Schubert’s Completed Piano Sonatas V Book Tickets

Friday 8 June

The Completed Piano Sonatas of Schubert performed by Dr. Fionnuala Moynihan.

‘It is with great excitement, enthusiasm and joy that I look forward to performing this five-recital series of Schubert’s completed piano sonatas in 2018. To perform such monumental works on such a beautiful piano in the celebrated Triskel Arts centre is a great honour. To bring these much – loved piano sonatas home to my native Cork City is an opportunity I feel very fortunate to have.

Schubert’s style of composition is both accessible yet highly sophisticated, both naive yet clever, both simple yet complex. Schubert has always been celebrated as the father of song and his ability to write some of the most beautiful melodies ever composed for the piano are clearly evident in his piano sonatas. These sonatas are filled with wonderful melodies, inspirational harmony, virtuosic passages and spirituality. They are musical poetry and convey the wealth of human emotion Schubert felt throughout his life. A humble man, his music let his heart, his genius and his soul take flight. I truly feel his music speaks to everyone and spans the vast array of human emotions from the depths of despair to the heights of true happiness’


Recital No.5: Sonata D.575 in B major

Sonata D. 959 in A major


Sonata D.960 in Bb major




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