Cork World Book Fest 2017 – Literature In Translation Book Tickets

Friday 21 April

Writers from Slovenia and Turkey will give short readings and engage in a discussion with their publisher, Susan Curtis-Kojakovic, founder of Istros Books. The discussion will be facilitated by Irish Times writer and journalist Eileen Battersby, a frequent reviewer and champion of books in translation.

Aleš Šteger is a poet, essayist and novelist, writing in Slovenian. He belongs to a generation of writers that started to publish right after the fall of Yugoslavia. His novel, ‘Absolution,’ is set in Maribor, the Slovenian European Capital of Culture 2012. A dramatist and a journalist pursue a secret mission: to track down and overthrow the sinister octopus of thirteen selected persons that seem to be in control. Their journey, in the end, proves to be a journey into the heart of a European darkness. Striking personae, haunting images and a grotesque plot where the forces of good and evil collide in this grandiose literary thriller.

“The debut novel by Slovenian’s most important author of his generation. Poet, essayist and publisher, Aleš Šteger id in the Slovenian what Michel Houllebecq did in the French literary cosmos, with sarcasm and grotesque he took revenge on the world of media, journalism, literature, theatre, law, politics and many others.” – Delo daily newspaper.

Turkish writer Ciler Ilhan’s collection of short stories Exile won the author the European Prize for Literature, 2011. Dedicated to those who have been alienated from their homeland, from their families or from society, this extraordinary collection offers readers short, vivid glimpses into other worlds from a woman writing in modern day Turkey.

‘Exile’ is a collection of short stories with the taste of a novel. The over-riding theme is the sense of melancholy of those who have been alienated from their homeland, from their families or from society. By offering the reader short, vivid glimpses into other worlds; be they of real or fictional characters, Ilhan builds a patchwork of stories which highlight the lives of the dispossessed. As a woman writing in modern day Turkey, she is not afraid to take on the themes of honour killings or the American occupation of Iraq. All stories are open to her empathy and understanding.

“The stories in Exile are monologues by a variety of real-life and fictional characters. Ilhan has a wide-ranging and deep understanding of human experience and suffering and she is capable of expressing the multi-faceted realities of life strikingly and plainly.” – EU Prize for Literature prize committee


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