Reframing Ageing: The Cinema of Older Women

“Getting older, colour does me good.” – Agnes Varda to The Gentlewoman, 2018

With a burst of ingénue female filmmakers in recent years, the work of older female filmmakers, who were trailblazers in their day, should not be overlooked. The artistic offerings of older filmmakers are rich and multi-faceted, fortified by the wisdom and insight of a long life, as well as skill and talent refined over years of work. In celebration of Positive Ageing Week 2023, the Triskel cinema is delighted to present a programme of work from three female filmmakers – FACES PLACES (Agnès Varda), BOTH SIDES OF THE BLADE (Claire Denis), and THE PARTY (Sally Potter) who were well into their seventh decade or older when they made these films.

This season is guest-curated by Dr. Neasa Fitzpatrick (Specialist Registrar in Geriatric Medicine at Mercy University Hospital, Cork), who will introduce the screening of FACES PLACES.