Shrouded Consciousness

Tuesday 15 August - Sunday 22 October

SHROUDED CONSCIOUSNESS a collaborative exhibition by Cora Burke and Maureen Considine who present a digital print and critical essay in a site specific location at Triskel Arts Centre.

The exhibition came about when Burke found her experience of Considine’s ‘Shrouded Consciousness’ image so moving she responded by writing an extensive piece of critical writing.

This collaboration took its premise from the photograph ‘Shrouded Consciousness’, 2013, by Maureen Considine, which is this artist’s conscious reaction to ambiguous and surreal feelings towards how an object has power over thought. The image shows the artist curiously placing herself beside this object to investigate or start a dialogue of sorts. Considine’s practise has dealt with her personal experience of chronic pain since the late 2000s, in ‘Shrouded Consciousness’ she particularly investigates ‘Our Lady’ as an icon of suffering as well reflecting on the tensions between her humanism and her upbringing as a Roman Catholic.

On seeing the photograph, Cora Burke felt a need to respond to it through her artistic medium of writing. Her text eloquently describes the work, without reducing it to a mere account of the image, and analyses what it refers to and provoked within her.

These layered works expand the conversation of what is conceived and perceived through visual and verbal interpretations. Their placement here within this deconsecrated church, and furthermore using the crypt, was chosen by the artists as a way to continue the dialogue that they began several years ago and embodies the works’ themes of religion, corporeality and iconography.

Artist and writer intend to tour the work nationwide in spaces connected to churches or former churches and the bespoke crypt viewing box of Christchurch is an ideal venue for the inaugural show. Maureen Considine says “We are honoured and excited to show the works in this unique space and we invite further discussion and engagement from the public and artistic community. We would love to see creative responses to the exhibition.”

The artists invite people to visit the website to join this conversation, contributing your response to viewing the photograph and reading the text.


Bio – Cora Burke

Cora Burke graduated with an MA in Modernities from the department of English UCC in 2011. While at UCC she achieved the award of scholar.
She is an artist and writer interested in critical theory and its application towards an opening up of subject matter andconversation.

Bio – Maureen Considine

Maureen Considine graduated from the Crawford College of Art in 2006. In 2008 she completed an academic M.A. in Modern and Contemporary Art at University College Cork. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. Considine’s practice is multi-disciplinary with an emphasis on lens-based art.

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