MINUTES MEETINGS/EVENTS – IRISH NETWORK OF THE ALF – Galway 15TH & 16TH June 2017 Attendees : 15 organizations were represented at the official meeting held at the Centre for Creative Arts & Media at GMIT, Galway plus young representatives from the NYCI and guest speakers from Morocco. Volunteers from the rural X-PO featured at the capacity building event on 16th June. Meeting of the Irish Network :: Friday 16th June 2017 3-6pm, GMIT Galway ALF Ireland members ALF related activities 2017. • ‘Transforming Shadows’: Irish- Lebanon exchange project with young people as change makers in conflict transformation. Presentation by young participants in the National Youth Council of Ireland ALF-funded project, introduced by Anne Walsh, Intercultural and Equality Officer, NYCI and featuring two of the young adults involved. Results of the project and videos produced will shortly be featured on the NYCI website. http://www.youth.ie/ • ALF Handbook on Intercultural Citizenship: The ALF regional training aimed at building the capacity of educators to support them in organizing educational activities promoting intercultural dialogue in their communities. Nadia Moussed spoke of the uniqueness of this educational tool. Her comments were supported by the Head of the Moroccan network, Mohamed Fahmi. Nadia is available to talk to individual and groups of trainers. HoN will look at ways of facilitating this in order to maintain the momentum. See http://www.annalindhfoundation.org/sites/annalindh.org/files/documents/p… • Crossnetwork activity. Both Ireland and Morocco are two of the partners in this project proposal headed by Tunisia. The project is titled ‘ Intercultural artistic expression in fragile areas’ and the proposed date is 8-12th Sept in Tunisia. HoN will update members as soon as further information is received. Currently SIX members of the Irish network are interested in participating. ALF Phase V 2018-2020. The programmes will be formulated based on four broad pillars: (a) Intercultural Trends & Media; (b) Young Med Voices; (c) Learning & Intercultural Cities; & (d) Med & Net connect – to facilitate collaborations among civil society organisations north and south. Mohamed Fahmi, Head of the Moroccan Network, gave his input into these projects. He firstly stressed that the closing date for the Exchange Programme has been extended to 2nd July 2018. Members were urged to check out the guidelines on http://www.annalindhfoundation.org/news/take-part-unique-exchange-opport……. Members were also urged to be proactive in coming forward with proposals specifically for the ‘Learning & Intercultural Cities’ programme as this is something new and will give the opportunity to organizations and members to be proactive in what features in the programme. Coordinator will update members as the Work Plan for 2018 advances. Presentation by artist Mohamed Fariji, on the work of L’atelier De L’observatoire. This artist led residency programme operating from rural and urban sites close to the city of Casablanca. This presentation closely tied in with the capacity building event which took place on Saturday 17th June in the Burren area of rural Ireland (see below). A.O.B. (1) Election of Ireland head of network for the 2018-2020 Phase V. Triskel Arts Centre’s continued mandate was proposed & seconded. The coordinator went on to inform members that Ireland’s representatives on the Boards of Governors are now Shona Dunne and Claire Fitzgibbon and that both are very supportive of the Ireland ALF activities and recently attended the meeting in Dublin on June 7th where the NYCI project was showcased. They are based in the DFA Middle East & North Africa unit. (2) Cliodhna Noonan asked members for support for a project involving young theatre makes from Iran and Israel who are looking for a residency in Ireland. See ‘Sharon’s video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_3GQcOxhPlUN2N2YjV4bVFmM28 (3) Members to look at ways of how to generate project ideas independent of formal ALF activities. While this is being done informally by some, others are interested in exploring how this could be formalized. HoN is very keen to support any ideas on how to proceed. Note : Members were accommodated in the small town of Kinvara on the night of Friday 16th June and had the occasion to network and meet up informally. New member Melanie Lynch, HERSTORY, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath was welcomed to the group. ————————————————————————— Sat. 16th June 2017 Capacity Building event. Organized by artist member, Dr. Deirdre O’Mahony. Theme: ‘keeping the sustainability of our rural communities in focus’ Visit X-PO: Short presentations by members of X-PO Mapping group on their research work into naming and tracing the inhabitants of houses in Kilnaboy Parish going back to the earliest records; local architect spoke about the projects he has made and curated at X-PO, Deirdre O’Mahony spoke about some of the archives accumulated at X-PO ; members took a walk to the historic old church at Kilnaboy which has a Sheila-na-gig and an 8C Round tower, and to the Cabhail Mhór, a 16C structure preserved, like the church, by local volunteers. Discussion took place on the issues facing rural communities in Ireland and how these were being addressed. The issue of how to involve young people, and how to sustain projects, was a particular focus…. Most of the Irish members had never been to this area of the country and were deeply moved by the engagement of the community. Suggestion was made that the Irish network continue to explore different areas of the country to expand their awareness of the unique and shared issues of concern. —————————————————————————-

