Love Doesn't Ask For A Passport

Tuesday 30 May - Saturday 3 June

As part of the 2017 Polska Éire festival Krzysztof Rosa has created ten large scale photographic works depicting couples who met each other and found love after moving to Ireland.

Opening reception  6pm – 7pm, Saturday 27 May

This exhibition is an exploration of love through the eyes of filmmaker and photographer Krzysiek Rosa who moved to Ireland year ago. The last thing he was expecting to find was love.

When the Polska Eire Festival invited Krzysztof to contribute an exhibition of artwork to the 2017 festival he decided to document a variety of couples who met and fell in love in Ireland. One of the elements Krzysztof found fascinating was how each couple encountered cultural differences in romance and relationships. In a short film he interviews the couples about their experience of finding love on Irish soil. All couples are presented with the same questions to give a benchmark on the varied experiences of the couples.





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