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Summer Saturdays at Triskel Christchurch

The 6 Summertime Concerts Series is back at Triskel Arts Centre with a programme of lunchtime recitals. Starting on Saturday 17 July in Triskel Christchurch, the series features a wide repertoire of jazz, classical and improvised music from contemporary Irish artists. Tickets €12/€10 are on sale now. Pre-booking is essential.

Cellist Aoife Burke, curator of the series, said, ‘I’m delighted to be part of this line-up of wonderful musicians and to have the chance to play myself in the beautiful surrounds of Triskel Christchurch. Given the high level of artistry of each of the performers involved, I am convinced the people of Cork will thoroughly enjoy these lunchtime recitals.’ On Saturday 7 August, Burke, accompanied by Alexander Bernstein on piano, presents a programme of staple cello and piano repertoire, comprising the last of Beethoven’s five cello sonatas and Rachmaninoff’s mystic and passionate work for the same combination.

Matthew Berrill and Mike Nielsen will present the first concert of the series on Saturday 17 July at 1pm with a programme of new music and old favourites, all the while sharing a love of communication, spontaneity and fun. Drawing inspiration from jazz as well as the traditional Irish genre, this duo has creativity at its core, resulting in original sound worlds which are rooted in strong melodies and facilitate endless improvisatory possibilities.

The second recital in the series on Saturday 24 July at 1pm sees violinist Maria Ryan and pianist Gabriela Mayer join forces to present a varied programme of Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th-Century duo works. Pianist Fiachra Garvey presents an all-Rachmaninoff solo piano recital for the third concert on Saturday 31 July.

The penultimate concert in the series will present two inimitable and formidable jazz musicians, Corkonians Paul Dunlea and Cormac McCarthy, joining forces on Saturday 14 August in a set to include both standards and original compositions.

The Hifilutin Flute Quartet will give the final concert of the Summertime Concert Series on Saturday 28 August, showcasing the flute, alto flute, bass flute, contrabass flute and piccolo. They present a selection from their very wide-ranging and varied repertoire which is guaranteed to delight. From medieval to modern music, from classical works to the unexpected, from arrangements of orchestral and opera favourites to musicals and original compositions, the ensemble demonstrates the full versatility of the flute family.

The 6 Summertime Concerts are on Saturdays at 1pm from 17 July in Triskel Christchurch. Tickets are €12/€10 and pre-booking is essential. Book online or phone Triskel Box Office on 021-4272022.

Remote Box Office opening hours:

  • Thursday–Saturday 10am–12pm & 2–4pm
  • Sunday 10am–12pm

Triskel Gets To Know … Amanda Rice


Artist Amanda Rice was born in Ireland and is currently based in London. Her latest exhibition, Material and Immaterial Worlds, is open in Triskel Gallery Space until 12 September. We got to know her a bit better.

Who is your hero? At the moment Palestinian activists Muna and Mohammed El-Kurd.

If you could exhibit your work anywhere, where would it be? I would love to exhibit in Mexico or Cuba – as these are countries I’ve never been to and have always wanted to travel to. Having a show there would be an excellent excuse to go.

What is your favourite thing about your career? It’s never monotonous or the same, the consistently changing nature of what I’m doing always keeps me interested and engaged.

What motivates you to work hard? I get energy from collaborating with different practitioners on projects. Seeing them do well in their practice, and someone enjoying something I’ve created motivates me as well.

What makes you laugh the most? Anyone with a dry sense of humour. I’ve only just discovered the show Parks and Recreation, that too makes me howl.

What would you sing at a Karaoke night? Usually some terrible power ballad like ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’ by Foreigner, I think I’ve done that quite a bit as it’s so dramatic.

What superpower would you love to have? Why? The ability to teleport. There’s just been so many people throughout the pandemic that I’ve really missed hanging out with; teleportation would have been handy.

Name two pet peeves. I’m a pedant about noise in libraries, even only slightly disturbing noise. I can’t bare it. Poor driving etiquette – people who don’t indicate. Or just rude or aggressive drivers in general.

What three things would you take with you to a desert island? A sound system with music, a barbeque and sunscreen – because I burn like hell!

If you ruled your own country, what would be the first law you would introduce? There’s a few. Affordable housing for all, ending homelessness, free education and healthcare.


Visit Material and Immaterial Worlds in Triskel Gallery Space, Thursday-Sunday, 11am-6pm. No booking required.

Triskel Gets To Know … Katelynn Cremin

Still of Katelynn Cremin from Future Crimes

Katelynn Cremin is one of the young filmmakers involved in Future Crimes, which we will broadcast as part of this year’s Cruinniú na nÓg on Saturday 12 June 2021. We got to know her a little better.

