Paul Gregg: Inductive Probability

Posted on Tue 12 June 2012

Inductive Probability is a survey of work by Paul Gregg.

Opens this Sat at 1pm…all are welcome.

His work has occurred fleetingly, and been installed permanently in cities and towns throughout Ireland, Europe and the U.S. This survey cannot retrieve the artist’s original installations. Instead, it represents his practice through tests, documentation, and technically unsparing assemblies. For instance, Inductive Probability includes a decommissioned rocket, photographs lit by explosions from magnesium mortar charges, and a model for a glass planet Earth. The exhibition covers twenty years’ worth of Paul Gregg’s perennially sited machines.

“Paul Gregg is always an exciting presence and having known his work for many years it will be very exciting to see it all together. It will make for a very dynamic exhibition…. In addition to being an artist, he is a scientist, inventor, maker and creator. This is truly an exhibition to look forward to.” Oliver Dowling

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