24 - 26 NOVEMBER 2017

Tim Berne & David Torn

Sat 25 Nov     8pm     €30/28

Tim Berne: saxophone     David Torn: guitar

Tim Berne and David Torn are celebrated as leaders in sonic non-conformity and their pushing beyond perceived Jazz boundaries. This evening concert is a rare opportunity to see the pair deliver a live duo performance.

The compositions of iconic saxophonist/bandleader Tim Berne have earned renown for their intensely kinetic, dizzyingly intricate quality as performed around the world by his various groups over the past four decades. Studio maestro David Torn is a longtime sonic co-conspirator with Berne and has produced several of his albums as well as guesting on 'Incidentals', the latest release by Berne’s four piece Snakeoil.


Tim Berne has been declared "a saxophonist and composer of granite conviction" by The New York Times. Acclaim for the first, eponymous ECM album from Berne’s quartet Snakeoil came from far and wide, with The Guardian calling it "an object lesson in balancing composition, improvisation and the tonal resources of an acoustic band." With the release of his second ECM album, Shadow Man, All About Jazz affirmed Snakeoil as "Berne’s most impressively cohesive group yet."

Since learning at the elbow of St. Louis master Julius Hemphill in the '70s, the Syracuse, New York-born Berne has built an expansive discography as a leader. In his ensembles over the past few decades, he has worked with improvisers including Joey Baron, Django Bates, Jim Black, Nels Cline. Mark Dresser, Marc Ducret, Michael Formanek, Drew Gress, Ethan Iverson, Dave King, Herb Robertson, Chris Speed, Steve Swell, Bobby Previte, Hank Roberts, Tom Rainey and Craig Taborn. As a sideman, Berne has made ECM appearances on albums by Formanek (The Rub and Spare Change, Small Places, The Distance) and David Torn (prezens).

The New York Times summed him up by saying: "Few musicians working in or around jazz over the last 30 years have developed an idiomatic signature more distinctive than Tim Berne."

Tim Berne: https://timbernesnakeoil.bandcamp.com
David Torn: http://www.davidtorn.net