Triskel Christchurch Third Anniversary

Posted on Thu 15 May 2014

It’s our birthday here at Triskel Christchurch on Thursday, May 22 and to celebrate we have scheduled a day of free events.

Third Anniversary

Director Tony Sheehan is delighted to host an ‘open house’ to mark the third anniversary of the Triskel Christchurch venue. He says “Triskel’s dream for over 25 years was to expand into Christchurch. Three years ago this became a reality when we launched a signature concert hall in April 2011 and a full scale digital cinema in May 2011. Thanks to the support of the people of Cork, our partners Cork City Council, That Arts Council, Corcadorca, PlugD, GulpD, and The Black Mariah as well as the hard work of everyone on the team of Triskel Christchurch we can look forward to another exciting year of world class programming in the arts.”

A duo of films by British director Joanna Hogg will screen as part of the celebration – admission free, tickets available at Triskel Christchurch box office from 5.30 on May 22. Unrelated at 6.15 is the tale of Anna who feels she is living her life on the peripheries. A quarter life crises is the starting point of Archipelago at 8.45, which inspires Edward’s plans to travel to Africa to do some volunteer work but mother brings the family together for a fraught holiday before his departure.

Exhibition is a new release written and directed by Joanna Hogg which will run at Triskel Christchurch Cinema May 25 – 28. Exhibition traces the anxieties and insecurities of a professional artists couple set in the stunning backdrop of a modernist building which was once the actual home to its real-life architect, the late James Melvin.

Heritage curator David Ryan will lead a tour around Triskel Christchurch at 2pm. The Christchurch site can be traced to the Viking settlement in Cork in the 900s and the current building is one of the oldest in the city, the foundation stone was laid in 1718. The tour takes in the medieval and early modern history of the church, the building’s distinctive features, its historical characters, the graveyard and the crypt.
Alchemical Invocations is a solo exhibition by Gavin Hogg currently running in Triskel Christchurch. Open 10 – 6 the paintings are new works which reflect Hogg’s interest in Jungian psychology and his ongoing interest in the nature of visual language and it’s expressive possibilities. Artist Gavin Hogg will give a guided tour of the exhibition at 4pm.

A late evening at The Black Mariah until 9pm will give evening visitors a chance to see Hermes Techno Idyll, a group exhibition featuring work by Doireann O’Malley, Helen Horgan and Emma Haugh.