This activity was previously titled ‘common operation’.  The essential aspects are detailed below.  



Definition:  The network activity can be conceived as a single activity or as a coherent programme of several actions built upon the social and cultural diversity specific to each country.

  • Aim:  facilitating mutual knowledge among members, development of partnerships and collaborations for the promotion of intercultural dialogue at local and national level, therefore resulting in a strengthened network.
  • Budget for the Network Activity is 10,000 euro.    Budget categories for activity (activities) include:
4.2.1 Accommodation (per   person)
4.2.2 Transportation (per   person)
4.2.3   Catering (meals/coffee breaks) (per person)
4.2.4   Expert/Trainer fees (per person)
4.2.5 Venue rental (per   unit)
4.2.6 Equipment rental (per   unity)
4.2.7 Other costs (please   specify)


  • A consortium of a minimum of 8 Network organizations/individuals WITHIN the Irish network must be committed and involved in the activity.  Additional cooperation with organisations which are not ALF members.
  • Cooperation with neighbouring national networks or member organisations from the Southern networks is possible and desirable in order to address common issues. *
  • ‘Fields of action’ should involve one or more of the following 4 thematic priorities:
  1. Culture and creativity
  2. Education and intercultural learning
  3. Urban spaces and citizenship
  4. Media and public opinion
  • Target groups are:  YOUTH (in order to involve them in a culture of dialogue and critical thinking to face common challenges) and WOMEN(as key actors for change.  Priority is given to network activities including the involvement/participation of:
    • Civil society actors acting as multipliers
    • Discriminated social groups and individuals, as the most vulnerable component of society.
    • Minorities, as they enrich the social and cultural diversity and represent a human bridge among cultures;
    • Local stakeholders having an incidence on the social context where the Network Activity is implemented.
    • Eligible formats for the Network Activity:

–          Festivals, artistic events and productions;

–          Publications;

–          Exchange schemes

–          Awareness raising campaigns/advocacy

–          Training/capacity building activities;

–          Production of toolkits;

–           Roundtables, conferences, seminars, workshops, forums.


If you have any suggestions/proposals please send to no later than Fri 6 September 2013.






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