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Paul Verhoeven – The Hollywood Years

This summer Triskel Arts Centre presents a season of films dedicated to one of the most divisive, controversial and successful directors who worked in American cinema during the late 20th century: Paul Verhoeven.

The Dutch filmmaker made his stateside debut with the original ROBOCOP in 1987, a bold and audacious sci-fi action movie with a strong satirical edge. The same can be said of his next picture TOTAL RECALL, starring one of the era’s biggest stars Arnold Schwarzenegger. The steamy sex-charged neo noir thriller BASIC INSTINCT came next, one of the most financially successful films of 1992 worldwide. His followup picture SHOWGIRLS was a failure at the box office and was trashed by the critics when originally released but has come to be recognised as a biting satire of the entertainment industry. Verhoeven helmed STARSHIP TROOPERS next, a violent futuristic sci-fi tale which takes a cautious look at extremist militarism and propaganda.

These movies will all be screened over five consecutive Saturdays in August and tickets are on sale now.