Classical Drawing Workshop with Adrian Cooke

Mon 24 - Fri 28 July
10am - 5pm each day
Price: €350
Triskel Project Space
Classical Drawing Workshop with Adrian Cooke

5-Day Introduction to Classical Drawing Workshop
Each day from 10am to 5pm

This intensive course introduces you to the fundamental principles and techniques of classical drawing, through a range of subject matter, exercises, and drawing media.

The classical method follows a very clear stepwise approach to drawing anything. Beginning with an initial design, we then develop line and contour, reproduce the effect of light and shadow, and finally render three-dimensional form.

This workshop carefully balances theory with practical application, while referring to the work of the Old Masters as well as contemporary artists. Exercises include master copy drawing, referencing photographs, and drawing from real life – still life, architecture, portraiture, and figure drawing.

You will develop many skills and techniques including:

  • Understanding measurement and perspective
  • Rendering light and shadow effectively
  • Creating the illusion of form
  • Improving your portrait and life drawing skills (working from live models)
  • Exploring different drawing media (pencil, graphite, charcoal, and Conté)

All materials are included in the fee, as well as a course pack, which contains all of the notes and exercises covered in the workshop. The class comprises demonstrations, slide and video presentations, and student exercises including working from live models and working en plein air, weather permitting.

Further details and booking information see or telephone 087 660 9644 ; email

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