Clementi – The Piano Sonatas

Following on from the success of her Schubert piano sonata series, Cork-born musician Dr Fionnuala Moynihan returns to Triskel with a new series, this time the music of Muzio Clementi.

“It is both an honour and a privilege to return to the celebrated Triskel Arts Centre to give my third series of classical piano sonatas. This year’s series is incredibly close to my heart and musical soul. Indeed, Clementi has a wonderful association with Ireland in that he was the teacher of Ireland’s own John Field. John Field studied with him in London for several years and toured in Europe with him showcasing Clementi’s compositions and pianos before eventually settling in Russia where he was to influence the Russian school of pianism and many celebrated composers to come such as Chopin and Schumann.

Clementi’s piano sonatas influenced composers far into the romantic period. Beethoven in particular was an admirer of his work. He pushed the possibilities of the piano to the limit and encouraged the performer to cultivate a technique that was imaginative, lyrical, virtuosic and intelligent. In Clementi’s piano sonatas one can hear the beauty of the human voice, the harmony of beautiful string quartets, the drama of opera and the wide range of orchestral language. It is with enthusiasm, love and courage I undertake to give four recitals of this much-loved and cherished composer’s sonatas.

As an artist I constantly strive to develop, to explore and to bring my own ideas to the wonderful music presented to me to perform. It will be an exciting musical journey, one which I hope you will join me on once again. It will also be a great pleasure to invite my brother, flautist Kieran Moynihan to join me for the final Gala night concert to perform a set of three sonatas for flute and piano. Looking forward to beginning this musical journey with you on Saturday 26 January.

Ticket for all 4 shows: €42/32