Name your top 3 inspirations in the film world e.g. directors, screenwriters, etc.

  • Tina Fey (Screenwriter/ Actress) – she is inspirational as she shows that women can be funny and eloquent. She also challenges norms in the film industry, such as her going to court to lower the age restrictive rating on the movie by highlighting the inequalities between her film and male counterpart movies (Anchorman).
  • Anne Hathaway (Actress) – her passion for acting shines through all her works. She goes to great depths to properly relate to each of her characters, hence making her characters more believable.
  • Tim Burton (Director) – his approach to films is very distinct and unique. He has established himself in such a way that his style is iconic in itself. This showed me that you don’t need to follow the crowd to be great.


What are your top 3 films of all time?

  • Mulan – this movie at its core was about female empowerment something which I am very passionate about. It challenges social stereotypes that women are weak while showing how they are equal to men. It also shows the difference of treatment of others towards her when they discover her true identity.
  • Strictly Ballroom – this movie (which was directed by Baz Luhrmann) explores the trope of when the nerdy girl gets the guy. Luhrmann puts focus on both their difficult family backgrounds which both help and hinder the characters in their quest to become better dancers and individuals. This falls into one of my favourites as it is my favourite genre of movie (Romantic-Comedy) and incorporates a pastime of mine (dancing).
  • Mamma Mia! this is a household movie musical classic. It is an overall feel-good movie complemented by an amazing soundtrack. It uses ABBA’s music in a way that made sense with the movie plotline.


What three things would you take to a desert island?

  • Knife –  this could be used for protection, but also for hunting.
  • Box of Matches – for a fire to ensure that I don’t die of hypothermia.
  • Satellite Phone – this is a phone that can be used anywhere as long as there is a clear line from the antenna to the sky.


What are your pet peeves? My biggest pet peeve is slow Wi-Fi. Like many others have discovered over the last year and a half, slow internet is an annoyance. When I was doing online school it became an issue during virtual live classes. The worst part about it is that I cannot do anything to help or fix it.

If you were a superhero, what powers would you have? I would love to have the power of telepathy, as if you are able to read minds you can create a counter-attack and quick, effective defense.

Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life? I like to think that Natalia Dyer would be most suited to play me based on physical attributes and I loved her acting in Stranger Things.

Do you collect anything? No, I don’t.

Who was your favourite teacher in school and why? My favourite teacher in school would have to be my business teacher. He is relaxed and can have a laugh with me and my class. While having fun, we still get all our schoolwork done and he doesn’t give us much homework.

Are you a clean or messy person? I like to describe my organizational system as organised chaos. To the outside viewer, it seems unruly and messy but I understand where everything is. I sometimes justify my mess as part of my creative process.

If you ruled your own country, what would be the first law you would introduce? The first law I would pass (apart from the obvious ban on murder and assault) would be an equality act that states that every citizen regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, religious background, etc. will be treated equally and fairly.

Future Crimes will be available to watch on Triskel’s YouTube channel from 2pm on Saturday 12 June.


Open call for RESONATE: Music Network Artist Residencies

Open call for RESONATE: Music Network Artist Residencies

Music Network is inviting professional musicians with a strong track record in music performance to apply for one of six new artist residencies presented in partnership with glór (Ennis), Ionad Cultúrtha (Baile Mhúirne), The National Opera House (Wexford), Triskel Arts Centre (Cork City), The Dock (Carrick-on-Shannon) and Regional Cultural Centre (Letterkenny).

Each of the six RESONATE residencies will provide a grant of €6,000 – €10,000 to enable musicians to devote time to the creation of new work and to facilitate new creative partnerships. The programme also provides opportunities to engage audiences by showcasing and performing new material during a live concert performance and on digital platforms.

Individual musicians with a strong track record in music performance, who are currently living in the Republic of Ireland, are invited to apply. Applications are welcome from musicians performing in a range of genres either as solo artists or on behalf of existing groups or new collaborations. Cross-genre and cross-art form collaborations (with music as a core element) are also welcome.

Music Network is committed to equity and inclusion, and particularly welcomes applications from under-represented musicians, including but not limited to musicians of colour, musicians with disabilities, Traveller musicians and LGBTQ+ musicians.

Information webinar Music Network will present a webinar on the RESONATE programme with a Q&A session on Tuesday 8 June at 11 am. Musicians wishing to attend this webinar can book a place here. Advance registration is essential. A recording of the webinar will also be made available on Music Network’s website and social media channels from Wednesday 9 June.

