The Voice Squad Book Tickets

Thursday 17 April

The Voice Squad are a traditional Irish singing group from Ireland. The members include Gerry Cullen, Phil Callery and Fran McPhail. They have recorded two albums and have toured Ireland, the UK and the US.

Though group singing, especially in harmony, is not part of the Irish music tradition, The Voice Squad have a considerable repertoire of Irish traditional songs and have always sung unaccompanied.

‘Many’s The Foolish Youth, first issued in 1987, was the first record by Fran, Gerry and Phil. Later they became known as The Voice Squad. Their style of singing in harmony does not form part of the Irish singing tradition, but each of the singers had already served his time in our individual tradition before coming together to sing in harmony.’

They have been compared to English family groups of similar style, such as ‘The Watersons’ and ‘The Copper Family’. ‘It is the union of the distinct tenor voices of Fran and Phil plus the bass of Gerry, along with their own particular arrangements of good songs, that has made them one of the most distinctive unaccompanied singing groups of recent times.

The have regrouped after a 10 year break and performed two hugely successful sell-out concerts in Dublin last month and one in Belfast.  Their much anticipated new album “Concerning of 3 Young Men” is due for release March 2014 – it is their first recording since “Hollywood” in 2005.  Attached is a review by Colm Toibín.

From the Cork Examiner: