Jardin d'Essai (Garden of Eden)

‘Jardin D’Essai’ (‘Garden of Eden’) from the exhibition A STORY OF REVOLULUTIONS by French/Algerian artist Patrick Altes.

The Jardin d’Essai was created at the beginning of the colonisation of Algeria and was/is a prominent feature of Algiers.

This exhibition will be held at Triskel Christchurch, Cork, Ireland, from 14th Feb to 20th April 2014 and is supported by the ALF.  A preview of the exhibition will take place on 13th February on the occasion of the lst meeting 2014 of the ALF Ireland network.



AGENDA – ALF Ireland network meeting Thursday 13th February 2014 to be held at Triskel Christchurch, Cork:


11.30a.m.                   Registration (teas/coffee/biscuits available)


12 noon                     Updates on ALF activities and on Work Programme for 2014; ALF Report on Intercultural Trends;

Re-confirmation of ALF Ireland Network Rules.


12.30pm                     Network Activity;

(despite the unforeseen delays, the Moroccan HoN is confident that the planned Network Activity can proceed).

Requests for irish partners from Swedish HoN.


1.30pm                       Lunch (soup/wraps/tea/coffee).


2.00pm                       Introduction of member of the French network of the ALF:

Mikael Petitjean, Musee de L’histoire de L’Immigration*.


2.30pm                       Feedback form SARI’s experience of ALF DAWRAK Exchange programme;

Feedback from EVA International on Project Award funding received 2014.

Discussion re date/venue for 2nd meeting of the network tentatively scheduled for June 2014, Belfast.


3.00pm                       AOB

5.00pm  *Mikael Petitjean will participate in a roundtable discussion with Patrick Altes and Patrick Crowley (UCC) on the theme of identity.  This discussion is primarily aimed at university students but all are welcome.


6.00pm                      Opening of Exhibition of digital artwork and paintings by Patrick Altes, a French visual artist born in Algerian at Triskel.  Members are invited to attend the opening of this exhibition which is supported by the ALF.  Invitation will be sent separately.







9-13 April 2014, TAROUDANT, MOROCCO.

Title: Arts as an instrument and expressions of social change.

Over 60 member organization involved in the ALF will gather in Taroudant – including 14 people from Ireland. There will be 3 strands to the activities taking place over 3 days:

Strands 1: Festive activities promoting forms and expressions of euro-med arts and engaging the local population in activities organized by Moroccan network in order to give visibility to the network members from Morocco and from the participating countries.

Strand 2: Reflexive Activities. Round table discussion to reflect/discuss the place of art in leading social change and in promoting active citizenship.

Strand 3: Networking for future projects between countries – including Exchange Possibilities South/North.

New Phase ALF 2014-2015

Posted: November 3rd, 2013

During the month of November 2013 several important meetings – of the Board of Governors, the Advisory Council, and the Heads of the 43 network countries (Nov 20-24) – will take place when further details regarding the next Phase of the ALF programme will be decided.

 This activity was previously titled ‘common operation’.  The essential aspects are detailed below.  



Definition:  The network activity can be conceived as a single activity or as a coherent programme of several actions built upon the social and cultural diversity specific to each country.

  • Aim:  facilitating mutual knowledge among members, development of partnerships and collaborations for the promotion of intercultural dialogue at local and national level, therefore resulting in a strengthened network.
  • Budget for the Network Activity is 10,000 euro.    Budget categories for activity (activities) include:
4.2.1 Accommodation (per   person)
4.2.2 Transportation (per   person)
4.2.3   Catering (meals/coffee breaks) (per person)
4.2.4   Expert/Trainer fees (per person)
4.2.5 Venue rental (per   unit)
4.2.6 Equipment rental (per   unity)
4.2.7 Other costs (please   specify)


  • A consortium of a minimum of 8 Network organizations/individuals WITHIN the Irish network must be committed and involved in the activity.  Additional cooperation with organisations which are not ALF members.
  • Cooperation with neighbouring national networks or member organisations from the Southern networks is possible and desirable in order to address common issues. *
  • ‘Fields of action’ should involve one or more of the following 4 thematic priorities:
  1. Culture and creativity
  2. Education and intercultural learning
  3. Urban spaces and citizenship
  4. Media and public opinion
  • Target groups are:  YOUTH (in order to involve them in a culture of dialogue and critical thinking to face common challenges) and WOMEN(as key actors for change.  Priority is given to network activities including the involvement/participation of:
    • Civil society actors acting as multipliers
    • Discriminated social groups and individuals, as the most vulnerable component of society.
    • Minorities, as they enrich the social and cultural diversity and represent a human bridge among cultures;
    • Local stakeholders having an incidence on the social context where the Network Activity is implemented.
    • Eligible formats for the Network Activity:

-          Festivals, artistic events and productions;

-          Publications;

-          Exchange schemes

-          Awareness raising campaigns/advocacy

-          Training/capacity building activities;

-          Production of toolkits;

-           Roundtables, conferences, seminars, workshops, forums.


