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Saturday 17 June

A one-hour multi-media performance work for film, soundtrack and saxophonist in which the score and soundtrack by Ian Wilson interact with a new film (recorded in Belfast and environs) by acclaimed Irish artist Johnnie Lawson. Images of familiar places, or familiar types of places, are presented in surprising ways, de- and re-contextualized by the evocative soundtrack and an imaginative score for saxophonist Cathal Roche.

Urban Mysteries is an attempt to allow audiences to experience the filmed scenes as dramatic instead of simply everyday, mysterious rather than familiar. The combination of cityscapes, soundtrack and score allows spectators to create their own narratives, whether emotional, ecological, sociological or historical – without an overt narrative – producing one of the most engaging types of artwork, where the spectator is fundamentally involved in its interpretation.

Urban Mysteries was commissioned by the Belfast Film Festival with funds from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Cast/crew credits: Film by Johnnie Lawson, soundtrack & score by Ian Wilson; live saxophone by Cathal Roche

Commissioned by the Belfast Film Festival, supported by The National Lottery through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

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