Network event Friday 15th April 2016

Posted: April 3rd, 2016

The following events will take place at Triskel Christchurch on Friday 15th April 2016:

  • 800pm Friday 15th April 2016. FREE but booking recommended

Conflict Transformation – Syria, Turkey, Morocco:  FREE and open to the publicHesna-PB02

Presentation and discussion with speakers including award winning Hungarian journalist Dr. Hesna Al Ghaoui, member of the ALF Advisory Council and a correspondent, anchor, foreign editor and reporter; Dr. Cengiz Günay from Turkey, ALF Austrian network coordinator and a senior researcher at the Austrian Institute for International Affairs whose fields of research are Islamist movements and transition processes.  Special guest is Mohamed Fahmi from Morocco who is coordinator of the Moroccan network of the Anna Lindh Foundation for Intercultural Dialogue.

Dr Theresa Reidy, Department of Government University College Cork, will facilitate this event.

  • 2.30p.m. World Cultures and Beliefs.  .Aimed at secondary school students and will involve presentations, workshop, and discussion facilitated by member organizations in Ireland of the ALF.  These include the Chester Beatty Library, Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, and Peadar King, documentary maker, Cork.

This is the 3rd part of a larger project, the Irish national internetwork activity which began with a seminar on Nov. 9th  2015 titled ‘Interfaith- An Exploration’  led by Dublin City Interfaith Forum and continued with a one day seminat titled ‘Inter-belief dialogue in contemporary Ireland’ took place in Mary Immaculate College Limerick on 17th Feb 2016. 

For more information please contact annluttrell@triskelartscentre.ie.  Tickets available online or by calling 021 4272022 or online www.triskelartscentre.ie

Spain – 5 May 2015
The 8th edition of the contest “A Sea of Words” has just been launched by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed – ALF Head of Network organization in Spain) with the objective of contributing to the promotion of dialogue between peoples and the exchange of knowledge and experiences between different local and international traditions.

In the framework of the Year of Sustainable Development, the contest seeks short stories about sustainable and non-excluding growth, which raises living standards, benefits the whole of society through wealth distribution and protects both the cultural and environmental heritage.

Participation requisites
The competition is aimed at young people between 18 and 30 years, citizens of one of the 43 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean area.

Format of the works
The stories cannot exceed the maximum length of 2,500 words and can be written in any of the official languages of the participating countries. They must be original and wholly unpublished works. The short stories must address issues related to intercultural dialogue, mainly of a political, socio-cultural, economic and environmental nature.

Deadline and address for submission of stories
All stories must be sent by email to concurso@iemed.org before 31st May 2015, midnight.
The authors must include their personal details within the stories submitted (complete name, nationality, address, date of birth, telephone number and e-mail).

For further information see





Friday 5th Sept. 

A tour and talks were arranged in succession by a representative of both the Loyalist and Nationalist community in Belfast who took members on a tour of the Falls and Shankill areas of Belfast.  Afterwards a presentation was given by a former member of the British army who is now involved in Veterans for Peace in Northern Ireland and who has settled in Belfast and is now a mature student there.  It was a very informative and thought provoking session for members and it was agreed that efforts should be made for future events such as this.

Saturday 6th Sept.

The agenda items were dealt with as follows:

1. 2013/2014 ALF PROJECT FUNDING AWARD TO EVA INTERNATIONAL:  Noelle Collins, curatorial scholar, presented the project on behalf of EVA International.  The project Artistic Justice: Positions on the Place of Justice in Art, a series of three international symposia leading towards EVA International – Ireland’s Biennial in 2014. This symposium was supported by the Anna Lindh Foundation, was developed in partnership with Dar al-Ma’mûn, Marrakech and was presented in partnership with IMMA | Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin.  For further information see www.eva.ie.

