• Thu 7 November - Sun 17 November
    Cork Film Festival

    Cork Film Festival is coming back 7-17 November 2019!

  • Fri 22 November - Sun 24 November
    Quiet Lights Festival

    Islander presents ‘Quiet Lights’, an exciting new small-scale festival with a big heart, which aims to shine a light on the new wave of Irish folk and traditional talent that are quietly forging new paths, recollecting old tales and making new stories.

  • Fri 6 December
    Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival 2019

    Experimental Film Society is pleased to announce the 2019 Luminous Void Experimental Film Festival (LVEFF). Ireland’s only festival wholly dedicated to experimental cinema has relocated to Cork for its second edition.

  • Wed 1 January - Tue 14 January
    First Fortnight