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YOU’RE INVITED: Róisín O’Sullivan’s I See Skies Opens on Thurs 1 Dec

Róisín O’Sullivan’s practice stems from her experience of nature. O’Sullivan makes paintings and objects that reflect the natural world around her, taking a deep interest in collecting and responding to materials such as wood and leaves. Her work slips into abstraction through intuition within the studio process, creating curious painted, carved, and burned marks.

The exhibition I See Skies features a new series of paintings that began at the Tony O’Malley residency in Callan, County Kilkenny. There, the artist spent over a year immersed in nature, embracing each intimate surface in the studio as an emotional response to the complexities of life.

The exhibition will open in Triskel Gallery Space on Thursday 1 December 6-8pm and you’re invited to join Róisín to celebrate and explore her work.

Want to know more? Click here.

Don’t be Home Alone This December – Come to Triskel Cinema for Festive Film Fun!

The image is split into four rectangles with images for four different films: It's a Wonderful Life in the top left, Home Alone in the top right, The Muppet Christmas Carol in the bottom left and Die Hard in the bottom right. The words Christmas Movies are laid over the images in a scrolling, festive font

Triskel are celebrating the festive season by adding a new film to their traditional line-up of Christmas movies. Home Alone joins everyone’s favourites The Muppet Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life and Die Hard at Triskel Cinema from Friday 16 to Friday 23 December. Tickets are on sale now.

Chris O’Neill, Head of Cinema at Triskel, said, “Watching these classic films have become part of people’s Christmas traditions over the years. It is important to us to keep this tradition alive and allow people to lose themselves in the adventures of Kermit, Miss Piggy and friends, cheer on John McClane retaking the Nakatomi Building, and join Kevin McCallister and George Bailey in understanding the importance of family and community.”

Beloved classic It’s a Wonderful Life is an enduring hit and looks at an idea we’ve all had: what if we were never born? Fantastically performed by Jimmy Stewart and offering a powerful message on humanity, there’s a reason people mark this as a classic.

A real treat for the younger audience, The Muppet Christmas Carol offers a zanier version of Charles Dickens much-adapted story. The film manages to capture the sincerity and atmosphere of the tale while also keeping the irreverent, self-referencing humour that makes the Muppets so popular. With wonderfully memorable songs and a great turn by Michael Caine as Scrooge, it is a laugh-filled outing with a lot of heart.

There’s an ongoing debate over whether or not Die Hard is, in fact, a Christmas movie or ‘just’ a movie set at Christmas. The writer of the popular film confirmed it is a Christmas classic and even provided a checklist comparing it to White Christmas.

The new film in this year’s festive line-up is Home Alone, the film that made Macauley Culkin a child star and still provides laughs more than 30 years after its original release.

If you’re looking for more of a musical Christmas, we recommend coming along to the second concert in the Spotlight Chamber Music Series on Saturday 17 December, featuring soprano Anna Devin and pianist Fiachra Garvey who will include an assortment of the most beloved Christmas carols in their programme for this lunchtime concert.

Tickets are on sale now:

 It’s a Wonderful Life Friday 16 – Monday 19 December

The Muppet Christmas Carol Friday 16 – Friday 23 December

Home Alone Friday 16 – Friday 23 December

Die Hard Tuesday 20 – Thursday 22 December

Anna Devin & Fiachra Garvey: Spotlight Chamber Music Series Saturday 17 December 1pm

We need your help!

We have begun to develop an Audience Development Strategy at Triskel, and need to get to know you, our audience, a little better. Understanding who you are and what you need to engage with and experience events at Triskel in comfort and to best effect will help us design spaces, programmes and processes that everyone can access and feel welcome at.
You may not have been asked some of the questions to follow before. If you have any discomfort about answering, it’s absolutely fine to skip ahead. However, the world is changing fast, and we want all of our audience members, whoever you and they are, to feel they belong at Triskel, and any needs are met.
If you have any difficulties accessing this form, please email or phone 021-4272022 during Box Office Opening Hours, where we will do our best to help.
Click here to take the survey. Your responses are completely anonymous and we appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. The deadline for responses is Monday 5 December 2022.
Thank you for your support!

ANNOUNCED: Susanna to perform at Triskel in March 2023

A woman looks directly at the screen. She has long wavy blonde hair. Her eye make-up is dramatic sweeps of black, turquoise and red. She is wearing long gold earrings and a black, filmy top or scarf around her shoulders and neck that leaves her throat bare.

