Anna Lindh Foundation has now opened a Call for Applications for Common Actions for members in the Irish Network.  

Common Actions can be defined as a single activity or as a programme of several actions built upon the social and cultural diversity specific to each country and implemented by a consortium (partnership) of members from the same National Network. A common action can be: a festival, an artistic event and production; a publication; an exchange scheme; an awareness raising/advocacy campaign; a training/ capacity building activity; production of a toolkit; a roundtable, a conference, a seminar, a workshops or a Forum. 

In order to be eligible to apply, the Common Action Leader must be a member of one of the 42 ALF National Networks; and must build a “consortium” (partnership) by involving a minimum number of 5 member organisations of the same Network in the design and implementation of the proposed Common Action.

Size of grant/Budget: 10,000 EUR In principle, and based on the resources available, the ALF Secretariat intends to finance one Common Action in each country. Duration of implementation: Start of Common Action activities (and eligibility of costs): 15 June 2012 Deadline for Reporting (narrative and financial): 31 July 2013 Deadline to apply: Deadline to receive applications is Tuesday 15 May 2012 at 16:00 Egyptian Time. The application package including Application Form and Budget should be sent by email (in Word and Excel format respectively) to the following address: More information:

Should you have any requests for clarifications, contact us at

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