Heritage Week 2013

Every year millions of Europeans visit historical monuments and sites throughout Europe on European Heritage Days. These are a joint initiative of the Council of Europe and the European Union in which over forty countries participate each year. The main aim of European Heritage Days are to promote awareness of our built, natural and cultural heritage and to promote Europe’s common cultural heritage. In Ireland we celebrate European Heritage Days with a full week of events throughout National Heritage Week.

German Tours Of Christchurch
For National Heritage Week Triskel Arts Centre is offering guided Tours of Christchurch in German. The History of Christchurch is like a looking-glass or a vector on the history of Ireland. Be inspired by stories and characters which have brought this place to life since medieval times.

You can book our German tours online at https://triskelarts.ticketsolve.com/shows/873502132/events
Or phone: 021 427 2022 or email rosalinblue@web.de. Booking essential!

Deutsche Führungen durch Christchurch

Ab der Woche des Nationalen Kluturerbes bieten wir im Triskel Arts Centre Führungen durch Christchurch auf Deutsch an. Die Geschichte von Christchurch ist wie eine Lupe oder ein Vektor auf die Geschichte Irlands. Lassen Sie sich inspirieren von Geschichten und interessanten Persönlichkeiten, die diesen Ort seit dem Mittelalter mit Leben füllten.

Deutsche Führungen können unter https://triskelarts.ticketsolve.com/shows/873502132/events

Telefon: 021 427 2022 oder rosalinblue@web.de gebucht werden. Buchung erforderlich!

Tour dates are:

  • National Heritage Open Day, Saturday 17th August, 2 pm
  • Tuesday 20th August, 11 am
  • Thursday, 22nd August, 3 pm

Below are the other events taking place in Triskel Christchurch.

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