Cork World Book Fest 2017 – Writers and Critics Book Tickets

Saturday 22 April

Eileen Battersby in conversation with Eibhear Walshe

‘Teethmarks on my Tongue’ is Eileen Battersby’s first novel, a coming-of-age novel with impressive characterization, humour and a vivid sense of place which takes a clever, if barely street-wise and increasingly obsessive, teenaged narrator on a physical as well as psychological journey towards an astute, hard fought, and deserved, maturity.

“The fact is, Battersby — a literary critic for The Irish Times with several awards under her belt —Eileen Battersby has brought us a thoroughly original narrator: a pedant and self-proclaimed prig who sweeps the reader along by sheer force of her quirky insights, deadpan humor, and disarming honesty.” – Los Angeles Review of Books

Both Eileen Battersby and Eibhear Walshe are authors as well as critics and reviewers. While Eileen Battersby’s novel is a work of fiction, ‘The Diary of Mary Travers’, Eibhear Walshe’s most recent novel, is based on historical facts.

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