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Choosing Your Seat at Triskel

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Triskel in 2022 and have blocked off every second seat to allow for social distancing (the pod situation we tried last summer was not a fun experience for anyone!). So any seat marked with an X is blocked off. If it’s grey, it means it’s already booked.

If you would like to book more than one ticket, simply book the seats you want. If you want e.g. two tickets, then book e.g. A6 and A8 – you’ll be in a pew together and no one else will be able to join you. If you want five tickets, then book e.g. J1, J3, K1, K3 and K5. You’ll have two pews to yourselves.

We hope this is clear for everyone and that you will all feel safe and comfortable when attending at Triskel. If you have any queries, please email us on

WRITE RECORD PERFORM – Triskel Music Residencies

We are delighted to announce WRITE RECORD PERFORM – Triskel Music Residencies.

This Residency Programme is primarily aimed at Professional Musicians, Composers and Songwriters. Collaborative Projects across genres and other media where Music is the “lead” are also welcome.

Triskel Arts Centre is committed to equity and inclusion, and particularly welcomes applications from under-represented musicians, including but not limited to: musicians of colour, musicians with disabilities, Traveller musicians and LGBTQ+ musicians.

Professional artists are people who, although they might not earn income continuously or exclusively from their arts practice, do identify themselves and are recognised by their peers as professional practising artists.

Applications may be from Professional artists who wish to create their own original works, e.g. composers, songwriters, or interpret the works of others, e.g. Classical or Traditional Musicians.

WRITE: Refers to the three-month period where researching, composing, arranging, planning and other activities relating to the Project take place.
RECORD: Refers to the finished Project recorded in a format such as Audio or Audio-Visual media e.g., an album, an online concert, a Digital album, a Visual Album etc.
PERFORM: A Live World Premiere Concert which is held at Triskel Christchurch.

Each Residency provides access to Triskel Arts Centre and the Centre’s Resources over a specified three-month period to develop a Project from writing stage through to recording and Premiere performance which can happen later in 2022 or in 2023.  Access to Triskel Christchurch is available by agreement during all stages of the Project

Triskel are offering 2 Residency Programmes in 2021-2022.  (Triskel are planning further residency programmes, funding permitting, and not only in music, as part of a Policy to support the use of the Arts Centre as a creative resource to artists. These will be announced later in 2022).

Each Residency offers:

  • A Budget of up to €10,000 per Project.
  • Direct access to Triskel Arts Centre for up to 10 days in the three-month period, 2 days per week (Mondays and Tuesdays).
  • Support to manage and market the Project thereafter to completion.
  • In kind Advice and Technical Support where appropriate from the Centre throughout the Project.
  • Use of Triskel Christchurch to Produce a Recording of the Project in 2022 or 2023, either audio-visual or audio.
  • Use of Triskel Christchurch to Rehearse.
  • A World Premiere Live Concert of the Project in 2022 or 2023 in Triskel Christchurch.



  • Applicants must be of professional standard, as recognised by their peers, who are currently living in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Applicants must have a strong track record in composition, performance and/or creation of original work.
  • Applicants must be aged 18 or over.
  • Applications may be from professional artists who wish to create their own original works, e.g. composers or songwriters, or interpret the works of others, e.g. Classical or Traditional Musicians
  • Applications may be from individuals or groups. In the case of groups or ensembles, one applicant is identified as the “lead” applicant. Ensembles or Groups should be mindful of the nature and size of Christchurch as a performance space.
  • Applications can be across artforms so long as the “lead” artform is music.
  • Applicants can apply for one WRITE RECORD PERFORM Residency only.



  • Will be by a panel made up of Triskel & independent Reps who will assess:
  • The Artistic Quality of the Proposal
  • The Track Record of the Applicant
  • The Suitability of the Triskel Venue to the Proposal (See Venue Spec)
  • The feasibility and fairness of the Budget (See Budget Spec)



  • WRITE: 3 consecutive Months in the 2022 Calendar Year
  • RECORD: On dates to be agreed in 2022 or 2023
  • PERFORM: On a date to be agreed in 2022 or 2023



Applications must be made Online via this link.

  • COMPLETE The Online Application Form
  • UPLOAD a Document containing:
  • A Detailed Project Proposal to include:
    • Overall Concept of your Project.
    • Outline: WRITE, RECORD and PERFORM Stages in detail showing actions and outcomes for each stage.
    • Indicate your Preferred Dates for the three stages of the Residency
    • Include a Budget (See Budget Spec)
    • Your CV and the CVs of Collaborators.
  • UPLOAD 3 Recent Examples of your Work, Audio or Video
  • You may also Upload additional documents e.g. reviews, max 3 documents.








