Mon 21 Dec - Sun 3 Jan 2020
Mon 21 Dec - Sun 3 Jan 2020

10 mins – Ireland 2017 – Dir: Linda Curtin
Featuring: Oliva Cronin and Siobhan Kelleher

Everything Alive Is In Movement is a short film about the power of the female spirit to transcend and transform the human body. Following four women who have suffered an acquired brain injury, the camera gently forges an intimate relationship between the viewer and the performer over four individual vignettes. Each woman is allowed the space to weave their story through a wordless series of movements, allowing their bodies to sing the siren songs of their past, present and futures. An actress returns to the stage after 26 years, given the freedom to take her final bow at a moment of her choosing. A body twisted from trauma soars gracefully in the clouds, lifted high above her pain into serenity. A singer of songs and teller of stories leaves the noise of land to find a joyous peace underwater. A once fierce warrior reclaims her strength and pride among the battlements.

This is a film about movement. It is a film about pain. It is a film about joy. It is a film about survival. Most of all, it is a film about being alive.

Everything Alive Is In Movement is available to rent for €2.50 and the proceeds will be split between the filmmakers and ourselves. To view, simply click on the ‘Rent Now’ button on this page. The rental period is for 72 hours.

Triskel recommends – the short film edition

During the first lockdown, when Triskel Arts Centre was unable to screen movies as a collective experience and people were staying at home in self-isolation, we decided to highlight quality films which we thought our patrons would enjoy. Each week we mixed movies to rent and movies which were free to view, international and national cinema, and links to streaming sites and content that we curated ourselves. And we’re doing it again! We know the Christmas break isn’t a lockdown but people are still cosying up at home and we wanted to suggest a few short films for you to rent and enjoy. Some were screened at Triskel Cinema, one appeared as part of an exhibition in 2016 and one is a world premiere.

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