In response to questions, Noelle cautioned that in applications for project proposals it’s vital to include costings for translations as this proved to be much higher than they had anticipated.  She also reported that documenting and reporting were challenging.  Eva would be happy to give advice to other members who will be applying for project funding in the future.

2. ALF Education Handbook:  Several members of the irish network (including Chester Beatty Library and Tigh Fili – Eurochild) have been involved in workshops and discussions with regard to the Education Handbook that the ALF is compiling.  Most recently, Nadia Moussed, attended the Convention in Alexandria in June and reported that the handbook will be of great interest to members.  .

• Review of ALF network activity which took place in Morocco, April 2014.
Mohamed Fahmi, HoN Morocco, presented the results of the evaluation as well as highlights of the event in Morocco.  He reported that 70% of participants said that the event met their expectations, and a massive 98% would be happy to participate in similar events in the future.

Ireland network participants were unanimous in their positive feedback from the event.  Some members reported on projects in which they are involved as a result of the internetwork activity in Taroudant.

• Presentation, distribution and discussion of ALF Report on Intercultural Trends (copies will be available).  Copies of the Report as well as an Overview document were distributed.  The HoN discussed the highlights but as members did not have an opportunity to look at the Report in advance, they were asked to send in their evaluations at a later date.   (See evaluation Report attached)

• ALF Phase IV – 2015 and beyond.  The Network Coordinator reported that there had been lots of discussion between HoNs and the Secretariat regarding the next phase.  A meeting of the BoG was planned for later in September 2014 when the Work Plan would be approved.  There will be lots of changes in the ALF

IRELAND HoN.  The Network coordinator asked for members who wished to go forward as the new HoN.  Triskel Arts Centre were unanimously voted to continue its mandate in order to consolidate the work that has been achieved in the last Phase.  Several members indicated that while they were not ready to put themselves forward as HoN in the future, they would not be ready for Phase IV.  The network coordinator suggested that in the interest of transparency, any objections can be sent directly to the Secretariat – Deena.bedair@bibalex.orgat and Marta.vallejo@bibalex.org.  tat the Network Coordination Unit.

• ALF 10 year anniversary celebrations.  The ALF 10th anniversary celebrations, together with the Advisory Council meeting and the Heads of Network annual meeting will take place in napes 26-30 October 2014.  It is hoped that some individual members would be invited.  The Network Coordinator will participate both in her role as Network Coordinator and as Advisory Council member.

• AOB.

1. SARI (Sports Against Racism)  Abdal Abdullah, a young activist from Dublin who works as a volunteer with SARI presented on a project ‘Hat-tricks and hijabs – Irish Muslim women take up soccer’, a project that has received lots of media coverage on radio and television in Ireland.   In March of 2014, FIFA lifted their ban on hijabs, meaning that Muslim women can now play international football while wearing their traditional headgear. After finally getting the chance to play, fifteen young Muslim girls trained with their coaches for four weeks, making their football debut at the Fair Play Cup on World Refugee Day held by SARI and UNHCR. winning 2-1 amid the cheers of a raucous crowd. The girls are still training, and plan on participating in SARI’s Soccerfest   For further information and this and other SARI activities-  see www.sari.ie. 

2. DAWRAK.  Mohamed Fahmi presented on this programme of exchange and the evaluation that is taking place currently. It is expected that this programme will continue in 2015.  The current Dawrak – Citizens for Dialogue programme will be concluded by an event to be organised in November 2014 in Egypt in order to present the highlights of the programme and propose ideas for its new phase starting in 2015.  One Irish member participated in the programme to date and gave very positive feedback.   Ireland Member VSI (Voluntary Services International) reminded Irish members that there are many opportunities through VSI for Ireland members to host exchange volunteers and that this could offer an opportunity for members to register with VSI as a host for volunteers.  This is a funded project.  For further information contact Helen@vsi.ie.  Or see www.volunteer.ie.  Members are encouraged to register their organization via the website.

3. ALF and its involvement in political situations such as the Palestine/Israel conflict.  A lively discussion took place in this regard involving the UK and the Moroccan HoNs.  Members were assured that this matter would be on the agenda at the HoN mtg in October.

