IndieCork Film Festival

IndieCork, a festival of independent cinema in Cork, is passionately committed to screening independent films and supporting emerging filmmakers. We are hugely excited about our second festival taking place from 12th - 19th October 2014. Triskel Christchurch will be holding five screenings on Thursday 16th October 2014.

IndieCork has been established by people with a love for film and with proven expertise in festival organisation. With over thirty years experience in film programming, festival production and the film industry, our team have the skills and experience to produce a film festival of quality.


Ticket prices before 6pm: Full €5.50, Concession €5.00
Ticket prices after 6pm: Full €8.50, Concession €8.00


There is a special season ticket for the price of €70 (this includes all screenings throughout the festival).


The Other Place, 8 South Main Street, Cork
Open Daily – 12.00 to 18.00


Address: Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St., Cork City
Phone: (021) 4272022
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Mutual Admiration Society

Rouzbeh Rashidi & James Devereaux / Ireland / 2014 / 62 minutes

"Mutual Admiration Society is the coolest, coldest, emptiest, flattest, most minimalist, most ruthless, most bizarre hitman man film ever made. It came about because Rouzbeh Rashidi and I decided to make a feature film in seven days. There was no script, no planning, we didn’t even have any ideas, we simply allowed the weirdness from our subconscious to burble to the surface of our minds, and acted on the messages it sent to us.

At the start of production, all we knew was the film’s title and that it was going to be in black and white. And then we worked round the clock to make it happen. I would shoot improvised scenes in London by day, and send the material, via the internet, to Rouzbeh, who, by night, would take it through his post-production process, giving it a form and refining the aesthetic."
- James Devereaux

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Thurs 16 October - 12pm

A Masque Of Madness

Norbert Pfaffenbichler / Austria / 2013 / 80 minutes

A Masque of Madness uses found footage to follow Boris Karloff through five motion picture decades as supporting actor in silent films, star in talking pictures, and television host. The film gathers, in the necessary glory, the ever same rituals of horror film and gestures of exotic danger. But it also exposes the tracks that history has left behind in them, especially the two world wars, and certain technological advances. Time after time, Karloff has to work through the Frankenstein-dream of synthetic life: as Promethean creator and enslaved creature in one and the same person.

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Thurs 16 October - 2pm

Tony Hill - Shorts

Tony Hill is one of England’s most interesting and accomplished experimental filmmakers. Born in London in 1946, he studied architecture and sculpture and since 1973, he has made experimental short films somewhere between sculpture and cinema. All his films afford the viewer a unique and unusual perspective through his development of ingenious rigging and pre-digital editing techniques.

While the films avoid conventional narrative themes, they are 'a focus of ideas' that is structured and progressive in nature. Eight short films will be presented at this screening, a must-see for budding film-makers and anyone with an interest in the medium of film. Following the screening, Tony Hill will be in conversation with Dervla Baker, film artist and programme curator

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Thurs 16 October - 4pm

Vivienne Dick

Vivienne Dick was born in Donegal in 1950 and studied at University College Dublin. From 1977 to 1982 she lived in New York, part of a group of filmmakers whose affiliation to the music and aesthetic of punk became known as 'No Wave'. Working mainly on Super 8, Dick's films from this period feature many musicians from the punk movement in New York. She returned to Ireland in 1982 and moved to London in 1985, where she was a member of The London Filmmakers Co-op for many years and produced a number of films on 16mm and on video.

Today's programme includes a screening of She Had Her Gun All Ready (1978 / 28 mins) and then Vivienne’s latest film ‘The Irreducible Difference of the Other’ (2013 / 27 mins). Following the screening, Vivienne will be in conversation with filmmaker Oonagh Kearney on revolutionary filmmaking, politics, sex and power.

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Thurs 16 October - 6pm

The Film Feast

IndieCork and Bia Sásta are delighted to produce The Film Feast, a special night of food and film, now in its second year. Join us for delicious tasters from local producers and a glass of Mary Pawle organic wine. Savour the unique atmosphere and the Indian film The Lunchbox - a mouth-watering romantic comedy, where curries and daals are unwittingly transformed into misplaced love-letters, the lives of two lonely people cross paths in the most unexpected way. When Ila pours her heart into preparing a delicious lunch to please her cold and distant husband, one of the renowned Mumbai dabbawallahs (lunchbox couriers) mistakenly delivers it to Saajan, a near-to-retirement insurance clerk. Sajaan is a little more than surprised when his usual mediocre meal arrives as delectable ambrosia.

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Thurs 16 October - 8.30pm