  • Triskel Arts Centre will make available CHRISTCHURCH for a maximum of 2 days per week from 10am until 6pm Mondays and Tuesdays, for a block of 12 contiguous weeks not to exceed 3 months in 2022. Further development i.e., the RECORD and PERFORM elements can take place in 2022 or 2023 on dates to be agreed.
  • A Steinway C piano and Triskel backline will be made available where appropriate.
  • Space can be used for development/rehearsals. In this case Triskel Arts Centre can’t provide an ongoing Sound/Lighting engineer but can provide a pre-planned stage setup, and in-house technician to switch on and off or assist with basic equipment setups.
  • Any other specialised requirements or specialised technical assistance will need to be budgeted for e.g., piano tuning, sound engineering, lighting design, etc.
  • Any technical equipment, instruments etc. not already available at Triskel will have to be budgeted for.
  • Public Liability Insurance is covered by the Venue.
  • Hotdesking facilities will be made available during the course of the 3 months WRITE stage if required. Any additional equipment required for hotdesking will need to be budgeted for.
  • Triskel will assist with a MARKETING and PR Plan, and provide existing Marketing Resources e.g., social media, PR etc. Any extra marketing, e.g., commercial advertising, will have to be budgeted for
  • For a current list of Tech Resources and Backline please click here.



  • Fees paid to artists and arts workers must comply with the Arts Council’s “Pay the Artist” Policies.
  • Any technical equipment, instruments etc. not already available at Triskel will have to be budgeted for.
  • Any specialised requirements or specialised technical assistance will need to be budgeted for e.g., piano tuning, sound engineering, lighting design, etc.
  • Any Specialised Marketing or Commercial Advertising will have to be costed and budgeted for.
  • For RECORD and PERFORM elements provide costs associated with these separately e.g., rehearsals, technical, equipment etc.
  • We recommend that you allow 10% of the overall budget for Contingency though this is not a requirement.


Queries relating to the Application should be emailed to



All information submitted as part of your application will be held in line with Triskel Arts Centre’s Data Protection Policy. Information supplied in the application will only be used by Triskel Arts Centre for the purposes of administering and managing this scheme. You may withdraw your consent to the retention of the information relating to your application at any point by sending an email to


Aikaterini Gegisian in conversation with Miguel Amado

We’ve had the privilege of hosting the latest exhibition by Aikaterini Gegisian in Triskel Gallery Space for the last few months. We love exhibitions and we love learning about what goes on behind the scenes, how they come into being so this conversation with Aikaterini and curator Miguel Amado is fascinating as they talk about her practice and her exhibition. You can visit Aikaterini’s exhibition until 9 January 2022 – click here for more.

Onset – on stage at Triskel

Unfortunately this concert has been cancelled. We have contacted all ticketholders and issued refunds. If you have any queries, please email us on

Onset is an exciting new group formed by Pádraig Rynne, Graham Henderson and Davie Ryan and joined by Tara Breen on fiddle, Niall McCabe on vocals/acoustic guitar and Adam Taylor on bass. The group was borne out of the success of Rynne’s 2019 release Conscious and their collective passion for a dynamic approach to traditional music. The music draws from their diverse musical backgrounds and creates a deep and fascinating musical experience with flowing melodies and rhythmic character.

In November 2020 Onset were recipients of the MISP scheme, and over lockdown in 2021 the group set to remotely writing and recording a four track EP, which developed into a unique and fresh sound, ready to hit the road running in the latter half of 2021.

They will embark on their first set of live gigs in Oct/Nov/Dec 2021 where they are sure to wow audiences with their extraordinary level of musicianship through a mix of brand new music, tunes from Padraig Rynne’s 2019 album Conscious, and original songs from Niall McCabe.

Onset will perform at Triskel on Sunday 12 December at 8pm. Tickets are on sale now – click here.

Things to Note when Visiting Triskel

Triskel on Road to Re-opening

We look forward to welcoming audience members back again to Triskel Arts Centre.

As part of our commitment to the continued well-being of our audience members, team members, and in ongoing efforts to assist our community in preventing the spread of COVID-19, we implemented enhanced protocols and procedures you will notice before and during your visit. We continue to monitor all guidelines and will update and revise below accordingly.

We are committed to the Health & Safety of our staff and audiences. And we are operating under the agreed protocols described under “Guidance documents for the Safe Operations of Cinemas during COVID-19 Resilience and Recovery 2020-2021”, a copy of which can be found here.


