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First Single Released from ZASKA: Soulful Alliance

The WRITE RECORD PERFORM Award afforded me the time to write and arrange a whole new body of work and expand my network of collaborators too. Getting to perform that work in a magic space like the Triskel Arts Centre is an experience I’ll always cherish. It’s such a great initiative and I’m blessed to have been part of it.” – Max Zaska

Musician Max Zaska was awarded 2023’s WRITE RECORD PERFORM residency by Triskel Arts Centre and the Improvised Music Company. Max took to the Triskel stage last September for ZASKA: SOULFUL ALLIANCE – A Once-in-a-Lifetime Live Concert Recording; he performed alongside collaborators Gemma Dunleavy, shiv, Melina Malone, and jarjarjr, exclusively premiering new music. This fantastic concert was recorded for audio and video release.

We’re delighted to announce that ‘Ever Cross Your Mind (Live At The Triskel)’, the new single from ZASKA feat. Melina Malone, is out now! This upbeat, danceable fusion of soul and jazz – with afro-esque rhythms influenced by Kokoroko and Nubiyan Twist – is the first single from ZASKA’s upcoming Live At The Triskel EP.

Listen here on SoundCloud, watch the video on YouTube here, and listen to the single on Spotify here!

You can learn more about Max Zaska’s residency here.