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Cork Film Festival 2018 at Triskel

Triskel are delighted to be a venue once again for the Cork Film Festival. We’re showing a number of films here in Christchurch during the internationally renowned festival and hope you can join us. You can book tickets through the film festival website or at the Festival Box Office at Market Buildings, Grand Parade.

Friday 9 November

10:30pm       Lords of Chaos (112)


Saturday 10 November

1:30pm        Trauma is a Time Machine (80) + 40 (panel discussion)

4:15pm        Hale County This Morning, This Evening (76)

6:15pm        Carmine Street Guitars (80) + Q&A (25)

8:30pm        Bad Reputation (95)

10:30pm      Killing (80)


Sunday 11 November

12:15pm      The Curious Works of Roger Doyle (110) + Performance

3:30pm        Blue Note Records: Beyond The Notes (85)

5:45pm        Desolation Center (93)

8:00pm        This Teacher (95)


Monday 12 November

2:00pm        Blue Note Records: Beyond The Notes (85)- REPEAT

4:15pm        Cellar Door (90) REPEAT

6:30pm        Barbara Rubin and the Exploding NY Underground (78)

8:30pm        Free Radicals (103)


Tuesday 13 November

1:30pm        Won’t You Be My Neigbor (94) (REPEAT)

4:00pm        Die Tomorrow (75)-REPEAT

6:00pm        For The Birds (90) + 30 (panel)

8:30pm        Town of Strangers (80) + The Blow In (8) (Q&A – 25)


Wednesday 14 November

1:45pm        The Return (85)

4:00pm        Yours in Sisterhood (101)

6:30pm        The Dead and Others (114)

9:00pm        The Wedding Present: Something Left Behind (88) + Q&A (15)


Thursday 15 November

10:00am      First Take Industry Day 

5:00pm        EU & Me Shorts (40)+ MEP Panel Discussion (30)

7:00pm        Styx (94)

9:00pm        Tel Aviv on Fire (97)


Friday 16 November

1:45pm        The Load (98)-REPEAT

4:15pm        Those Who Are Fine (71)

6:00pm        Murder Me Monster (109)

8:15pm        Wobble Palace (85)

10:30pm      The Changeling (107)


Saturday 17 November

12:00pm      Ordinary People (124) + Intro (15)

2:45pm        Cork on Camera (80) + Intro (15)

5:00pm        Little Old New York (110) + Intro (10)

7:30pm        Milford Graves Full Mantis (91)

9:30pm       Rudeboy: The Trojan Records Story (85)


Sunday 18 November

1:30pm        Jibril (83)

5:00pm        Awards