Sat 26 Oct 2019
8:00pm | €35/32
Sat 26 Oct 2019
8:00pm | €35/32

A stalwart of the ECM record label, composer and multi-instrumentalist John Surman is a key figure in a generation of European jazz musicians who crucially expanded the international horizons of jazz.

In his long career, Surman has won many accolades, most recently, the prestigious Ivor Novello Jazz Award, which recognised his prowess on the baritone saxophone and his body of original works that have extended far beyond the perceived boundaries of the jazz repertoire and are fired by the contrasts of exquisite lyricism, richly textured sound, and intense, full-bodied improvisation.

John Surman is revered internationally for his pioneering approach to composition and collaboration, which includes work with brass ensembles, choirs, string quartets and orchestras. In 2019 Surman celebrates his 75th birthday, and here he is joined by the accomplished Norwegian pianist, Vigleik Storaas.

John Surman – saxophone
Vigleik Storaas – piano

Repertoire includes works by John Surman such as:
‘Counter Measures’
‘Druid’s Circle’
‘Going for a Burton’
‘The Cloud Song’
‘La Calada’

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