Opening Hours

  • Triskel Gallery Space is open Wednesday–Sunday 11am–6pm.
  • Triskel Cafe is open Thursday & Sunday 11am–6pm; Friday & Saturday 11am–7.30pm.
  • Triskel Cinema is back – please visit the Cinema page for details of upcoming screenings.
  • There will not be a physical Box Office at the venue and you will not be able to purchase, collect or check tickets at the venue. If you have any queries, please email TriskelBoxOffice[@]TriskelArtsCentre[.]ie


Before your visit

Please note we ask that you do not visit Triskel if you:

  • are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or are feeling unwell.
  • are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test.
  • are self-isolating or restricting your movements.
  • have been diagnosed with confirmed COVID-19 infection in the last 10 days.
  • are a close contact of a person who is a confirmed case COVID-19 in the past 14 days (i.e. less than 2m for more than 15 minutes).
  • have been advised by a doctor to isolate or cocoon.
  • have returned from international travel and are not in compliance with government guidance.



  • We are frequently cleaning and disinfecting throughout the building, particularly of high-touch point areas.
  • Additional training and PPE have been provided for all employees.
  • Additional hand sanitiser dispensers are placed at key points throughout the building.
  • Additional signage to promote hand washing and best hygiene practices has been posted throughout the building
  • We “fog” sanitise the building prior to events.


Booking tickets

  • Booking is not required to visit Triskel Gallery Space although we will ask you to leave your details for contract tracing purposes.
  • Online booking in advance is required for all audience members attending Triskel Cinema and Triskel Music events to ensure safe and comfortable capacity and limited contact admissions. You will not be able to purchase tickets at the venue. We do not charge booking fees.
  • You will find the link to your e-ticket in your purchase confirmation email. You will need to show this e-ticket when you arrive. Alternatively, you can print the e-ticket at home and bring that.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Patrons will need to be immune (fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 within the previous 6 months) or accompanied minors (under 18), in line with sectoral guidance. Patrons must present their EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE and photo ID (on their phone if possible) upon entry to the venue and will be asked to wear a mask during the performance.
  • If you have any queries, please email TriskelBoxOffice[@]TriskelArtsCentre[.]ie


Arriving at Triskel

  • Entry for Triskel Gallery Space is on Tobin Street. We will ask you to leave your details for contract tracing purposes at our Box Office. Then go up the main stairs, turn to your left and the Gallery Space is at the end of the hall.
  • Entry for Triskel Cinema and Triskel Music events is on Tobin Street. Doors will open 15 minutes ahead of the screening/show time. Please arrive with enough time to get through the entry process and reach your seat.
  • Please note all performances in Triskel Christchurch begin at their stated time. Latecomers may not be admitted.
  • Patrons must present their EU DIGITAL COVID CERTIFICATE and photo ID (on their phone if possible) upon entry to the venue.
  • YOU MUST wear a face covering while in Triskel, including during screenings/performances. Triskel Arts Centre reserves the right to refuse admission to the venue where we believe the Health and Safety of Patrons, Artists or Staff is being compromised.
  • Please have your e-ticket open on your phone so that it may be scanned by a member of staff. Or, if you choose to print the ticket at home, please show that.
  • Only food and beverages purchased on the premises may be consumed on the premises.
  • You must remain in your allocated seat throughout the screening/performance.
  • We may ask you to allow us to check your temperature. If your temperature is above 37.5˚C, you will not be admitted to the Gallery Space or Triskel Christchurch. We will refund your ticket in this case.


Social distancing and queues

  • We are promoting a one-way experience that reinforces social distancing guidelines.
  • You are reminded by signage to ensure you are socially distanced from others while in Triskel.
  • We will endeavour to keep queues as short as possible.
  • A maximum of four (4) people are permitted in Triskel Gallery Space at any one time.



  • As an Historic building, Christchurch does not have a Mechanical Ventilation System. Triskel has instead developed a Ventilation Plan – which is on display at the entrance to the venue. The purpose of the Plan is to strike a balance between the comfort of everyone in Christchurch and the need to ensure that there is adequate fresh air circulating in the Church.
  • Triskel has 3 Air Purifiers located in the Upper Gallery, and 2 Co2 Meters located in the Church. By combining fresh air with purification and measuring air quality, we have done what we can to ensure the church is sanitised and ventilated.


Contract tracing

To help to ensure a safe controlled environment for our audiences, Triskel will be adhering to all Government Guidelines and visitors to our Gallery Space will be required to supply details for contact tracing purposes on entry. Anyone attending Triskel Cinema or music events in Triskel Christchurch will leave their details when purchasing tickets online and will not be required to do so again upon attending at Triskel.