Triskel is delighted to announce that Susanna, the woman behind Susanna and the Magical Orchestra // Susanna // Susanna Wallumrød, will perform at Triskel in March 2023.

A creator of bold, original and enrapturing music, capable of building worlds to lose yourself in and collaborator with artists such as Jenny Hval and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Susanna has also long been an interpreter of other people’s works, from AC/DC to Dolly Parton, Joy Division to Henry Purcell. Susanna has an ability to transform these works into music that sits comfortably next to her own work while never losing what made the original – and the original composer of the song – so special.

Tickets €22/€18.50 are on sale now.

WRITE RECORD PERFORM with Triskel & Improvised Music Company

Image is of the interior of a church, where a stage is at the bottom back of the image. Two musicians are performing, both men, the one on the left is playing a Steinway C piano, the one on the right is playing a trombone. There are red curtains behind lit by white lights. Outlines of audience seated in church pews can be seen on the left and right, from the front of the image towards the stage at the back of the image.

Triskel Arts Centre and Improvised Music Company are pleased to announce a new edition of the WRITE RECORD PERFORM residency programme in partnership. 

This programme of WRITE RECORD PERFORM will allow a professional musician working in jazz or creative improvised music dedicated time, space and budget to develop a new musical concept in a holistic way. The work will be developed from its initial stages, professionally recorded, and finally, given premiere performances for audiences at Triskel in Cork and in Dublin. 

With a budget of up to €10,000 for the project, the artist will also have physical space to develop work at Triskel in Cork and at Improvised Music Company’s Space Programme location in Dublin. Mentorship and guidance will also be available for the artist from Triskel and IMC.

The first edition of WRITE RECORD PERFORM, which is ongoing, resulted in violist Beth McNinch of Musici Ireland commissioning two new works from Cork composers Irene Buckley and Linda Buckley, while Abbey Blake of post-punk band Pretty Happy created a new audio-visual piece exploring Cork’s post-punk history.

In the Irish improvised music scene, pressing issues are apparent around space to develop and create new work. The role of the arts centre as a developmental, creative and performance space is a huge one, and WRITE RECORD PERFORM is just one way in which Triskel and IMC are working to address these issues. The divisions between creating, performing, and recording music which are created by current public funding structures can also pose problems to musicians in developing their work to its fullest potential. In improvised music, the creation and performance of music are often simultaneous, and can’t be easily distinguished. The WRITE RECORD PERFORM structure takes into account the totality of a musical work, and allows it space to breathe and develop. 

Tony Sheehan, Artistic Director at Triskel, said, “Triskel’s objective with WRITE RECORD PERFORM is to accompany artists on their journey from creation to recording and finally the staging of their work. We are especially delighted that IMC are joining forces with us to expand the scope and reach of the Programme, and the inclusion of two Venues will greatly increase the opportunities available to artists working in Jazz and Improvised music”

IMC Director Kenneth Killeen said: “WRITE RECORD PERFORM is an exciting new opportunity for Irish and Irish based jazz and improvising musicians. It is a holistic response to the natural lifecycle of new work. It stems from the combined experiences of Improvised Music Company and Triskel Arts Centre in developing new Irish work over the past 30 years. Our goal is to provide the time, space and resources to develop, rehearse, record and present new work to audiences, all within the scope of one project. We believe this accurately reflects an artist’s vision for their work from generation to documentation to live premiere and we’re delighted to be working with our colleagues in Triskel Arts Centre who have been champions of this artform in Ireland.”

Applications for the WRITE RECORD PERFORM programme will open to artists on Tuesday 1 November and close on Friday 27 January. Applications must be made online via this link. See below for guidelines. | 


This WRITE RECORD PERFORM residency programme from Triskel Arts Centre and Improvised Music Company is primarily aimed at professional musicians working in the fields of jazz and creative improvised music. Collaborative projects across other genres and artforms where improvised music is the “lead” are also welcome.

Applications for the WRITE RECORD PERFORM programme will open to artists on Tuesday 1 November, and close on Friday 27 January.

Triskel Arts Centre and Improvised Music Company are committed to equity and inclusion, and particularly welcomes applications from under-represented musicians, including but not limited to: musicians of colour, musicians with disabilities, Traveller musicians and LGBTQ+ musicians.

Professional artists in jazz and improvised music are people who, although they might not earn income continuously or exclusively from their arts practice, do identify themselves and are recognised by their peers as professional practising artists in the field of jazz and improvised music.

