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Invitation to tender for the development of a Strategic Plan 2025-2028

Triskel Arts Centre seeks proposals from suitably experienced consultants to facilitate the development of our Strategic Plan 2025-2028 and Implementation Plan.

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Triskel Arts Centre, a vibrant multidisciplinary venue and cultural hub in the heart of Cork city, is excited to be celebrating our 50th anniversary in 2028. This Strategic Plan prepares us for this significant and pivotal date, by providing us with a valuable and unique opportunity for a deep reflection into and a visionary creation of the next chapter for Triskel and our place in the rich artistic, cultural and community life of our city and region, locally, nationally and internationally.

Triskel is a regional cultural hub, an engine room, and a safe space for others in the creation of art in Cork.

Our mission is to partner, programme and platform, across music, visual arts, film & cinema, literature, theatre, and participative practice. We aim to empower artists, audiences, and communities. We engage in groundbreaking strategic partnerships.

In 2011, in a significant development, we embraced the magnificent and historically important Georgian Christchurch to grow our Tobin Street footprint, elevating our role and and empowering us to become an important regional cultural hub for Ireland’s second city.

Our range of artistic and cultural work is delivered in the context of Cork City Council’s and the Arts Council of Ireland’s current strategies and policies, which should be taken into account in the process of development of the new strategic plan.


Through this strategic planning process, we seek to:

  • Renew our vision and mission: Align our goals with the evolving needs of the artistic community and our audiences.
  • Strengthen our partnerships: Foster collaborations that enhance our role as a regional and national cultural leader.
  • Enhance our impact: Develop strategies that empower artists, engage diverse audiences, and contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of Cork.
  • Celebrate our legacy: Honour our history while innovating for the future, ensuring Triskel remains a cornerstone of Cork’s cultural life.

We seek to appoint a consultant with demonstrated experience of developing strategic plans for organisations delivering arts and cultural programmes, and engaging with a range of partners, stakeholders and funders.

We seek a consultant/consultants who can demonstrate an appreciation of Triskel’s mission, history and mandate, the constraints of operating in a complex environment and managing a range of relationships, as well as an understanding of the arts landscape in which Triskel operates locally, nationally and internationally.

Undertaking a strategic planning process creates an opportunity for Triskel and our stakeholders to undertake a journey together to renew our vision, mission, values and build strategic goals which support our ambition and provide us with a clear focus and direction as we reach our 50th year.

The approach taken by the consultant in achieving this is important to us. It must reflect our fundamental values of inclusion, diversity, creativity and partnership; the key relationship with the artist and the role which Triskel plays in the cultural and economic life of the city and the region.

The consultants’ response should include a clear setting out of the approach to be taken, the rationale for that approach, and the methodologies which will be applied to give expression to it.

The strategic planning process being proposed should include:

  • A review and learnings from “At the Centre” Triskel’s Strategic Plan 2021-2023
  • PEST analysis of the landscape and issues impacting cultural centres in Ireland at this time
  • Consultation with Board, staff, and key partners at relevant points in the process
  • Engagement with external stakeholders
  • Design of foundational elements of the Strategic Plan: vision, mission, values and strategic goals.
  • A final document delivered in an accessible format, appropriate for print, online and web-based formats and for sharing with funders, key audiences and partners.
  • Development of an Implementation Plan for the execution of strategic goals.

Tender requirements

The response to the tender should include the following:

  • Demonstration of track record of strategic planning in the arts and culture sector, including a setting out of experience and previous work in the area
  • Demonstration of an understanding of the requirements of the process
  • Outline timeline and plan for the delivery of the project
  • Breakdown of costs showing number of days required; if more than one person is involved in the project; cost per day, and all additional costs
  • Evidence of tax clearance and appropriate professional insurance
  • Consultants may be required to present the draft Strategic Plan to key audiences.

A list of recent clients who may be contacted for references in relation to this tender should be included.

In the case of a company responding to the invitation to tender, the response should set out clearly the names and contact details of personnel who will be engaged in the project, their roles, and details of a single liaison person appointed for the duration of the project to communicate with Triskel.

Timeframe for development of Strategic Plan
It is anticipated that the process of development of the Strategic Plan will take place from July – November 2024, including the Implementation Plan.

Deadline for receipt of response to invitation to tender
Responses to the invitation to tender should be submitted by email to by 5pm on Friday June 21st, 2024. Late submissions will not be considered.
Queries must be received by email to by Monday June 10th at 5pm.

Evaluation and decision
A sub-committee of the Board will consider all submissions and a decision on the preferred candidate to undertake the work will be taken on June 28th 2024

Evaluation Criteria
To ensure the selection of the most suitable consultant, we will evaluate all proposals based on the following criteria:

1. Experience and Track Record:

  • Demonstrated experience in developing strategic plans for arts and cultural organisations.
  • Evidence of successful past projects, including outcomes and impact on previous clients.

2. Understanding of Triskel’s Mission and Context:

  • Clear appreciation of Triskel’s mission, history, and operational environment.
  • Insight into the local, national, and international arts landscape, and how these influence Triskel’s strategic direction.

3. Proposed Approach and Methodology:

  • Detailed and innovative approach to the strategic planning process.
  • Methodologies that reflect Triskel’s values of inclusion, diversity, creativity, and partnership.
  • Clarity and feasibility of the proposed timeline and activities.

4. Stakeholder Engagement:

  • Comprehensive plan for engaging with Triskel’s board, staff, partners, and external stakeholders.
  • Strategies for ensuring meaningful and inclusive consultation throughout the process.

5. Quality of Deliverables:

  • High-quality, accessible final documents that are suitable for various formats (print, online, and web-based).
  • Clear, actionable implementation plan for the strategic goals.

6. Cost-Effectiveness:

  • Detailed breakdown of costs, including daily rates, total number of days, and any additional expenses.

7. References and Testimonials:

  • Positive references from recent clients, demonstrating the consultant’s ability to deliver high-quality strategic plans and collaborate effectively with stakeholders.


  • The Board of Triskel reserves the right not to award a contract if no proposal is deemed to be suitable.
  • All material gathered and outputs arising from the contract will be the property of Triskel and will not be shared with unauthorised persons without the prior approval of Triskel.
  • The contractor/consultant will submit an up-to-date Tax Clearance Certificate and evidence of appropriate professional insurance.

Not to exceed €20,000 (excluding VAT).

By email to – COB 10th June 2024

By email to – COB 24th June 2024