If you have any suggestions/proposals please send to annluttrell@triskelartscentre.ie no later than Fri 6 September 2013.






Anna Lindh Foundation has launched a new call for participation in “DAWARAK – Exchange Facility”, which offers members of civil society organisations (CSOs) an opportunity to travel to a counterpart organisation in other Euro Mediterranean country for exchange of experience and knowledge and learning by doing in the host organisation.

The progamme intends in its third round to grant a travel opportunity to about 50 actors from the CSOs,  ten of them will be journalists who will participate through the new modality for journalists training “Reporters Across Cultures” whose godfather is Andre Azoulay, the president of Anna Lindh Foundation. The submission of applications to benefit from this training opportunity is now open in Arabic, English and French from the 26th  of June till the 18th of October through DAWRAK website (www.dawrak.org ).

DAWRAK is the one of the pioneer programmes in the Euro Med region which facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices between the Arab Mediterranean countries with similar socioeconomic conditions.

This training service form DAWRAK is characterised by its flexibility to be tailored according to the different needs being possible to take one month or one month and half and till three months and form one to two weeks for journalists.

The “Exchange” idea work on two modalities: the Twinning Scheme which offers to an organisation the possibility to send an Exchange Actor (EA) and host another EA; and the Sending Only modality which allow to an Arab organisation to send an EA to be hosted by a counterpart organisation for exchange and training by practice. However, a preference is given to the Twinning specially between two Arab Mediterranean organisations. DAWRAK programme will cover most of the transportation and accommodation costs for the trainees.

This is the third call for application in “DAWRAK-Exchange Facility” and will be the biggest in terms of number of beneficiaries. The first call was launched in October 2012 and it offered a traineeship opportunity for 20 persons at the beginning of 2013. The second one took place in the first quarter of 2013 and resulted in selecting 26 persons to do their exchange  activities over the rest of the year.


Deadline to receive stories from candidates: 25th May 2013.

For more information: http://www.euromedalex.org/news/launch-6th-edition-sea-words-contest

Understanding Islam in Irish Education

One-day seminar in Mary Immaculate College Limerick

Wednesday 20 March 2013

9am – 4pm

The aim of the seminar is to:

- Examine the resources currently available to educators on the theme of Islam and Islamic culture – consider ways to improve these.

- Provide an opportunity for people to become more familiar with the rich contribution of  Islamic culture to contemporary society in Ireland.

- Develop a deeper understanding of Islamic practices and beliefs, in order to counter negative stereotyping and media representations.

This project is being organized by the Chester Beatty Libary in Association with Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.

For further information please contact jsiung@cbl.ie

Representatives from organizations from Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Tralee attended the meeting of the Irish network which took place in Dublin on 1st Feb.  As a result of requests from the Irish members, the HoN had invited representatives from the Southern partners to attend the meeting and to give information on their experience of South/North partnerships, information on their own network members, and current information on the Citizens for Dialogue programme.  It was a very fruitful meeting for all who attended.  The Southern representatives stayed in Dublin over the weekend and met with the Board of Governors representative in his office at the Department of Foreign Affairs.  They also had time to meet individually with representative Irish organizations as well as meeting with a journalist from one of the most important newspapers in Ireland. We look forward to partnerships between our countries in the future.   A big ‘cead mile failte’ and’ merci beaucoup’ to Mohamed Fahmi and Mounir Chraibi (Morocco) and Moez Bassalah (Tunisia).

Members of the Moroccan and Tunisian network will attend the next meeting of the Ireland network on Dublin on Friday 1st Feb, 12 noon to 3pm at the Irish Aid Volunteering and Information Centre, 27-31 O’Connell St., Dublin with a view to exploring possible networking opportunities with two of the Arab countries of the ALF.    Please confirm your attendance with annluttrell@triskelartscentre.ie


Members of the ALF’s Networks can now apply to the Call for Participation for the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum 2013  which will take place from 4th to 7th April 2013 in Marseille (France) in the historical Pharo Palace

The Forum will bring together youth leaders and civil society organisations, in addition to influential policy-makers and intercultural experts from across the Euro-Mediterranean region. The Forum’s aims to provide an innovative and participative space for debate, networking and good practice exchange on intercultural dialogue initiatives.    It will be organised in the context of Marseille-Provence, European Capital of Culture 2013, in partnership with local and international institutions.

The Forum will gather around 1000 representatives of ALF Network members and partners, other networks, institutions, experts and relevant personalities from the Euro-Mediterranean Region. 220 participants among the ALF Network Members – including a delegation of about 50 participants from the hosting country, France – will be selected through this Call (max. one person per organisation). The ALF will cover all expenses related to visa, travel, accommodation of the selected participants.

To download the Call for Participation and apply for the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum 2013 please log on to:


The deadline to apply is Friday, 21st December 2012 (15:00 Egyptian Time, GMT+2)

Furthermore, in February 2013, there will be an opportunity for more people to participate  in the Forum through an online registration open to all ALF members and non-members who wish to come at their own expenses.

For further information please write to info@annalindhforum.org