4. ALF Ireland Network’s facebook page.  Stephen Spillane, who has participated in many ALF events in the past, but who could not attend the meeting in Belfast, has asked members to send him any information for the facebook directly to Stephen.spillane@gmail.com.

– See more at: http://www.annalindhfoundation.org/networks/ireland/news/alf-ireland-network-meeting-5th-and-6-sept-2014-culturlann-belfast#sthash.ftyJy180.dpuf



ALF Euro Med Award 2014

Posted: June 23rd, 2014

With the theme of Social Resilience and Creativity, the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Fondazione Mediterraneo, are launching the ninth edition of the Euromed Dialogue Award in the framework of the 10th Anniversary of the Anna Lindh Foundation which will take place in Naples, Italy in October 2014.
The aim of the ALF Euro-Med Award is to recognise the achievements of individuals and organisations that have been at the forefront of promoting Intercultural Dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean region.
The winner shall receive a financial contribution of 5,000 EUR in recognition of their work for Intercultural Dialogue in the Euro-Med region and a trophy, to be delivered by the Euro-Med Award Jury in a prestigious bestowing ceremony.
Candidates for the Award can be nominated either as an individual or as an organisation and must be based in one of the member countries of the Euro-Med Partnership. Nominating organisations are requested to submit online their nomination proposals for the Award candidates before the midnight of the 30th of June 2014 (Cairo time).
For more details please click here:
To Create Euro-Med Dialogue Award Nomination, Click Here:
– See more at: http://www.annalindhfoundation.org/news/anna-lindh-foundation-calls-nominations-ninth-edition-euromed-dialogue-award#sthash.LmVT8KvL.dpuf





9-13 April 2014, TAROUDANT, MOROCCO.

Title: Arts as an instrument and expressions of social change.

Over 60 member organization involved in the ALF will gather in Taroudant – including 14 people from Ireland. There will be 3 strands to the activities taking place over 3 days:

Strands 1: Festive activities promoting forms and expressions of euro-med arts and engaging the local population in activities organized by Moroccan network in order to give visibility to the network members from Morocco and from the participating countries.

Strand 2: Reflexive Activities. Round table discussion to reflect/discuss the place of art in leading social change and in promoting active citizenship.

Strand 3: Networking for future projects between countries – including Exchange Possibilities South/North.

Jardin d'Essai (Garden of Eden)

‘Jardin D’Essai’ (‘Garden of Eden’) from the exhibition A STORY OF REVOLULUTIONS by French/Algerian artist Patrick Altes.

The Jardin d’Essai was created at the beginning of the colonisation of Algeria and was/is a prominent feature of Algiers.

This exhibition will be held at Triskel Christchurch, Cork, Ireland, from 14th Feb to 20th April 2014 and is supported by the ALF.  A preview of the exhibition will take place on 13th February on the occasion of the lst meeting 2014 of the ALF Ireland network.



AGENDA – ALF Ireland network meeting Thursday 13th February 2014 to be held at Triskel Christchurch, Cork:


11.30a.m.                   Registration (teas/coffee/biscuits available)


12 noon                     Updates on ALF activities and on Work Programme for 2014; ALF Report on Intercultural Trends;

Re-confirmation of ALF Ireland Network Rules.


12.30pm                     Network Activity;

(despite the unforeseen delays, the Moroccan HoN is confident that the planned Network Activity can proceed).

Requests for irish partners from Swedish HoN.


1.30pm                       Lunch (soup/wraps/tea/coffee).


2.00pm                       Introduction of member of the French network of the ALF:

Mikael Petitjean, Musee de L’histoire de L’Immigration*.


2.30pm                       Feedback form SARI’s experience of ALF DAWRAK Exchange programme;

Feedback from EVA International on Project Award funding received 2014.

Discussion re date/venue for 2nd meeting of the network tentatively scheduled for June 2014, Belfast.


3.00pm                       AOB

5.00pm  *Mikael Petitjean will participate in a roundtable discussion with Patrick Altes and Patrick Crowley (UCC) on the theme of identity.  This discussion is primarily aimed at university students but all are welcome.


6.00pm                      Opening of Exhibition of digital artwork and paintings by Patrick Altes, a French visual artist born in Algerian at Triskel.  Members are invited to attend the opening of this exhibition which is supported by the ALF.  Invitation will be sent separately.





