No Home Movie

Sun 8 May | 8.30pm | Closing Film
Cert: NC


115 mins – Belgium / France 2015 – Documentary – Dir: Chantal Akerman
Featuring: Chantal Akerman, Natalia Akerman and Sylvaine Akerman

“This film is above all about my mother, my mother who is no longer with us. About this woman who arrived in Belgium in 1938, fleeing Poland, the pogroms and the violence. This woman who is only ever seen inside her apartment. An apartment in Brussels. A film about a world in motion that my mother does not see.” – Chantal Akerman

Chantal Akerman’s extraordinary final film is a moving tribute to her mother Natalia who died in 2014 and whom the filmmaker once described as “the centre of my oeuvre.” Interweaving intimate footage of Natalia at home with snippets of conversation between mother and daughter and reflections on the elder Akerman’s past, including her internment in Auschwitz, No Home Movie is a profound meditation on mortality and a formally adventurous last masterwork from an artist who never stopped pushing boundaries.

Also screening with No Home Movie will be the short film Sleepers’ Beat (17 minutes, directed by Anastasia Kirillova)