24 - 26 NOVEMBER 2017


We are delighted to present our third edition of Triskel ECM weekend. Again this year we have worked closely with ECM in Munich to select the concerts and films that make up this event. ECM is a label whose contribution to Music and to Culture is vast, and whose output and excellence is prodigious and truly unique, we are proud to have an affiliation with such a label here in Cork city.

Special thanks to Manfred Eicher, Guido Gorna, David Frazer and everyone at ECM for their skill, patience and kindness in the development of the Weekend.

Also thank you to Thomas and Julie of The Goethe-Institut Ireland for their support.

To Brian Bradley, Tina Darb, Jamie Hanrahan, Robert Habimana and the Team at Triskel for their hard work.

And to you, our fellow ECM fans for your enduring support.

Tony Sheehan
Artistic Director - Triskel Christchurch