The three phases of the WRITE RECORD PERFORM residency are:

WRITE: Refers to the three-month period where researching, composing, arranging, planning and other activities relating to the project take place.

RECORD: Refers to the finished project recorded in a format such as audio or audio-visual media e.g., an album, an online concert, a digital album, a visual album etc.

PERFORM: A live world premiere concert which is held at Triskel Christchurch and an additional performance at a venue tbc in Dublin.

Each residency provides access to Triskel Arts Centre Cork, and Improvised Music Company’s Space Programme in Dublin over a specified three-month period to develop a project from writing stage through to recording and premiere performance which can happen in 2023 as feasible. Access to Triskel Christchurch and IMC’s Space Programme is available by agreement during all stages of the project. Where feasible, mentorship and guidance on certain aspects may be available from Triskel & IMC staff. 

The residency offers:

  • A budget of up to €10,000 per project.
  • Direct access to Triskel Arts Centre for up to 10 days in the three-month period, 2 days per week (Mondays and Tuesdays). Direct access to IMC’s Space Programme for up to 20 days in the three-month period.
  • Support to manage and market the project thereafter to completion.
  • In kind advice and technical support where appropriate from both organisations throughout the project.
  • Use of Triskel Christchurch or IMC’s Space Programme to produce a recording of the project, either audio-visual or audio.
  • Use of Triskel Christchurch and IMC’s Space Programme to rehearse.
  • A world premiere live concert of the project in 2023 in Triskel Christchurch, with a second concert if feasible hosted by IMC in Dublin.



  • Applicants must be of professional standard in the field of jazz and improvised music, as recognised by their peers.
  • Artists must be currently based in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Applicants must have a strong track record in composition, performance and/or creation of original work.
  • Applicants must be aged 18 or over.
  • Applications may be from individuals or groups. In the case of groups or ensembles, one applicant is identified as the “lead” applicant. Ensembles or Groups should be mindful of the nature and size of Christchurch as a performance space (where the work will ultimately be premiered). Please see the Venue Spec for further details.
  • Applications can be across artforms so long as the “lead” artform is jazz or creative improvised music.
  • Applicants who have previously been awarded a WRITE RECORD PERFORM residency may not apply.



  • Will be by a panel made up of Triskel & independent practitioners, and will be based on criteria including:
    • The artistic quality of the proposal
    • The track record of the applicant
    • The suitability of the Triskel venue & IMC’s Space Programme to the proposal (See Venue Spec)
    • The feasibility and fairness of the budget (See Budget Spec)



  • WRITE: 3 consecutive Months in the 2023 Calendar Year
  • RECORD: On dates to be agreed in 2023
  • PERFORM: On dates to be agreed in 2023



Applications must be made online via this link.

Step 1. COMPLETE The online application form
Step 2. UPLOAD a document (preferably PDF) containing:

  • A detailed project proposal to include:
  • Overall concept of your project.
  • Outline: WRITE, RECORD and PERFORM stages in detail showing actions and outcomes for each stage.
  • Indicate your preferred dates for the three stages of the residency
  • Include a budget (See Budget Spec)
  • Your CV and the CVs of collaborators.

Step 3. UPLOAD 3 recent examples of your work, audio or video, preferably mp3 or mp4, to avoid overly large file sizes.

NOTE: You may also upload additional documents e.g. reviews, to a maximum of 3 documents.


  • Triskel Arts Centre will make available CHRISTCHURCH for a maximum of 2 days per week from 10am until 4pm Mondays and Tuesdays, for a block of 12 contiguous weeks not to exceed 3 months in 2023. Further development i.e. the RECORD and PERFORM elements can take place in 2023 on dates to be agreed.
  • A Steinway C piano and Triskel backline will be made available where appropriate.
  • Space can be used for development/rehearsals. In this case Triskel Arts Centre cannot provide an ongoing Sound/Lighting engineer but can provide a pre-planned stage setup, and in-house technician to switch on and off or assist with basic equipment setups.
  • Any other specialised requirements or specialised technical assistance will need to be budgeted for e.g. piano tuning, sound engineering, lighting design, etc.
  • Any technical equipment, instruments etc. not already available at Triskel will have to be budgeted for within the project budget uploaded.
  • IMC’s Space Programme will be available to the artist on a maximum of 2 agreed-upon days per week for a block of 12 contiguous weeks not to exceed 3 months in 2023. Further use of space for RECORD and PERFORM elements will be agreed upon as appropriate.
  • IMC will provide a basic backline in the Space Programme, not including an acoustic piano. Any additional needs will need to be budgeted for within the project budget uploaded. 
  • Public liability Insurance is covered by the venue in each case.
  • Hot-desking facilities at Triskel will be made available during the course of the 3 months WRITE stage if required. Any additional equipment required for hot-desking will need to be budgeted for.
  • Triskel and IMC will assist with a MARKETING and PR Plan, and provide existing marketing resources e.g., social media, PR etc. Any extra marketing, e.g., commercial advertising, will have to be budgeted for
  • For a current list of tech resources and backline at Triskel please click here.
  • For a list of backline and tech resources currently available at IMC’s Space Programme, please click here. (Please note, this is subject to change.)

