Thu 11 May 2023
5.30pm | Promo codes can be applied at checkout
Thu 11 May 2023
5.30pm | Promo codes can be applied at checkout

110 mins – Ireland 2023 – Dir: Various
Starring: Avleen Anand, Daniel Heaphy, Dave Hynes

Cinespectres: Film Experiments from the UCC Film & Screen Media MA Course

A group of six filmmakers from the University College Cork MA in Film & Screen Media programme have worked with UCC/Arts Council Film Artist in Residence Maximilian Le Cain to produce a challenging, diverse and entertaining series of short films.

Avleen Anand, Dervla Baker, Elena Binnig, Lawrence Cook, Aoibh Foynes and Daniel Heaphy have each created a short that experiments with film form and storytelling in distinctive and personal ways. From narrative fiction to animation to mockumentary to the truly indescribable, this programme is a reflection of the imagination and creativity of these emerging voices.

List of films:

  • Arboreal (Dervla Baker)
  • Where the Heart Is (Daniel Heaphy)
  • I Am Just Making a Film (Avleen Aanand)
  • The Yellow Place (Elena Binnig)
  • Bodies on the Box (Aoibh Foynes)
  • Did You Miss It? (Lawrence Cook)

Cinespectres was mentored and curated by noted Cork-based experimental filmmaker Le Cain, who will host a post-screening Q&A with the group. The programme will also include 121, a collaborative short by Le Cain and Aisling O Connell. This haunting and immersive collage of personal imagery adrift on tides of obsession takes a cue from the idea of ornithomancy, the art of reading omens from the actions of birds.

The screening will be introduced by Laura Rascaroli, Professor of Film and Screen Media, and Head of the School of Film, Music & Theatre at UCC.

Thurs 11 May
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