Guidelines & further information Please ensure that you download and follow the detailed information in the Guidelines document before applying.

Deadline for applications Completed applications must be submitted by 2 pm, Thursday 24 June 2021.

Apply now   

Further information For further enquiries please contact Andreas Ziemons at Music Network on or 01 475 0224.

Triskel Gets To Know … Lorraine Nash

Lorraine Nash

Newcomer Lorraine Nash is a multi-instrumentalist that has become one of the most played female artists on Irish radio. We’re excited for her concert online from Triskel on Friday 4 June at 8pm and wanted to get to know this talented musician a bit more.

Who is your hero? Musically, I would have to say Joni Mitchell.

What would you sing on a Karaoke night? ‘Islands in the Stream’ if I can find someone willing to duet with me.

What are your pet peeves? For some reason, I am extremely bothered when people don’t fully shut the door on the way out of a room.

What is your favourite hobby? Aside from music, reading is how I would spend most of my free time.

What motivates you to work hard? For me, I think seeing people enjoy something I’ve created or been involved in is a huge motivator.

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be? Since I’ve come to terms with the fact that most of the music I make ends up sounding country, Nashville would be the dream.

What three things would you take with you to a desert island? Assuming I already have a way to feed myself, I would bring my favourite book, my guitar and something to write with so I could get on with writing the next album while I await my rescue!

What/who makes you laugh the most? I’d have to say my boyfriend or he wouldn’t be too happy with me.

What is your favourite thing about your career? What I enjoy most out of everything I do is probably the songwriting process.

If you had a choice, who would you collaborate with? Since I’ve already called her my hero I’d have to say Joni Mitchell once again.

Get your tickets to Lorraine Nash’s concert now!

Triskel Gets To Know … Cat Dowling

Did you know that music by Cat Dowling has featured on multiple tv shows? Check out Banshee, Witches of East End and How to Get Away with Murder with Emmy-winning actress Viola Davis. We wanted to know more about this versatile musician ahead of her gig here this Friday. And yes, we want to be on that desert island with her too!

Who is your hero? Traditionally I had many but today my hero is found among the ordinary people who quietly make things happen without any fanfare and the ones who deliver random unexpected gifts of kindness without even being heard.

What are your pet peeves? People driving slow in the fast lane.

What/who makes you laugh the most? I have a weird sense of humour so anyone who thinks outside the box makes me laugh. My kids crack me up. Laughing is everything.

What would you sing on a Karaoke night? Blondie ‘Heart of Glass’

What motivates you to work hard? Passion and a love for what I’m doing and a need to give the best I am and have. I inherited a competitive gene from my father.

If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be? Glastonbury.

If you weren’t in the music industry, what would your dream job be? Music is my greatest passion – I can’t even begin to imagine life without her. Life would be dark without music.

Who inspired you to be in the music industry? A nun called Una. She booked me for my first gig in Benildus Church in Waterford when I was 8 to sing front of a packed church. The seed was sown.

What is your favourite hobby? Swimming in the sea and getting lost in the hills. I’m an adrenaline junkie and love travelling off the beaten track and high octane adventures.

What three things would you take with you to a desert island? My gibson J50 rosewood, a grand piano and a ghetto blaster.

Cat Dowling will perform online from Triskel on Friday 28 May at 8pm. She’ll be joined by Gerry Horan and Marja Gaynor and you can get your tickets here.

Welcoming Singer-Songwriters Behind Closed Doors

Cat Dowling and Lorraine Nash Online from Triskel

Cat Dowling and Lorraine Nash are two exciting additions to Triskel’s Behind Closed Doors concert series. Dowling will perform on Friday 28 May at 8pm while Lorraine Nash will be online from Triskel on Friday 4 June. Tickets are on sale from 10am on Thursday 6 May.

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Cat Dowling and Lorraine Nash to Triskel,” commented Tony Sheehan, Triskel’s Artistic Director. “Cat is a well established performer whose voice has been lauded as one of the most wonderful and evocative in Irish contemporary music, while newcomer Lorraine has quickly become one of the most played female artists on Irish radio. These concerts will be very special.”

Dowling will be joined by Gerry Horan, a composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist whose career in music spans twenty years, and Marje Gaynor, a Cork-based violinist and viola player who specialises in Baroque music and plays with various Irish and European ensembles.

 Tickets for each concert are €10 per household – get yours now for Cat Dowling and Lorraine Nash.

