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Cork International Film Festival at Triskel for 2023

Cork International Film Festival is one of the most exciting film festivals in the world and everyone at Triskel looks forward to what is always an evocative, thoughtful and imaginative programme. This year is no different … except … this year’s festival is going on for an incredible two weeks!

Triskel is one of the principal venues and we are very much looking forward to being part of this creative festival once again. Keep reading to discover all the films showing here during CIFF. Book your tickets via or the myCIFF app (available on Apple iOS and Android) only.

Fri 10 Nov
12:30pm – If only Night Wouldn’t Fall (Als de nacht maar niet valt)
2:45pm – All the Colours of the World Are Between Black and White
5:30pm – A Sensitive Person (Citlivý Člověk)
8:45pm – Female Trouble

Sat 11 Nov
10:00am – Danger Diabolik
12:30pm – Poitín
2:30pm – Irish Shorts 1: In Competition
4:45pm – The Eternal Memory
7:30pm – Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell (Bên trong vỏ kén vàng)

Sun 12 Nov
10:30am – Samsara
1:15pm – Max Roach: The Drum Also Waltzes
3:30pm – IFI Cork on Camera: Flora Kerrigan
6:00pm – The United Irishmen
9:00pm – Ninja 3: The Domination

Mon 13 Nov
12:30pm – International Shorts 2
3:00pm – Seven Winters in Tehran (Sieben Winter in Teheran)
5:30pm – Irish Shorts 2: In Competition
8:00pm – Bury Our Hearts at the Bend of the River

Tue 14 Nov
1:00pm – International Shorts 3
3:30pm – Free Radicals
6:00pm – Stella + Culinary Event
8:15pm – Singularity (Aonaracht)

Wed 15 Nov
1:00pm – International Shorts 4: Documentary
3:30pm – The Girls Are Alright (Las Chicas Están Bien)
6:00pm – Virgilio
8:45pm – Embryo Larva Butterfly

Thu 16 Nov
1:30pm – Youth (Spring) / Jeunesse (Printemps)
6:00pm – Blues Run The Game: The Strange Tale of Jackson C. Frank
8:30pm – Solitaire + Post-Screening In Conversation

Fri 17 Nov
12:00pm – Little Girl Blue
2:30pm – Theatre of Violence
5:00pm – I See A Darkness
8:30pm – She Is Conann

Sat 18 Nov
12:30pm – Deserts
3:30pm – The Human Surge 3 (El auge del humano 3)
6:30pm – A Prince (Un Prince)
8:45pm – Police Story 3: Supercop

Sun 19 Nov
10:45am – aemi Artist In Focus: Kevin Jerome Everson (Programme)
1:00pm – Family
3:45pm – Marienbad Film Festival: The Subterranean River of Czech Cinema
5:30pm – Riddle of Fire
8:30pm – aemi @ CIFF: Experimental Shorts 3

Mon 20 Nov
3:00pm – We Will Not Fade Away (My Ne Zhasnemo)
5:30pm – Knit’s Island
8:30pm – Contamination

Tue 21 Nov
6:00pm – 1923 Commemoration Event: Souls and Shadows: Reminiscences of Ireland’s Revolution
8:45pm – Landshaft

Wed 22 Nov
1:00pm – Queendom
3:30pm – Dreaming in Between (Nigekireta Yume)
6:00pm – If Only I Could Hibernate (Baavgai Bolohson)
8:30pm – Pictures of Ghosts (Retratos Fantasmas)

Thu 23 Nov
1:00pm – In Our Day (우리의 하루)
3:15 pm – Songs of Earth
5:45pm – My Friend Lanre
8:30pm – The Sweet East

Fri 24 Nov
1:30pm – Come and Go (Vai e Vem)
5:30pm – Tiger Stripes
8:00pm – Documentary Gala: Is There Anybody Out There?

Sun 26 Nov
12:00pm – Anselm
2:30pm – Deep Sea
6:00pm – The Holdovers