Sunday 23 April - Wednesday 26 April

    Elle (18) Book Tickets


    130 mins – France/Germany 2016 – Subtitles – Dir: Paul Verhoeven
    Starring: Isabelle Huppert, Laurent Lafitte and Anne Consigny

    “Shocking, transgressive, wickedly funny” The Times
    Sunday 23 April - Wednesday 26 April

    Bunch Of Kunst (NC & F_Rated) Book Tickets

    Bunch Of Kunst

    103 mins – Germany 2017 – Documentary – Dir: Christine Franz
    Featuring: Jason Williamson, Andrew Fearn and Steve Underwood

    Screening Exclusively at Triskel Christchurch
    Sunday 30 April - Wednesday 3 May

    A Quiet Passion (12A) Book Tickets

    A Quiet Passion

    126 mins – United Kingdom 2016 – Dir: Terence Davies
    Starring: Cynthia Nixon, Jennifer Ehle and Keith Carradine

    “An absolute drop-dead masterwork” New Yorker
    Sunday 30 April - Wednesday 3 May

    Suntan (NC) Book Tickets


    105 mins – Gre / Ger 2016 – Subtitles – Dir: Argyris Papadimitropoulos
    Starring: Makis Papadimitriou, Eli Tringou and Dimi Hart

    “Confident, unflinching filmmaking” Screen International
    Sunday 7 May - Wednesday 10 May

    The Handmaiden – Director's Cut (18) Book Tickets

    The Handmaiden – Director's Cut

    167 mins – Korea / Japan 2016 – Subtitles – Dir: Park Chan-wook
    Starring: Min-hee Kim, Jung-woo Ha and Jin-woong Jo

    “This is a hugely entertaining thriller” The Guardian
    Sunday 7 May - Wednesday 10 May

    We Are Moving (NC) Book Tickets

    We Are Moving

    65 mins – Ireland 2016 – Documentary – Dir: Claire Dix
    Featuring: Ruth Fleischmann, Colum O’Cleirigh and Michael Blair

    Screening Exclusively at Triskel Christchurch
    Friday 12 May

    Lithuanian Film Night Book Tickets

    Lithuanian Film Night

    Cork Lithuanian Community invites you to a Lithuanian Film Night to view a unique new film EMILIA.


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Triskel Arts Centre is proud to announce its association with The F-Rating initiative. Developed in the Bath Film Festival in 2014, the F-Rating is a new film rating which will highlight those with a strong female voice.

To earn an F-rating, a movie has to answer yes to one of these three questions: does it have a female director, does it have a female writer, or are there significant female characters on screen in their own right? Triskel Arts Centre has voluntarily incorporated this rating.

More information on F-Rating can be found online at Twitter: @F__Rating