NOTE: We recommend that artists clarify any queries they may have regarding backline, resources or any other matters in ADVANCE of applying, by emailing for queries regarding IMC’s Space Programme and for queries regarding Triskel Arts Centre. Either address may be used for general enquiries regarding the residency. To increase your chances of success, please make these queries in good time ahead of the application deadline. 


  • Fees paid to artists and arts workers must comply with the Arts Council’s “Paying the Artist” policy.
  • Any technical equipment, instruments etc. not already available at Triskel or at IMC’s Space Programme will have to be budgeted for.
  • Any specialised requirements or specialised technical assistance will need to be budgeted for e.g., piano tuning, sound engineering, lighting design, etc.
  • Any specialised marketing or commercial advertising will have to be costed and budgeted for.
  • For RECORD and PERFORM elements provide costs associated with these separately e.g., rehearsals, engineering, technical, equipment, printing, distribution etc. Fees related to recording MUST form a part of your budget, they will not be covered otherwise.
  • We recommend that you allow 10% of the overall budget for contingency though this is not a requirement.
  • We recommend that your proposed budget is as detailed as possible. For any queries regarding budget, please email or

A sample budget is available HERE. To use this as a basis for your application, go to File and Make a Copy in the Google sheet. You can use File – Download – PDF, to download the final budget as a PDF which can then be included in your application document.


All information submitted as part of your application will be held in line with Triskel Arts Centre’s Data Protection Policy. Information supplied in the application will only be used by Triskel Arts Centre for the purposes of administering and managing this scheme. You may withdraw your consent to the retention of the information relating to your application at any point by sending an email to



Corcadorca – a legacy of theatre at local, national and international level

A group of people sit in an L shape watching something to the right of the image. There is a logo for Corcadorca in bottom right hand corner.

It is with much sadness we learned that Corcadorca Theatre is to close after playing such an integral part of Cork’s cultural landscape for over three decades. Pat Kiernan and his team leave an important legacy of theatre at local, national and international levels and we wish them the very best for the future.

We are proud of our longstanding and groundbreaking partnership with Corcadorca with the Triskel being home to its Theatre Development Centre.

It has always been our mission to partner with like minded organisations like Corcadorca as we work to create a positive impact on audiences, artists and arts practitioners. Corcadorca will be sorely missed by us, by everyone in the artistic world and the many audiences who were lucky to experience one of their performances.

Cork International Film Festival at Triskel

Marketing poster for Cork International Film Festival 2022

Cork International Film Festival, Ireland’s first and largest film festival, returns to the big screen for its 67th edition in cinemas in Cork over 11 packed days, from Thursday 10 to Sunday 20 November 2022. CIFF will present an exciting and inspiring programme of the latest and best Irish and international features, docs and shorts, expertly curated for Festival audiences. Its diverse programme also includes strands on climate activism (Green Screen), food and film (Culinary Cinema), film and mental health (Illuminate), cult classics (Guilty Pleasures) and an online programme of Festival highlights.


Tickets are on sale now at or via the myCIFF app (available on Apple iOS and Android).


Triskel is one of the principal venues and we are very much looking forward to being part of this exciting festival once again. Keep reading for all the films showing here during CIFF. Bookings will be via the CIFF website or app.