New Phase ALF 2014-2015

Posted: November 3rd, 2013

During the month of November 2013 several important meetings – of the Board of Governors, the Advisory Council, and the Heads of the 43 network countries (Nov 20-24) – will take place when further details regarding the next Phase of the ALF programme will be decided.

 This activity was previously titled ‘common operation’.  The essential aspects are detailed below.  



Definition:  The network activity can be conceived as a single activity or as a coherent programme of several actions built upon the social and cultural diversity specific to each country.

  • Aim:  facilitating mutual knowledge among members, development of partnerships and collaborations for the promotion of intercultural dialogue at local and national level, therefore resulting in a strengthened network.
  • Budget for the Network Activity is 10,000 euro.    Budget categories for activity (activities) include:
4.2.1 Accommodation (per   person)
4.2.2 Transportation (per   person)
4.2.3   Catering (meals/coffee breaks) (per person)
4.2.4   Expert/Trainer fees (per person)
4.2.5 Venue rental (per   unit)
4.2.6 Equipment rental (per   unity)
4.2.7 Other costs (please   specify)


  • A consortium of a minimum of 8 Network organizations/individuals WITHIN the Irish network must be committed and involved in the activity.  Additional cooperation with organisations which are not ALF members.
  • Cooperation with neighbouring national networks or member organisations from the Southern networks is possible and desirable in order to address common issues. *
  • ‘Fields of action’ should involve one or more of the following 4 thematic priorities:
  1. Culture and creativity
  2. Education and intercultural learning
  3. Urban spaces and citizenship
  4. Media and public opinion
  • Target groups are:  YOUTH (in order to involve them in a culture of dialogue and critical thinking to face common challenges) and WOMEN(as key actors for change.  Priority is given to network activities including the involvement/participation of:
    • Civil society actors acting as multipliers
    • Discriminated social groups and individuals, as the most vulnerable component of society.
    • Minorities, as they enrich the social and cultural diversity and represent a human bridge among cultures;
    • Local stakeholders having an incidence on the social context where the Network Activity is implemented.
    • Eligible formats for the Network Activity:

–          Festivals, artistic events and productions;

–          Publications;

–          Exchange schemes

–          Awareness raising campaigns/advocacy

–          Training/capacity building activities;

–          Production of toolkits;

–           Roundtables, conferences, seminars, workshops, forums.


If you have any suggestions/proposals please send to annluttrell@triskelartscentre.ie no later than Fri 6 September 2013.






Anna Lindh Foundation has launched a new call for participation in “DAWARAK – Exchange Facility”, which offers members of civil society organisations (CSOs) an opportunity to travel to a counterpart organisation in other Euro Mediterranean country for exchange of experience and knowledge and learning by doing in the host organisation.

The progamme intends in its third round to grant a travel opportunity to about 50 actors from the CSOs,  ten of them will be journalists who will participate through the new modality for journalists training “Reporters Across Cultures” whose godfather is Andre Azoulay, the president of Anna Lindh Foundation. The submission of applications to benefit from this training opportunity is now open in Arabic, English and French from the 26th  of June till the 18th of October through DAWRAK website (www.dawrak.org ).

DAWRAK is the one of the pioneer programmes in the Euro Med region which facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices between the Arab Mediterranean countries with similar socioeconomic conditions.

This training service form DAWRAK is characterised by its flexibility to be tailored according to the different needs being possible to take one month or one month and half and till three months and form one to two weeks for journalists.

The “Exchange” idea work on two modalities: the Twinning Scheme which offers to an organisation the possibility to send an Exchange Actor (EA) and host another EA; and the Sending Only modality which allow to an Arab organisation to send an EA to be hosted by a counterpart organisation for exchange and training by practice. However, a preference is given to the Twinning specially between two Arab Mediterranean organisations. DAWRAK programme will cover most of the transportation and accommodation costs for the trainees.

This is the third call for application in “DAWRAK-Exchange Facility” and will be the biggest in terms of number of beneficiaries. The first call was launched in October 2012 and it offered a traineeship opportunity for 20 persons at the beginning of 2013. The second one took place in the first quarter of 2013 and resulted in selecting 26 persons to do their exchange  activities over the rest of the year.