Triskel Gets To Know … Adrian Mantu

Adrian Mantu, cellist with the ConTempo Quartet

Did you know that Adrian Mantu, cellist with the long-established ConTempo Quartet, recorded music of Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks’ Band of Brothers? We wanted to know more!

Who is your hero? The unsung icebreakers, throughout the human kind history

If you could perform anywhere, where would it be? Besides Triskel 😉 anywhere there is 1+ person in the audience

What is your favourite thing about your career? Interacting with diverse artists & cultures

What motivates you to work hard? Injustice & past memories of my father

What makes you laugh the most? Teasing friends before a concert

What would you sing at a Karaoke night? Creep & La Donna è mobile

Would you rather win the Lotto or work at the perfect job? Why? Both: Winning the Lotto (actually the local village lotto 🙂 will give me the chance to fund & restart the RTÉ String Quartet Residency program. I’ve been working at the most imperfect perfect job since joining the ConTempo Quartet in 1995.

List two pet peeves Ambiguity & people’s wishes to start my rehearsals in time 😉

What three things would you take with you to a desert island? A knife, my cello & Murphy’s Laws book

If you ruled your own country, what would be the first law you would introduce? Actually there will be three:

  • compulsory 3rd level education free of charge for everyone,
  • implementing a new payment system based on credits and
  • the abolishment of the monetary system!

I know, it sounds like total anarchy so I believe  I should stick with the …. music 🎶😇

Adrian will perform with the ConTempo Quartet online from Triskel on Friday 23 April at 8pm. Don’t miss out on the finale of our Spring Quartets series in association with the National String Quartet Foundation. Get your tickets now!

Triskel Presents … The Films of Gregory Kohn

Gregory Kohn, an American director whose low-key character studies can be disarmingly simple and immensely effective

Our Triskel Recommends … series was so popular last year that we decided to bring you Triskel Presents …, which will be a mixture of independent features and short films which can be rented from our Triskel On Demand Service, as well as a series of visual essays produced by our head of cinema Chris O’Neill, which will be available to view for free on the Triskel YouTube Channel and Vimeo Channel.

The first films in the series are by Gregory Kohn, an American director whose low-key character studies can be disarmingly simple and immensely effective.

11 April – 11 May Northeast

18 April – 18 May Come Down Molly

25 April – 25 May Good People

Thanks to filmmaker and programmer Maximilian Le Cain for writing an insightful article on Kohn’s films – you can read it here.

The films will be available on demand for 30 days worldwide. Once you rent, you have 72 hours to watch.

Triskel Gets to Know … Maria Ryan

Maria Ryan, violinist with the Banbha Quartet

Award-winning Irish violinist Maria Ryan is currently based in Kilkenny after nearly a decade spent in London. And we’re glad she’s back and able to come to Triskel to perform! We got to know her ahead of her concert with the Banbha Quartet.

Who is your hero? My mother is definitely my hero! She is the most amazing person. Kind, wise, caring, selfless, and has a great sense of humour and positive outlook! She is so supportive of me and my career, I’d be lost without her.

If you could perform anywhere, where would it be? These days getting to perform anywhere at all is such a treat. I think performing great music with great musicians to an appreciative audience makes any venue the best place to be at that moment. I have very fond memories of such concerts in Konzerthaus Berlin, a theatre in Buenos Aires and a small intimate concert hall in a converted barn in a village in France!

What is your favourite thing about your career? I get to do what I LOVE. I get to play incredible music with fantastic musicians. I suppose my real favourite thing is playing WITH other musicians in front of an audience. It’s just the best thing ever! And I cannot wait to have a real live audience again!!! Saying hello after the concert, having a moment of total quiet before you play, it’s all about interaction, between musicians, and with the audience.

What motivates you to work hard? I practice to try to make the music I play as beautiful and true to itself as possible. To bring the music on the page to life!

What makes you laugh the most? Ooh that’s a hard one! I laugh a lot!! At the moment, my kids’ stories and antics make me laugh lots!!

What would you sing at a Karaoke night? I haven’t sung lots of Karaoke, but I do remember a night on tour in China, where Karaoke is huge, singing ‘I will Survive’! Not a bad one!!

Would you rather win the Lotto or work at the perfect job? Why? I am incredibly lucky to be doing a job I love, so I’d love to win the lotto and still do my work but not have to think about money! Wouldn’t that be amazing?! Maybe have a chamber music series that tours Ireland but the rehearsals are in a fabulous French chateau with a vineyard and pool that I buy with the lotto winnings?

List two pet peeves People not saying please and thank you, and cake sold in some coffee shops that is not fresh.