Fri 11 Nov
2:30pm Dancing Madness
5:30pm Metronom
8:15pm Unicorn Wars

Sat 12 Nov
12.30pm & 2.30pm Cine Concert: A Trip to the Moon
4:30pm Daughters (Döttrar)
8pm Mixtape

Sun 13 Nov
2:30pm Karaoke Paradise (Karaokeparatiisi)
5:30pm Eami
8pm UCC Film artist in Residence Yvonne Mc Deviit

Mon 14 Nov
2:30pm Leonor Will Never Die
5:30pm Matter Out of Place
8:30pm The Wonders

Tue 15 Nov
2pm Wadjda
5:30pm Midwives
8:15pm Game of Truth

Wed 16 Nov
2:30pm Small, Slow but Steady
5:15pm Cesária Évora
8pm National Sculpture Factory

Thur 17 Nov
2pm Black Mambas
4:30pm Hyphen
7pm War of the Buttons

Fri 18 Nov
2.30pm Calendar Girls

Sat 19 Nov
2:30pm A Daughter’s Tribute to Her Father: Souleymane Cissé
5pm The Natural History of Destruction
8pm Rock Bottom Riser

Sun 20 Nov
2:30pm IFI Local Films for Local People

Guinness Cork Jazz Festival 2022 at Triskel

It’s time to start thinking about jazz! And of course we’re talking about the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival which is on the October Bank Holiday Weekend here in Cork.

We’re bringing these artists to Cork for the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival because of repeated requests from Cork Jazz audiences and ECM fans. This weekend will be truly memorable, featuring Irish jazz musicians, legends from the ECM label and Music Network. Triskel will once again be your sanctuary for incredible jazz.

Here’s our line-up!

Tickets are on sale now.

Culture Night 2022

Culture Night is back in person at Triskel Arts Centre and we have so much for you to enjoy. In our foyer, the young people of Foróige Bishopstown and Curraheen Youth Project present their projects from their summer camps as part of the pilot programme for Creative Young Neighbourhoods. In Triskel Christchurch, you can enjoy the Oscar-nominated Song of the Sea, with a soundtrack by Kíla, followed by a tongue-in-cheek romp through trailers from classic and cheesy movies of yesteryear – that one is over 18s only.

You can also visit the offices of the Cork Traveller Women’s Network and watch their animation A Short History of Travellers.

  • 5pm – late: Triskel Foyer – Creative Young Neighbourhoods
  • 5–7pm: Cork Traveller Women’s Network HQ
  • 6:15pm: Triskel Christchurch – Song of the Sea
  • 9.15pm: Triskel Christchurch – VIVAVHS! 18+ Only

All events are free, no booking required. Read more here.

The 43rd Cork Folk Festival – Triskel Line-up

The Cork Folk Festival is always a great festival to be part of and we always thoroughly enjoy meeting the musicians and the audiences over this busy weekend.

This year, we have lots of wonderful musicians joining us:

Tickets are on sale now so get yours before they’re gone!

Triskel is Going Off-Site to Youghal for a World Premiere

St Mary’s Collegiate Church in Youghal is the place to be on Saturday 24 September for the world premiere of “Jubal’s Air” by Kevin Volans. Triskel Arts Centre in association with Youghal 2020 and Living Youghal commissioned this piece to mark the 800th Anniversary of St. Mary’s in 2020. So we’ve only had to wait two extra years to hear it!

Scored for Uilleann Pipes (David Power) and two String Quartets (Contempo Quartet, Ficino Quartet), this remarkable and beautiful composition is by renowned composer Kevin Volans. Internationally renowned conductor David Brophy will lead the live world premiere.

“Jubal’s Air” will be a stunning experience when it is performed live in the beautiful and historic setting of St. Mary’s. The joining together of not one but two string quartets when taken together with the solo virtuosity of David Power’s Uilleann Pipes will be an unforgettable and unique event. “Jubal’s Air” is a new and permanent legacy created especially for this important anniversary in Youghal, and will itself be added as a notable event in the history of the Church.

Tickets from €8 are on sale via Living Youghal. Read more here and buy tickets here.

ANNOUNCED: Pretty Happy To Perform at Triskel

Earlier this year, we announced that Abbey Blake of art-punk band Pretty Happy was the recipient of one of Triskel’s first WRITE RECORD PERFORM Music Residencies for 2022. The plan was to create an audio visual piece that explores the lineage of Cork Post-Punk through the venues of its past.

Since then, Abbey, along with bandmates Arann Blake and Andy Killian, has been working hard writing music, researching the lineage of Cork’s Post-Punk and interviewing people strongly connected to the music and culture associated with these venues. The result of this research and interviews will be a documentary which will be screened here in Triskel on Friday 26 August at 8pm with live musical accompaniment by the band.

This promises to be a very special evening looking at Cork’s innate musical DNA and how an unofficial noisy and rebellious culture has permeated the city for the past thirty years.

Join Pretty Happy for their WRITE RECORD PERFORM concert. Tickets will be on sale at 10am on Wednesday 27 July. Click here to purchase.