During the registration process, you will be asked for certain mandatory contact information. In the event of an outbreak of COVID-19 in Triskel, Triskel is obliged, under HSE guidelines, to share the following information with the HSE for contact tracing purposes:

  • your name
  • the number of guests in your party
  • a telephone number
  • the date of your visit

This information may be shared with the HSE for up to 30 days following your visit. Please note that no other information will be shared by Triskel with the HSE.



  • Use of the lift/elevator will be limited to one person only (and a carer).



  • The maximum number per bathroom is 4 people in the ladies’, 2 people in the men’s and 1 person in the accessible toilet, and therefore queueing at busy times may be necessary. Apologies in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause.


What can you do to help us promote a healthy environment?

We are doing all we can to promote a healthy environment, and in doing so, we also rely on you to keep recommended self-care in mind for your safety and the safety of others. Throughout your experience, please be mindful of current Government and HSE guidelines as well as public health recommendations:

  • If you or a member of your party has a temperature or is feeling unwell, please visit us another time. We will refund your order up to 48 hours before the event date.
  • Wash your hands often, using soap and water, for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • Help us promote social distancing by remaining at least two metres away from others who are not part of your party and do not shake hands or hug.
  • Please keep your party together to help maintain social distancing with other audience members.
  • If you must cough or sneeze, please do so into your elbow, not into your hand or into the air.
  • The wearing of face coverings is required while in an enclosed space as per the Government guidelines.


Our staff are here to assist you with a safe journey through the building. We look forward to seeing you all again.

Phil Ware Tribute Concert

In just under a month, there will be a very special concert of Irish jazz stars in support of pianist and Triskel favourite Phil Ware.

Pianist Phil Ware suffered a stroke in 2020, which left him facing a challenging rehabilitation. To support Phil’s rehab, some of Ireland’s leading jazz stars will gather for a unique and unmissable night of music. The proceeds of the concert will go towards supporting Phil’s ongoing rehab.

A Night for Phil will feature the members of Ware’s long standing trio, bassist Dave Redmond and drummer Kevin Brady, alongside some of Phil’s closest musical associates, including vocalist Honor Heffernan, saxophonist Richie Buckley and guitarist Hugh Buckley. Also paying their respects will be two of Cork’s leading jazz musicians, trombonist Paul Dunlea and pianist Cormac McCarthy.

The concert is on Saturday 11 December at 8pm and tickets are on sale now via EventBrite – click here.

Kindly sponsored by The Montenotte Hotel, who will provide accommodation for the visiting musicians.

It’s Still Not Pretty

Artist Sarah Jayne Booth and members of the r. a. g. e. collective present It’s still not pretty – a two-part visual art exhibition in association with Domestic Violence Network Cork. The exhibitions are part of ’16 Days of Action Against Gender Based Violence’, an annual international awareness campaign to combat violence against women.

The Domestic Violence Network Cork is an advocacy group comprising non-governmental, community-led and statutory organisations that share information and expertise to work collaboratively for the betterment of their clients. Acknowledging that 2021 was a challenging year for their service users, Deborah O’Flynn from OSSCork highlighted “the necessity of ‘locking down’ society in order to protect our population from potential Covid-19 infection created, unfortunately, a perfect environment for perpetrators to exert even greater control over their current and former partners”. Despite the ‘Still Here’ Government initiative, incidences of violence and ongoing coercive control increased in 2021. As a result, most agencies have experienced a surge in the demand for their support services even as stay at home measures have eased.

The campaign is an opportunity to raise awareness of the necessity of zero tolerance to domestic violence. This year Cork Domestic Violence Network has invited artist Sarah Jayne Booth, in collaboration with r. a. g. e. feminist collective, to mark the campaign with an exhibition that reflects the experience of domestic violence victims and brings attention to the many barriers they face in securing their safety.

The exhibitions run from 25 November to 10 December 2021 with an installation by Sarah Jayne Booth and soundscape by Dr Honor Tuohy and a window display at Cork City Council Civic Offices available to view anytime from outside the main entrance.

European Arthouse Cinema Day

On Sunday 14 November 2021, the sixth European Arthouse Cinema Day will take place in cinemas all around the world. Over 600 cinemas in more than 40 countries have participated each year since 2016. The CICAE and Europa Cinemas team up again to celebrate the engagement of movie theatres in favour for a European living cultural diversity through very rich and exclusive programs.

To celebrate European cinema in Triskel Cinema, we’re showing Last Year in Marienbad, a French classic that is celebrating its 60th anniversary. This unconventional French drama has been called “Profoundly mysterious and disturbing” will have two screenings here, at 2.15pm and 5pm.

Tickets are on sale now. 

Jack O’Rourke Launches Album Recorded at Triskel

Jack O’Rourke‘s Wild Things album launch show will be a special one for Triskel as Jack recorded this album here at Triskel during lockdown. Jack was one of our first musical acts to perform after the first lockdown, when he performed to a limited audience. This time, we’ll delighted a few more people will get to hear his wonderful music. This concert sold out in record time! But you can still get his album 😉

The Kevin Brady Electric Quartet Brings Contemporary Jazz to Triskel

We’re delighted to welcome The Kevin Brady Electric Quartet to Triskel on Friday 3 December.

This quartet has a clear aim of creating and producing new contemporary jazz and the impact of this has been immediate. Their performances have been critically acclaimed for their dynamism and musicality. Touring regularly, they have consolidated their worldwide reputation as a compelling live act. As quoted by The Telegraph UK “This group display an enviable poise and togetherness”, winning the appreciation of discerning jazz audiences in the USA, Europe, UK, China. Their music embraces imaginative creativity and contributes to the evolution of exciting and engaging improvised music.

Tickets are on sale now. 

Finghin Collins Wanderer Tour

In the spirit of a cultural adventurer, Finghin Collins, pianist and classical music dynamo, embarks on his national Wanderer Tour this winter. The tour spans three weeks from 13 November to 5 December. Triskel are honoured to welcome Finghin here for the penultimate concert in his tour on Saturday 4 December.

Speaking about the tour, Finghin Collins said:

“I’m delighted, after months of inactivity during the pandemic, to take to the road again and perform for Irish communities in wonderful locations around Ireland. I was inspired to name my tour after Schubert’s Wanderer Fantasie, the composer’s most virtuosic piano work, and a pillar of this programme. I can’t think of a better way to nurture well-being than through live music performance and I hope my Wanderer recitals bring people joy.”

Finghin has chosen four beautiful compositions for his core programme:

Schubert Wanderer Fantasie, a four-movement fantasy for solo piano, considered to be Schubert’s most technically demanding work for the instrument. Bach English Suite No 3 in G minor, one of a suite of six dances which Bach “composed for music lovers, to refresh their spirits”. Liszt Harmonies du Soir, a sumptuous palette of sound, depicting the arrival of evening. Chopin Scherzo No. 2, with its gorgeous rich melody, is one of the composer’s best loved works for solo piano.

As well as these pillar compositions, shorter pieces by a diverse range of composers will fill out the concert programme. These include a selection of pieces from the Ros Tapestry Suite, as well as from Musical Moments from Morning to Night, which he performed for the opening of the 2021 inaugural Dublin International Chamber Music Festival. Composers featured include Amy Beach, Béla Bartók, Clara and Robert Schumann, Claude Debussy, Eric Sweeney, Elaine Agnew and more.

Tickets are on sale now.

Quiet Lights at Triskel

Quiet Lights is a unique festival celebrating all that is traditional and folk music in Ireland. This year, as part of the festival, we’re welcoming Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh, Kate Ellis & Caimin Gilmore on Friday 19 November, and multi-instrumentalist Cormac McCarthy with Irish sean-nós singer Nell Ní Chróinín on Saturday 20 November.

Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh makes music on a 10-string fiddle called the hardanger d’amore. He has performed on some of the most beautiful stages in the world, including the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Albert Hall and the Carnegie Hall. He has made eighteen recordings to date, ranging from quite traditional to fairly out there, and continues to explore the region where traditional music begins to disintegrate.

Cellist Kate Ellis is dedicated to the performance and exploration of all things with the shiny label of new music. Kate is the Artistic Director of Crash Ensemble, and is often seen playing with the musicians of Yurodny, TRE trio and Fovea Hex.

Caimin Gilmore is a member of Crash Ensemble, s t a r g a z e and plays regularly with, the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland and Ulster Orchestra.

Cormac McCarthy is a pianist, composer and arranger from Cork, Ireland. Noted for a diverse stylistic palette, and equally at home in a variety of genres, his music is said to “defy categorisation” (Lyric FM).

Nell Ní Chróinín hails from the Irish speaking Múscraí Gaeltacht of West Cork. This area is historically linked with a strong heritage of song and music. Nell was exposed to these local traditions of the area from a very young age. She began singing at the age of 11 under a local singing scheme Aisling Gheal, whose aim is to preserve local songs by teaching them to the younger generation, thus ensuring their preservation. She has enjoyed success in her singing career to date. Her achievements include several underage singing medals and titles from various Irish festival competitions as prestigious as the Oireachas na Gaeilge and The Fleadh Ceoil.


Tickets are now on sale for these concerts – click here.