What three things would you take with you to a desert island? My children, my violin, and an ice cream machine – Bliss!

If you ruled your own country, what would be the first law you would introduce? I’m not a politician so I might try to lighten the mood. Everyone should have a garden and trampoline! Being outside is great for your health, well-being and mood. If you add a trampoline to that – well, I challenge anyone to go on a trampoline and not end up laughing at yourself at some point!!

Maria will perform with the Banbha Quartet on Friday 9 April at 8pm, as part of the Spring Quartets series, in association with the National String Quartet Foundation. Tickets just €10! Get yours now!

Triskel Gets To Know … Aoife Burke

Aoife Burke, cellist, online from Triskel

Aoife Burke has performed at Triskel many times, curated several chamber music series and it’s safe to say we’ve gotten to know her pretty well but we still wanted to know more!

Who is your hero? At the moment, it’s Jacinda Ardern.

If you could perform anywhere, where would it be? I’d love to go to South America some time – to play in the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, for example, would be amazing.

What is your favourite thing about your career? The escapism which comes from a sense of flow or from being “in the zone”.

What motivates you to work hard? I find the process of learning a musical work from scratch extremely rewarding and motivating in itself.

What makes you laugh the most? Catherine O’Hara (or Moira Rose) in Schitt’s Creek. Or more accurately, my mother trying to impersonate her.

What would you sing at a Karaoke night? Ehm…it would be unlikely anyone would manage to get me up on the stage!

Would you rather win the Lotto or work at the perfect job? Why? I love my current job, but I suppose winning the Lotto would afford me the financial freedom to continue doing it without the precariousness and uncertainty associated with freelancing in the arts.

List two pet peeves Single-use plastic and food wastage

What three things would you take with you to a desert island? Sun cream, my cello and a book

If you ruled your own country, what would be the first law you would introduce? I would legislate for free education, healthcare and childcare for everyone. And affordable housing and rent caps, while I was at it …

Aoife will perform with the Banbha Quartet on Friday 9 April in the first concert in the Spring Quartets series in association with the National String Quartet Foundation. Get your tickets now!


Triskel Gets to Know … Geraldine O’Doherty

Geraldine O'Doherty, harpist

Geraldine O’Doherty’s chamber music ventures focus on expanding the repertoire for concert harp, so far resulting in premieres by Gareth Sholdice, Linda Buckley, John Buckley, Eric Sweeney, Philip Martin, James Wilson and Anslem McDonnell amongst others. We got to know her ahead of her performance with the Mozart Festival in April.

Who is your hero? My Mother, Moya. Her passion for playing and teaching music is as strong as ever and she has always had an incredible work ethic. Even with three small children, she was up at 5 or 6am getting her practice done before we woke up. She sets an amazing example by staying so motivated.

If you could perform anywhere, where would it be? In terms of venue, I’ve been lucky enough to play in many fabulous halls but I love, love, love the National Concert Hall here in Dublin. It’s so unique, it has a beautiful natural acoustic and despite its capacity, still feels like an intimate setting to play in. In terms of playing situations, if I could wave a magic wand, I’d materialise in an L.A. recording studio, in a session for a Michael Giacchino soundtrack. What an exciting sound to be surrounded by!

What is your favourite thing about your career? The diversity. We get to play a really broad range of music in the Concert Orchestra, there’s always something to look forward to. I also love teaching, it’s a great feeling when you see students getting into the music and enjoying it.

What motivates you to work hard? Reminding myself that the goal is to give the audience the best experience possible, to hopefully provide some escapism and happiness. Also to do justice to what the composer wrote.

What makes you laugh the most? At the moment, First Dates Ireland is making me laugh a lot. The awkwardness is almost unbearable but it is very entertaining.

What would you sing at a Karaoke night? “On the Street Where you Live”, the My Fair Lady or Nat King Cole version, they’re both magical.

Would you rather win the Lotto or work at the perfect job? Why? Perfect job, I can be lazy and need a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

List two pet peeves Restaurants that play music too loud, I want to hear what my friends and family have to say during dinner! Biting my tongue, I don’t do it often enough when I’m speaking but I have a talent for doing it when I’m eating!

9.What three things would you take with you to a desert island? An axe, so I could build a treehouse and  a harp (vegetation allowing), a wind-up radio in the hopes of tuning into Lyric fm or News at One with Dobbo and…a puppy!

If you ruled your own country, what would be the first law you would introduce? Free music lessons and access to an instruments for every child.

Geraldine will perform in the second concert of the Mozart Festival at Triskel on Saturday 3 April. Get your tickets now!