• Thu 21 June - Sat 22 September
    Cork Textiles Network – 20 Years

    A group exhibition by Cork Textiles Network members to mark their 20th Anniversary. A retrospective look at some of the amazing work produced by members over the past two decades.

  • Thu 5 July - Fri 28 September
    Cliodhna Timoney – Solo Exhibition

    Timoney’s work primarily looks at our relations with materiality and drawing.

  • Thu 4 October - Sun 25 November
    Xenophon: Ubi Tunc Vox Inauditae Melodiae? Et Vox Inauditae Linguae?

    XENOPHON: UBI TUNC VOX INAUDITAE MELODIAE? ET VOX INAUDITAE LINGUAE? is a new sculptural installation diorama by McGibbon O’Lynn

  • Fri 19 October - Sat 22 December
    End User – Tomas Penc

    Like religion in days gone by, science and technology has become the unchallenged supreme deity of the present, penetrating every aspect of contemporary living.

  • Thu 6 December - Mon 28 January
    Aesthetic Distance – Vera Ryklova

    Aesthetic Distance is a photographic exploration of desire and the sense of self within the concept of social and cultural belonging, and it features a series of staged self-portraits by artist Vera Ryklova.