Colleen plus Seti The First & Áine O’Dwyer Book Tickets

Saturday 2 November

Fractured Air & Triskel presents:
Colleen with Seti The First & Áine O’Dwyer


Colleen is the alias of French musician Cécile Schott who, from 2003 to 2007, released three critically acclaimed albums on The Leaf Label. After a long break from music-making and live performance, she is now back with a new album, The Weighing of the Heart, out now on Second Language.

While her first album Everyone Alive Wants Answers was made up entirely of acoustic samples taken from her eclectic record collection, second album The Golden Morning Breaks saw her exploring a wide range of instruments which she all played herself – cello, classical guitar, ukulele, music boxes, windchimes, and a rare 19th century glass harmonicon. After the music box interlude of the Colleen et les Boîtes à Musique EP, she made an old dream come true with 2007’s Les Ondes Silencieuses – a modern album using almost exclusively baroque instruments (viola da gamba, spinet, clarinet, classical guitar and crystal glasses), focusing on their resonance and the silence between the notes.

The Weighing of the Heart, however, sees a significant shift in Colleen’s approach: she is now focusing her attention on the possibilities of the voice and on a more colourful and rhythmic approach, using a treble viola da gamba tuned like a guitar and various percussion instruments. The combined influences of Arthur Russell, Moondog, Brigitte Fontaine and the music of the African continent loom large in her new work, and the live show will be a direct reflection of this new direction.

Colleen’s performance at Triskel Christchurch will mark Cécile Schott’s debut performance in Cork.


“Schott’s work here takes you to all sorts of places while all the while keeping your focus firmly hooked on the music, this beautiful music, at hand.” The Quietus

“The Weighing of the Heart has arrived with sudden, gentle surprise, like a migrating bird that has appeared too early. It is a gleaming treasure.” Folk Radio UK

“Precious folk experiments…her muse has been willingly unshackled by nature.” UNCUT

“‘The Weighing Of The Heart’ doesn’t disappoint, despite a considerable burden of expectation. The oneiric shimmer of her music has its contemporary analogs in the likes of Grouper and Julianna Barwick, but on this record in particular Colleen communicates with an elegance and clarity few could hope to match.” Boomkat

Colleen photograph © Iker Spozio.

Seti The First

Seti The First is the much-celebrated cello-led group comprising the duo of Kevin Murphy and Thomas Haugh. Since the release of ‘Melting Cavalry’, Seti The First have provided the original score to the soundtrack for Paul Duane’s film ‘Natan’, a documentary on the Franco-Romanian film director Bernard Natan. The follow-up to ‘Melting Cavalry’ is due out later this year. This concert sees the band’s eagerly-awaited return to Triskel Christchurch where they will showcase new material after last November’s memorable performance.


“thrilling soundscapes” The Irish Times

“a thing of great beauty” John Kelly, RTE Lyric FM

Seti The First photograph © Bríd O’ Donovan.

Áine O’Dwyer

Limerick-born and London-based Áine O’Dwyer is best known as a harpist, who has collaborated with a wide array of musical artists; Mark Fry & The A Lords, The Cloisters, Piano Magic, and United Bible Studies amongst many others. “Anything Bright Or Startling?”, the first full length album of O’Dwyer’s for London-based independent label Second Language comprises a song cycle of fragile beauty and ambitious scope recalling the likes of Joanna Newsom, Nico and Van Morrison’s ‘Astral Weeks.’

“Ireland’s Áine O’Dwyer has treated us all to a beautiful voyage. It’s a voyage that sails through the golden harps of sunshine and through the thick sludges of pitch black terror. Arching over all, like an intricate, entangled vine, is an excited beauty…” Fluid Radio

Áine O’Dwyer photograph © John Barret.

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