with my work as a touring musician.

What is your most listened to radio station?

Everyday I spend some time listening to our national radio in French (Radio-Canada) to get updated with the news but also I like the shows that talk about books, cinema, culture in general, history.

Is there a band/artist you enjoy that you would describe as a ‘guilty pleasure’?

So many, but I have a hard time saying that they are “guilty pleasure” artists. Abba, Celine Dion, Bobby Vinton, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and many more … But the “guilty pleasure” artists of one and the best artists for another one… !

If you could only listen to music from one decade what would it be?

Why only one?!? Let’s say the mid 50s-mid 60s.

Do you have a favourite movie soundtrack?

No. Soundtrack is one of my favorite movie genre whether it is an original soundtrack, a well-chosen playlist or a combination of both. I really like the place that music occupies in a movie. Some directors have a musicality to their movies and will make the images and the music fit so well together that the music has a big effect on how you experience the movie. I can’t chose one, there are so many! Come see our show and we can talk about it!

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I don’t really remember, I wanted to do everything. But as I grew up, in my late teenage years, I wanted to become a cook. My grand-mothers and my mom made me “play” with food as a kid by making cakes and other stuff with them. I was always curious about flavors, ways of cooking, the smells… And I still am. I like to go to the source of the food I like and try to make it, like homemade sausage, bread, sauces, etc. I might actually take the time to talk with some people in Cork and other places in Ireland to find out about local foods and how to make it. If you have a grand-mother willing to share, I’ll be happy to meet her!

De Temps Antan will be in Triskel on 9 May – tickets available here