Anna Lindh Foundation has launched a new call for participation in “DAWARAK – Exchange Facility”, which offers members of civil society organisations (CSOs) an opportunity to travel to a counterpart organisation in other Euro Mediterranean country for exchange of experience and knowledge and learning by doing in the host organisation.

The progamme intends in its third round to grant a travel opportunity to about 50 actors from the CSOs,  ten of them will be journalists who will participate through the new modality for journalists training “Reporters Across Cultures” whose godfather is Andre Azoulay, the president of Anna Lindh Foundation. The submission of applications to benefit from this training opportunity is now open in Arabic, English and French from the 26th  of June till the 18th of October through DAWRAK website ( ).

DAWRAK is the one of the pioneer programmes in the Euro Med region which facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices between the Arab Mediterranean countries with similar socioeconomic conditions.

This training service form DAWRAK is characterised by its flexibility to be tailored according to the different needs being possible to take one month or one month and half and till three months and form one to two weeks for journalists.

The “Exchange” idea work on two modalities: the Twinning Scheme which offers to an organisation the possibility to send an Exchange Actor (EA) and host another EA; and the Sending Only modality which allow to an Arab organisation to send an EA to be hosted by a counterpart organisation for exchange and training by practice. However, a preference is given to the Twinning specially between two Arab Mediterranean organisations. DAWRAK programme will cover most of the transportation and accommodation costs for the trainees.

This is the third call for application in “DAWRAK-Exchange Facility” and will be the biggest in terms of number of beneficiaries. The first call was launched in October 2012 and it offered a traineeship opportunity for 20 persons at the beginning of 2013. The second one took place in the first quarter of 2013 and resulted in selecting 26 persons to do their exchange  activities over the rest of the year.

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