Our Vision

We see Triskel as a creative place committed to developing, producing and presenting quality contemporary art for a broad audience.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to present commission and facilitate works of excellence in Music, Visual Arts, Cinema, and other art forms. We want to make these works as available as possible to everyone.

Our Core Values

WE care about Artists and Audiences

  • We aim to ensure that the experience for artists and audiences is the best they can have.
  • We endeavor to work to the highest standards professionally
  • We work in partnership with our “Hub” Organisations and Our Stakeholders to ensure a vibrant and thriving Centre for the Arts.

WE value and respect Triskel as a workplace

  • We provide a safe and dynamic working environment for our staff, and we offer training and development
  • We operate in a workplace that is inclusive, fair and ethical.
  • We strive for and nurture a work ethic that is open and honest

WE work in partnership and strive to work with best practices

  • We work to high standards and are transparent and accountable to all our stakeholders
  • We value experience and apply best practices to our work
  • We work co-operatively with our partners and stakeholders.