Wed 18 Oct 2017
10:00am | €€120 for all four | Promo codes can be applied at checkout
Wed 18 Oct 2017
10:00am | €€120 for all four | Promo codes can be applied at checkout

Exploring Your Creative Voice: Writing Stories

Intensive 4 One-Day-A-Month workshops facilitated by Dr. Hilary Lennon.

Dates: Sat 23 Jan | Sat 20 Feb | Sat 19 Mar | Sat 16 April
Workshop Times: 10am – 4pm (includes a break for lunch).
Fee: €120 for all four workshops.

Suitable for the beginner as well as the more experienced writer, these workshops provide a friendly and fun introduction to creative writing. Meeting once a month, participants are given the opportunity to explore their own creative imagination, and develop their own writing skills. In-class triggering ideas are provided to help this exploration, and participants’ writings are supported through feedback and group discussion at every workshop.

The Saturday workshops’ programme includes the following:

  • An enjoyable and stimulating introduction to writing stories. This includes exploring writing through a variety of fun exercises, and on-going tips and practical advice.
  • Handouts, discussion and advice are provided on writing elements such as: Getting Started; Observation; Character; Setting; Dialogue; Pacing; Plot; Style; Metaphors.
  • Advice and practical exercises on editing your work are worked on in every workshop.
  • Engaging in reading a short literary example each month, and discussing in class the art and appeal of these works of fiction.
  • At-home monthly writing exercises are supported by feedback and group discussion at every workshop.

This course is taught by Dr. Hilary Lennon, School of English, University College Cork. Hilary is a very experienced teacher of creative writing courses and has taught numerous writing workshops for Triskel Arts Centre, Kilkenny Arts Office, and UCC. Several of her beginner participants in 2013, 2014 and 2015’s creative writing workshops made their very successful reading debut at the Cork Work Book Festival each year, reading stories that were worked on in her classes. They have also been very successful in winning writing competitions and in getting published. Some of the participants in these workshops will be given the unique opportunity to read their work at the 2016 Cork World Book Festival in April 2016.

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